The Final Addition Preview


A creak in the floorboards woke me sometime later. When I heard a sixth heartbeat farther away than the bed, I knew someone was in the house. I moved my hand over Ryder’s mouth, making the signal for him to stay quiet. He woke with a start, but nodded when he saw what I was doing. I pointed to my ear, telling him to listen. Ryder had the sharpest hearing of all of us, even for a werewolf.

He pushed a lock of hair from his face behind his ear and held up one finger, then walked his fingers up an imaginary staircase. I gave him a quick nod and crawled out of bed as quietly as I could. Letting the change flow over me, I made my way to the bedroom door. When I heard another creak, I pressed my back against the bedroom wall and crept closer.

The first thing that crossed the door frame was a silencer on a gun. As soon as I saw that, I acted. Lightning fast, I hit the man’s shooting hand upward as he entered the room. He shouted and the gun went off, the bullet going safely into the ceiling. Without thinking, I held onto the gun and sank my razor-sharp teeth into the man’s neck.

“I got the gun, Spencer,” Dean yelled as I pulled my head back. I saw he had it pointed on our intruder, and I released the man. He slumped to the floor, holding onto his shoulder.

“Fuck, you bit me!” he screamed, clutching the wound. “Holy shit, you’re not human.”

“No, I’m not,” I growled, stretching out my claws in front of me so he got a good view. “Who are you and why are you here?”

He sneered. “Fuck you, you’re going to kill me anyways.”

“Probably, but the way you die is up to you,” Dean said firmly. “I could end you with one shot or let Spencer eat you.”

“Ethan?” the man gasped, looking past us to where Ethan was sitting up in bed. “You’re supposed to be dead.”

“Do I know you?” Ethan asked, his eyebrows arching high above his light blue eyes.

“No, I was hired to kill the men who supposedly murdered you,” the man explained, swaying a bit from blood loss. “Payton said he sent you here, and you disappeared. He was sure these men killed you, but he couldn’t prove it. He hired me to get revenge.”

“Oh, he wanted revenge all right, but he knew Ethan was alive and well.” Luc snickered, kneeling next to the man. “Spencer, you bit him.”

“Of course I bit him. He came into our bedroom with a gun, Luc,” I said, waving my arms. “What did you want me to do? Let him shoot us?”

“Spence, you could have gotten the gun away without biting him,” Luc replied firmly. And that was when it hit me. No matter what, this guy was dead. A werewolf bite was lethal unless the victim was given the anti-venom. Basically, if I didn’t fuck him now, he would die.

“Aww, fuck,” I groaned, letting my head fall back on my shoulders.

“Yeah, that’s kind of what I was getting at,” Luc said, turning back so quickly to our intruder that his long auburn hair flared out in shadow. “What’s your name?”

“Dallas Kade,” he answered with a gasp. “I don’t understand any of this. Why was I hired to avenge Ethan if he’s alive?”

“Payton lied to you, something he does a lot,” Ethan explained as he got out of bed and made his way to us. “It’s complicated, but it boils down to Spencer taking back his company and kicking Greg Payton to the curb.”

“I don’t get involved with that shit,” Dallas said, turning up his lip. “I only take out potential threats or take cases when the cops can’t handle it.”

“Great, an assassin with morals,” I scoffed, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Look, believe what you want, but I came thinking you all had killed Ethan,” he said. Dallas broke out in a fit of coughs then, and it was obvious he was starting to die. I’d never seen the reaction to a bite when it wasn’t meant to turn someone. I felt my heart twist into a knot knowing I’d just killed this man.

“Spence, we can’t just let him die,” Ryder stated, looking at me with his big green eyes. “You’re not okay with killing him after he was sent here on lies, are you?”

“This bite will kill me? Not make me like you?” Dallas asked, glancing between us.

“No, the bite is lethal without the anti-venom,” I answered, scrubbing my hands over my face. “We need to act fast, guys.”

“Spence, you need to turn him,” Luc said gently. I saw everyone else nodding in agreement with him. “We’re not killers. None of us could live with ourselves.”

“Do I have to remind anyone that he came here to kill us?” I asked, a little shocked that they weren’t more upset with the situation. “We don’t even know if he’s telling the truth.”

“No, we don’t. But can you live with the chance he was being honest and we killed him?” Ryder asked me, placing his hand on my arm. “The guilt would eat you alive, Spence.”

“Just give me the anti-venom, and I’ll leave,” Dallas said, looking confused. “What’s the big deal?”

“It doesn’t work like that,” I answered, moving closer to him. I knelt down in front of him, so he got a good look at me. Dean helped by flipping on the lights. Dallas gasped as he took in my full werewolf form, but didn’t shy away. “If I give you the anti-venom, you will become one of us and have to stay with our pack.”

“You’re going to turn me into a werewolf?” he asked, the pupils in his hazel eyes growing wide.

“It’s that or you die, your choice,” Dean answered. He crossed his massive arms over his chest, not liking this any more than I did. “So you need to decide if you can live here with us and be a member of our pack. Because if not, just end it now.”

Dallas searched Dean’s face and then mine before giving me a nod. “Okay, I’ll stay with your pack. Give me the anti-venom and teach me how to be a werewolf.”

“The anti-venom is in my cum,” I said gently. “That’s how we turn people. We bite them then fuck them.”

“I’m not gay,” he replied, staring right into my eyes. I wasn’t so sure that was the truth, but we didn’t have time for that right now. The amount of blood he was losing was vast, and he wouldn’t have much longer.

“Be that as it may,” I said slowly, searching for the right words. “That’s how it works. So either you let me fuck you and turn you, or you will die. Decide fast. You only have minutes left.”

“But if you agree to this, you will live here by our rules as a pack. No more hired assassin.” Dean informed him, taking a knee in front of Dallas. “And so help me, Dallas, you fuck with our family or become a liability, I will end you myself. Don’t ever doubt that for a second. We’re older and stronger than you’ll be as a new werewolf and could destroy you in a heartbeat.”

I caught Ryder’s shocked expression before he schooled it. Yeah, Dean was lying out of his ass but I agreed with him in this instance. We might not want to risk having killed Dallas when he wasn’t the bad guy, but we didn’t have to tell him everything just yet. If letting him think we could take care of him easily helped us keep him in line, so be it.

“You’d just have to fuck me this one time, right?” Dallas asked, still holding his neck. “I saw you all came out of the same bed. I don’t want any part of that.”

“We’re not inviting you to be our lover,” Dean growled, shaking with anger. “And we don’t force people. The five of us love each other. We’re talking about giving you a chance to live and have a better life. You’d get a room down the hall, fucker.”

“Then do it.” Dallas nodded, gasping in pain when he forgot about the bite. “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t let me die.”

“Let’s get him into the guest room,” I said to Dean. We exchanged a look and I saw he was on the same page as me. While we might not have wanted to let a man die, neither of us was even remotely okay with this. Dean grabbed Dallas’s shoulders as I took his feet and we carried him to the guest room.

“I’m not an invalid, I can walk just fine,” Dallas bitched, looking pissed.

“Shut up and save your energy,” Dean replied, sounding just as pissed. We lowered him onto the bed and I started to take off his clothes.

“Can you get the lube and prepare him?” I asked Dean while pulling Dallas’s shirt off.

“I think you should just shove a claw up his ass,” Dean mumbled as he left the room. As hard as it was, I managed not to laugh at my partner’s comment.

“Look, just shove it in me and let’s get this over with,” Dallas said, undoing his cargo pants before I could. “I don’t need foreplay or anything.”

“No, but unless you’d like me to rip you to shreds I suggest we stretch you out,” I replied, pointing to my cock. “I’m not even hard and I could rip you in half.”

“Don’t you need to be hard to do this?” he asked, looking confused.

“Yeah, but you’re not making this something I want to do, dickhead,” I sneered, eyeing him with disdain. “You’re good-looking, but everything you’re doing and saying is screaming you don’t want this. Sorry, but I prefer to fuck people who want it.”

“Just focus on me then, Spence,” Ryder purred as he wrapped his arms around me from behind. “Luc’s going to stay with Ethan and make sure he doesn’t need help in case Ethan gets sick again. Dean will take care of getting Dallas ready. And you just have to let me take care of you, my big wolf.”

“What did you have in mind, baby?” I asked, feeling my dick take interest already with just his hands on me. “Would it involve that dirty little mouth of yours?”

“If that’s what you want,” Ryder answered, moving in front of me and dropping to his knees. He grabbed my cock roughly and started stroking it. “I see he’s missed me.”

“Yes,” I hissed, my hips starting to move as Ryder licked the head of my dick. Groaning when he swirled his tongue around, I held his head to me. I didn’t miss the look of lust in Dallas’s eyes as he watched a hot, naked Ryder blow me. “That’s it, suck my cock good, baby.”

“Roll over on your hands and knees,” Dean ordered Dallas as he walked back into the room. I was shocked that the man who declared he wasn’t gay made sure to turn so that he faced us as he kept watching.

“You know you’re going to have to take care of me after you’re done with Dallas now that I’m awake and horny?” Ryder said, pulling on my cock. I stared down at him with a feral smile.

“Maybe Dean will fuck your sweet ass while I take Dallas,” I replied, licking my lips. “It will help keep me in the mood.”

“Get yourself ready, Ryder,” Dean chuckled, tossing him the bottle of lube when he was done slicking up his fingers. Ryder took the slick and poured some on his hand before putting the bottle on the bed. His eyes never left mine as he reached behind and started preparing his hole for Dean.

“That’s fucking hot, baby,” I purred as Ryder groaned loudly. Dallas whimpered, getting my attention. I saw Dean pushing his finger in and out of Dallas’s ass as Ryder swallowed my cock again. “That’s even hotter.”

“Oh god,” Dallas moaned wantonly as he pushed back on Dean’s hand.

“Not gay, my fucking ass,” Dean grumbled so quietly that I knew we’d only heard him because of our werewolf hearing. Our eyes met and he shrugged. I could tell he wasn’t being gentle with Dallas when he shoved a second finger in the man. Normally Dean was a very considerate lover, so I knew it was more his lack of wanting Dallas in our lives that was making him be rough.

“Your mouth is amazing, Ryder,” I said softly, meeting Dallas’s gaze. He had the sense to look embarrassed and turn his head. “I’m almost ready, Dean.”

“I’m hurrying,” Dean replied, pushing a third finger into Dallas. The man moaned and I could see how hard his cock was under him. Dean must have seen it as well because he snickered and moved his fingers faster. “Ryder, are you ready for me, love?”

Ryder pulled back off my dick with a loud pop before turning to look at Dean. “Oh yeah. I want it hard and fast please.”

“Always so polite,” I chuckled, bending over to pull Ryder to his feet. I wanted desperately to kiss him, but with my muzzle and sharp teeth it wasn’t an option. Ryder saw my predicament and giggled.

“You can kiss me as soon as you shift back, Spence,” he said, rubbing his hands over my stomach and chest.

“Get your hot ass over here now,” Dean growled at Ryder as he pulled his fingers out of Dallas. He used the extra slick on his hand to get his cock ready. Dean climbed off the queen-sized bed, taking the already falling comforter with him as I moved to get on, and stalked towards Ryder. He shook with anticipation as Dean tossed the comforter aside, turning him around and pushing him up against the leather sofa chair by the bed. I lined up my cock with Dallas’s hole as Dean slammed his into our baby.

“Oh god, do it already,” Dallas begged as I ran a clawed hand over his ass and he shivered. Never taking my eyes off Dean and Ryder, I pushed inside the man beneath me. “Fuck! That’s what this feels like?”

“You seem to want this now,” I said, raising an eyebrow as I thrust the rest of the way into him. “Thought you weren’t gay?”

“I’m not, but pleasure is pleasure.” He panted, turning his head to watch Dean and Ryder as well. “In my mind, you’re just a hot chick shoving a toy in me.”

“You keep telling yourself that,” I snickered as I started fucking him hard. Dallas moaned and made intensely pleasurable noises each time I slammed into him. His wound was still bad but when he turned his neck it put pressure on it to keep it closed and slow the bleeding. Ryder was bent over with his hands braced on the chair as Dean pounded into his sweet hole. The chair was just at the foot of the bed, so Dallas and I had a front row seat for the show. Feeling bold, I reached down and stroked Dallas’s cock while I snapped my hips harder. He was completely hard and totally into this. “Yeah, I can tell how much you hate my dick in your ass, Dallas.”

“Stop talking and do what you need to so the pain stops,” Dallas grumbled. I’d been so focused on watching Ryder and Dean while trying to prove to Dallas he liked this, I’d forgotten why we were doing this. Fucking him even harder, Dallas cried out in pleasure as his hands fisted in the sheets. I pushed his shoulders down to the bed so the angle changed and I was hitting his prostate.

“Harder, Dean. Give it to me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow,” Ryder screamed, moving his hips so that he met every thrust of Dean’s. “God, I so fucking love your huge cock.”

“I’m glad, baby,” Dean grunted, licking along Ryder’s neck. Just then, Dallas gasped. The gasp turned into a moan as his dick exploded, shooting ropes of his pearly cum all over the bed. I groaned as his ass clamped down on my cock. His climax threw me over the edge into my own orgasm. He screamed as I came, shooting my load into him so hard it was a good thing I was holding onto his hips.

“Oh fuck, that can’t be how women feel when I fuck them,” he cried out, the pleasure of his orgasm clearly overpowering the pain.

“No, that’s what it’s like to be with a werewolf,” I grunted, still thrusting into him. I kept moving to prolong my orgasm and just as it started to ebb I felt the knot extend from my cock.

“What the fuck?” Dallas screamed as I heard Ryder cry out in the background.

“That’s the knot that gives you the anti-venom,” I answered, watching the cords of Dean’s neck tighten. He roared out his release, plowing into Ryder. I swirled my hips several times and Dallas screamed out another orgasm. “Just admit that you liked this, Dallas.”

“Yes,” he hissed, moving his hips with me. “But I’m still not gay or joining in your bed.”

“Never invited you,” I sneered, still not liking the guy, simply glad he’d finally stated the obvious. Dallas moaned once more before slumping forward and passing out. I snickered and smacked his ass as the knot receded.

“He’s a complete closet case,” Dean said in between pants as he sunk to the floor with Ryder in his lap. “We can’t ever forget that he’s an assassin, Spence. We’re going to have to watch him like a hawk and make sure he knows the rules.”

“I agree,” I replied as I pulled out of him. Grabbing the bright blue butt plug Dean had left on the bed for Dallas, I slid it into him easily. I rolled him onto his back and finally took a few moments to look at him. He definitely had the body of an assassin. He was about Dean’s height with a huge, toned chest, strong arms, and a stomach that showed all eight sections of his abs even when he was asleep. Sighing at the turn of events this man had begun and knowing what they could mean for our family, I threw a blanket over Dallas and got off the bed.

“We’ll figure this out, Spence,” Ryder said, taking my hand. “This isn’t what we asked for, but we couldn’t have just let him die.”

“He threatens our family again, Ryder, and you need to be prepared,” Dean replied as we headed back to our bedroom. “I have no problem killing him if he’s a threat. I know that’s not what you’d want to hear from someone you love, but I will do whatever is needed to keep us safe.”

“I understand that,” Ryder said quietly as we walked into our bedroom. I squeezed his hand in support, even though I agreed with Dean. Giving the big guy a look, I saw he understood that we were on the same page. No one, not even Dallas now that we’d turned him, would be allowed to hurt the men we loved.

“Let’s get some sleep.” I yawned, feeling the exhaustion of the past couple of days overwhelm me. “We’ve got a lot to deal with tomorrow and not all of it will be good.”

“And we need to call Max,” Dean sighed as we all crawled into bed. “I’ve never met the man and I’m scared to make that call.”

“I’m the Alpha of this pack, I’ll do it,” I said, giving him a quick kiss. “Once I explain, I’m sure he’ll understand. I just hope we don’t have anything else pop up for a while. There are only so many favors or buttons we can push with the council before we become a problem.”

“We’ll take care of it.” Ryder kissed me as I moved to spoon him on the edge of the bed. “Everything will work out.”

I knew Ryder was saying it mostly to try and ease my fears. But we could really be up shit creek this time with the council, and I had to wonder if Dallas was worth that kind of trouble. I just hoped he really did become a friend instead of a foe. Nothing would be worse for our budding family than to have an enemy living in our home.