The Final Addition: Wolf Harem #4

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In the last book of the Wolf Harem series, all questions will be answered. Five will now become six, but will he be invited to their bed?

Dallas showed up for the wrong reasons, and Spencer biting him was an accident in the sense he didn’t realize it meant life or death to the man. While Dallas is trying to follow the rules of his new pack, adapt to a life with actual friends, and make a home, everyone else is working hard to build a true family. It’s not been an easy journey in any way but one they are all better off for taking.

The last surprise of the series… Who makes a special guest appearance?

Note: This title was previously published under Joyee Flynn. There are no significant changes.
©2014 Release date: 6/12/2014
Erotic Romance, Shifters, Supernatural Drama, M/M, Gay Romance, Werewolves, Ménage