Spencer’s Secret Preview


It was a week after our local pack ‘visitors’ dropped by, and Max was coming by later tonight. But right now I was buried balls-deep in Lucas while Ryder bounced on his cock. Lucas’s legs were up over my forearms and I had one hand wrapped around Ryder.

“Fuck, fuck, so fucking good,” Ryder panted over and over again as he rode Lucas’s cock with everything he had. Just then he stiffened up and leaned back against me. His cock exploded all over Lucas’s abs and chest as I licked the side of his neck. “I love you, Spencer!”

That was enough to push me over the edge as well. We’d said ‘I love you’ sparingly over the last month. Neither of us were really any good at relationships, for different reasons, but we were able to at least convey our feelings for each other. I pistoned my hips forward as my climax overtook me, unloading my seed into Lucas’s tight hole.

“I love you too, Ryder,” I whispered in his ear once I was able to catch my breath again. I looked down at Lucas, about to tell him how amazing he was, when I realized I hadn’t felt the muscles in his ass work my cock. Had he not come?

“Ryder, you need to move,” Lucas said, his head turned facing away from us. I pulled Ryder against my chest and moved us off and out of him.

“You okay, Luc?” I asked, placing Ryder on his feet and moving towards the other man.

“I’m fine.” He waved me away as he got off the bed. “We need to get ready. Max will be here in a couple of hours.”

I knew that wasn’t the real reason Lucas was upset, but when I glanced at his groin, his cock was flaccid. “Luc, talk to me.”

“There’s nothing to say. I’m taking a shower,” he replied and closed the bathroom door in my face.

“He didn’t come, did he?” I asked Ryder as I sat down on the bed next to him.

“No, and I don’t think that’s the first time he’s not finished when we have,” Ryder answered as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “I think something’s going on.”

“I figured he was stressed about his first shift this weekend or Max coming tonight,” I stated as I stood up and pulled away from Ryder. I pointed towards the closed bathroom door. “But it’s got to be more than just that. We all agreed Max wouldn’t be coming here just to kill us.”

“I know,” Ryder replied quietly, shaking his head. “I’m going to jump in the guest shower and get cleaned up. Try to talk to him again, alone. If I think of anything, I’ll let you know.”

“Okay, baby,” I said as I gave him a gentle kiss on the head. As Ryder left, I walked over and tried to open the bathroom door. Locked. What the fuck? I knocked on the door. “Lucas, please let me in.”

“You can have it, I’m done,” he said a few moments later when he opened the door and walked out. Lucas had a towel wrapped around his waist and another one in his hand, drying his hair. It broke my heart that he wouldn’t look at me as he brushed past.

“Lucas, what’s going on?” I asked as I reached out and grabbed his arm. He shook me off and kept walking. I followed him over to the dresser and tried to wrap my arms around him, but again he pushed me away.

“Just give me some space, Spencer,” he answered as he pulled open one of the drawers and grabbed a pair of jeans. “We can talk later. Right now we have to get ready.”

“But we’ll talk later, right?”

“Yeah, I can’t keep this in much longer,” Lucas said as he pulled his jeans on and walked out the room. I watched him with my jaw hanging open. What could possibly be bothering him this much, and it had been for a while? How did I miss this?

Feeling like shit, I headed towards the bathroom. Once inside, I turned on the shower and washed up. The last thing I really wanted to do was play diplomat and deal with the local pack leader who would decide our future. Not with this thing with Lucas hanging over my head.

After I was clean, I let the warm water wash over me, trying to brace myself for what was about to happen. I turned the knobs off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a couple of towels, I dried off. I walked into the bedroom, picked out some clothes, and got dressed, still worried about Lucas. Just then I heard a car pull into the driveway. Looking at the clock, I saw Max was an hour early. I’m not sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

“We’ve got company,” Lucas called up the stairs.

“I’m coming,” I answered as I walked out of our room. Ryder stepped from the guest room at the same time, and we gave each other a nod before rushing down the stairs. When I got downstairs, I went to give Lucas a hug but he stepped out of my reach. Ryder and I exchanged a look, letting him know I’d not resolved it. I merely shook my head as I opened the front door.

Max and Alex stepped out of a cherry-red Chevy-S10. Alex looked cautious, surveying the area as he closed his door and walked around the front of the truck. Max, on the other hand, was focused on us. He smiled widely as he secured the passenger door and made his way towards us. Max was smaller than he’d seemed over the phone, coming in at about six foot one and around two hundred pounds. He had short salt and pepper hair and a goatee.

“Spencer, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said as he extended his hand. “I apologize for being early but I had another meeting cancel. I hope this is okay?”

“As long as there’s a happy outcome here,” I chuckled as I shook his hand. “Honestly, the foreplay of all of this was getting tedious.”

“I agree,” he replied and gave me a wink. “This must be Ryder and Lucas.”

“I’m Ryder Jenkins, and that’s Lucas Moore,” Ryder said as he shook Max’s, and then Alex’s, hands. “Your guys never replaced the door they broke down.”

“Ryder, drop it,” I hissed at him, but I couldn’t help smiling. We’d been hearing about that goddamn door constantly for the past week.

“Hey, you break it, you buy it,” he replied, raising an eyebrow as if daring me to counter him. I merely kissed the top of his head as we all made our way into the house.

“I’ll make sure to add that into my offer,” Max chuckled as I led everyone into the living room. “I agree with you, Ryder.”

“See, Max agrees with me,” Ryder said as he stuck his tongue out at me. Then he went stiff and turned back to Max. “Can we just call you Max? Or is there a proper title we should use to address you?”

“Pack Leader or Alpha Max are normal,” he replied as we all sat down. Ryder and Lucas settled down on either side of me as Max and Alex sat next to each other on the loveseat. “I understand these are not terms you are used to, so I will not hold it against you.”

“Cool, thanks, Alpha Max,” Ryder answered, seeming relieved. He leaned back against the couch as I put my arm over his shoulders. I tried to do the same to Lucas but he shrugged me off.

“So, I’m assuming you’re not here to kill all of us, given our exchange here and the fact Alex seems to have finally relaxed,” I said, nodding towards Max’s guard. “He’s been on over-alert since he got here.”

“It’s his job to be that way,” Max chuckled as he ruffled Alex’s hair. “He’s one of my enforcers, and my nephew.”

“I don’t ever want to have to explain to the pack, and especially my mother, if something happened to Alpha Max,” Alex snickered.

“And to answer your question, Spencer, no, we’re not here to kill you,” Max stated, turning serious as he leaned forward with his arms on his knees. “I talked it over with the council and we’ve come to outline a couple of options for you all. They agree with me that what happened was not your fault and you shouldn’t be held accountable for something out of your control. What you do from here, after you understand our rules, is, though.”

“We brought you this,” Alex said as he pulled out a rather large book from the bag he had with him. “It’s the council by-laws. We understand you weren’t brought up with them, but you do need to learn them. The sooner the better.”

“I understand.” I nodded as I took the book from him. “We’ll start into this after you guys leave. I am honestly thrilled to find out there are others like us and that there’s some sort of structure.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Spencer,” Max replied, glancing at Alex before turning back to me. “I also hope you understand I can’t just have three rogue werewolves on my pack’s turf.” He held up a hand, cutting off any protests before he continued. “Rogue just means you aren’t affiliated with any pack and we’ve come here to resolve that. Unfortunately it leaves us with only two options, either you join our pack and abide by our ways or you move.”

“Do we have to decide as a group?” Lucas asked, finally speaking up. “What if just one of us wants to join your pack?”

I felt Ryder tense up next to me as I stared at Lucas in shock. I was completely speechless.

“My understanding is that you are a group package,” Max said, raising an eyebrow, “but you are all men of age. You are more than welcome to join our pack, even if Spencer decides not to.”

“You want to leave us, Luc?” Ryder asked quietly, sounding completely heartbroken.

“I didn’t say that,” Luc replied, not looking at us. “I simply want to know my options. Would there be any problems for a gay man in your pack?”

“We have several homosexuals. If there was ever a problem, I’d want to know about it immediately,” Max answered, his jaw setting. “We’re all weres, no matter who you want to be with. I don’t put up with that shit in my pack.”

“Good to know.” Lucas looked satisfied with Max’s answer.

“We’d need to discuss it as a family,” I said, feeling a pit in my stomach. Lucas’s wording spoke volumes. He hadn’t asked about gay men, just man, as in only one. “But we’d need to know what it means to be members of a pack first. Also, if we move, how do we avoid this same predicament?”

Max eyed me, then Lucas, some more before answering. “Alex put together a list of areas that don’t currently have a pack. If you choose to move, you would be the pack in that area. Even with as small a group as you are, the council feels there needs to be some sort of order. They’ve agreed to make you Alpha, Spencer. You’d be in contact with the council, come to meetings when needed, and vote on certain issues.”

“So we’d still live by a pack structure, just Spencer would be our boss instead of you?” Lucas asked, his voice showing he wasn’t a fan of that idea.

“Exactly,” Max answered as he leaned back against the sofa again. “The choice is yours. And again, I’m sorry I only have these two options for you. I hope you do understand why it has to be this way. While you weren’t given instruction or our rules, we can’t just have everyone do whatever they wish. It would be total anarchy.”

“No, I understand,” I said, never taking my eyes off Lucas. “Would you excuse us for a few moments while we discuss this?”

“Of course.”

I stood, walked out of the living room, and headed for the kitchen without a word. Opening the fridge, I pulled out a beer and popped the top. After taking a very long gulp, I turned back to Ryder and Lucas, who had joined me.

“What’s going on, Luc? Why are you asking about leaving us?” I asked, starting to shake with anger. “Are we so fucking horrible to be around that you want to bail the first chance you get?”

“I didn’t say that,” he answered quietly, still not looking at me. Ryder hopped up on the island counter and just watched us both. “I don’t think right now is the time to discuss this, with company here.”

“I don’t give a fuck about them being here,” I shouted as I threw the bottle across the room. Moving lightning quick, I pinned Luc against the counter and grabbed his face. “I care about you, about this. What have we done to make you not be able to talk with or touch us?”

“Fuck you, Spencer,” he spat out at me as he pushed me off him. “You saved my life and I will always be indebted to you for that, but you don’t own me.”

“Own you?” I flinched, feeling like I’d just been struck. That was when my hurt and confusion really turned into anger. I started screaming. “What the fuck gave you the idea that I think I own you? Or that I even would want to own you? Are the doors locked? Are you in a cage? Is there a mother fucking collar around your neck?”

“Fine, maybe own isn’t the right word,” Luc answered as he shook his head. “I wasn’t ready to do this just yet. We need to talk about this later.”

“Fuck that!” I growled and moved towards him, but Ryder stopped me by holding up a hand.

“Luc, this can’t wait.” Ryder glanced towards the living room and our guests. “We have some decisions to make. If Spencer’s done something to upset you this much, that you’re thinking of leaving us, we can’t just table that.”

“Yeah, like it’s just Spencer,” Luc snorted, squinting at Ryder. “Who said I was only upset with him?”

“What did I do?” Ryder asked, his eyes going wide. He hopped off the counter and walked right up to Lucas and touched his face. “How did I hurt you, Luc?”

“You were riding my goddamn cock, telling Spencer that you loved him!” Luc yelled, but then he started to get choked up. His eyes filled with tears, and he pushed Ryder’s arm away and spun to face the counter. Luc grabbed on to the counter, taking a few breaths before he continued. “Look, you guys love each other, I get that. I knew it walking into this. But I didn’t think that would leave me on the outsider forever, just a toy when you wanted a three-way.”

I stared at the back of his head for several moments before I was able to find words again. My anger left in an instant, replaced by concern and confusion. “You’re not an outsider, Luc. And you’re certainly not our toy!”

“Bullshit!” Luc yelled, spinning around to face me. Ryder took a couple of steps back from him, obviously as shocked as I was. “Neither of you touch me unless you both are. I see the way you are together, always kissing each other as you pass by. Or you grab Ryder’s ass when he’s close. Ryder sits in your lap half the fucking time. And I’m always alone, left alone, unless it’s all three of us fucking each other. Even then I’m like the toy you bring in for kicks. You’re not having sex with Lucas Moore, just with a third body.”

“Luc, that’s not true,” Ryder whispered as his eyes filled with sorrow. He looked back at me for a few moments, before turning back to Lucas. And that look said it all… Luc was right on some things. “Yes, I admit, I’ve not touched you like I do Spencer. But I didn’t realize that until you said it just then. It’s not that I’ve not wanted to, I guess I’m just afraid of Spencer thinking I love you more than him.”

“So instead, you just ignore me…” Luc froze, his eyes going wide. “Did you just say you love me?”

“I do love you,” Ryder answered as he approached Luc cautiously. He wrapped his arms around Luc’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. “I love you both. And I guess I’ve fucked up showing that’s how I feel, but it is how I feel. Spencer’s my first relationship, ever, and I’m not very good at it. I was scared that if I showed you too much attention, it might hurt him. I swear I never meant to ignore you or make you feel like this.”

I just stared at both of them as I realized I’d done the exact same thing as Ryder. “Me too, Luc,” I said gently as I moved forward and wrapped my arms around both of them. “I didn’t realize I was doing it, but Ryder’s right. I guess I didn’t know how to bring a third into our partnership and not hurt Ryder. I never meant to hurt you or make you feel like this.”

“I didn’t know how to tell you or make it stop,” Luc whispered as he looked up and met my eyes. “Today in bed was the last straw for me, I couldn’t just pretend everything was okay anymore. Neither of you seemed to even notice I was even there.”

“I’m so sorry, Luc,” I answered before kissing his lips. “I wish I had known this sooner. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt you or Ryder. I love you both so much.”

“I love you guys, too,” Luc replied as a few tears escaped his eyes. “It hurt knowing that I loved you and neither of you seemed to love me.”

“We do,” Ryder said from the middle of our sandwich. “Spencer and I just need to work on showing you. I guess we need to understand that loving you is nothing for the other to be jealous about.”

“I agree,” I replied, kissing the top of Ryder’s head. Then I looked up and met Luc’s eyes. “Will you give us another chance, Luc?”

“Of course I will,” he chuckled and kissed my lips. “You guys love me, and that’s all I really want. Well, that and to feel like you love me.”

“I think that will change now we’ve got this all out in the open,” I said as I released them both. “I think Ryder and I both know now that the other isn’t going to get jealous when we show you affection at times outside of when the three of us are in bed.”

“Right.” Ryder nodded, still not releasing his tight grip on Luc. “Come with us, Luc.”

“Is that what we want to do?” I asked. “Do we want to move?”

“I do.” Ryder gave us another kiss, moved away from Luc, and hopped back up on the counter. “I’m sure the pack is great and all, but I love our life together. So there will be some rules we have to start following, I’m good with that. But do you guys really want to jump into an already formed pack and be the new guys? I don’t. I will if it keeps us together, but my gut is saying we should move.”

“Luc? What do you think?” I asked, turning to him.

“Now that I know you guys want me here, I’m with Ryder on this,” he answered, shrugging his shoulders. “But, really, this is your home, Spencer. Moving is not as big of a deal to me and Ryder. How do you feel about it?”

“It’s just a house,” I replied, moving towards him and taking him into my arms. “You and Ryder are my home, my family. I don’t care where we live as long as we’re all there, and we’re all happy.”

“That’s not really an answer to the big question, Spence,” Ryder chuckled, causing Luc and me to turn towards him. “Do you want to join the pack?”

“Not particularly,” I answered after a moment, scrunching my nose up. “We can learn the rules and be a part of the werewolf community. But, really, I just want to be left alone with the two of you.”

“So we all agree,” Ryder said, smiling widely. “Okay, let’s go back to our guests and tell them our answer.”

“We heard you,” Max called out from the other room. “Your senses grow stronger with age and I’m much older than all of you.”

“Good to know,” Luc chuckled as we made our way back to the living room. Luc led the way, but Ryder pulled on my arm and nodded towards Luc. I understood what he meant right away, we needed to give Luc some extra attention.

“I hope you were entertained, at least.” I smirked as we all sat back down on the couch. Luc was on my right, and I reach over and pulled him over to sit between my legs. He gave a cute little yelp of surprise but then smiled up at me. It was then that I felt my nerves calm. We were going to be just fine.

“Well, we weren’t really sure what to do,” Max chuckled as Alex turned bright red. “We thought it might be ruder to tell you in the middle of what was going on that we could hear you. Normally other weres leave the house when they don’t want to be overheard. Takes some getting used to, that you don’t know our ways.”

“Make sense.” Ryder nodded and then shrugged. “Good thing we like you and didn’t say anything bad.”

Max and Alex looked at each other before bursting out laughing. Finally Max got his composure back. “There is that. I’m glad you like us. Part of me understands why you don’t want to join the pack, the other part of me is sad that you don’t. I think you would all be a wonderful addition to our extended family.”

“I appreciate that,” I replied, smiling at both of the men. “How much time do we have to move?”

“Well, that’s something else we need to talk about,” Max stated, getting serious. “I talked it over with the council and we decided that if you elected not to join the pack, we want to buy your house. The council asked me to give sanctuary to a family who’s being persecuted by their current pack. I agreed to give them a place to live, and protection, but until I know how big a threat they have against them, I’m not comfortable with them being on pack lands. If they’re being pursued, and someone is tracking their scent, I don’t want it to lead back to us.”

“It’s not that we won’t help them,” Alex added, looking nervous. “It’s just, we have children and families on pack lands. We agreed to help this family, but we won’t put other families in jeopardy.”

“What are you offering?” I asked Max, settling into my comfortable business persona. I was so used to it from the years spent in corporate America it was like putting on an old sweater. Max named a figure that shocked me so much I let out a whistle. “That’s a lot over the market value.”

“Think of it as paying for your relocation expenses as well.” Max smiled.

“We accept,” I chuckled. “Can we have a week or so to decide where we want to go and get packed up?”

“I was planning on giving you a month,” Max snickered, then looked thoughtful. “Let’s say two weeks just to be on the safe side.”

“Fair enough,” I answered as I moved Lucas off my lap and put him on his feet. I stood, as did Ryder, and led them towards the front door. “I’m glad we came to a resolution.”

“I agree,” Max replied as everyone shook hands. “Alex, give them the list.”

“Oh, right.” Alex turned back towards us and reached into his pocket. He handed me a typed-out list and nodded at me before heading to the truck.

“This might be fun,” Lucas said after we closed the door and headed towards the kitchen. “I mean, we can just pick a place and go anywhere!”

“We need to do something else first,” Ryder replied as he started taking off his shirt.

“What’s that, baby?” I had a sneaking suspicion I already knew.

“Make up sex. It’s the only good part of fighting,” he called out as he raced up the stairs.

Lucas and I shared a look before chasing after the little minx. Even though we’d thought we weren’t in any serious trouble with the local pack, until Max came over, we weren’t really sure. As I raced up the stairs after my men, I was pretty confident that Ryder and Lucas felt like a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders, just as I did.