Spencer’s Secret: Wolf Harem #2

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Spencer, Ryder, and Luc think they are starting to adapt to their new lives together, until the Alpha of a local pack gives them two options: join or move. They decide to pack up and relocate to an area where they can live their lives without the influence of werewolf politics.

On the way, they see a homeless man missing part of his leg, trying to thumb a ride to a new life. Ryder talks them into pulling over and allowing the stranger, Dean, to hitch hike with them. But when they later walk in on Ryder and Dean having sex, Spencer fears he’s losing the first man he ever loved.

And will Luc even stay with him once he finds out who Spencer really is? Or did Spencer just move to a new state, inviting Dean to stay with them, to end up all alone?

Note: This title was previously published under Joyee Flynn. There are no significant changes.
©2014 Release date: 5/15/2014
Erotic Romance, Shifters, Supernatural Drama, M/M, Gay Romance, Werewolves, Ménage