Second Chance Bite Preview


My story begins on a hot summer day, driving home from a business meeting for a job I hated. It had been in upstate New York and I was making my way back to Manhattan. Knowing the expressway would be clogged like no other, I opted for the back roads hoping it would help my travel time. It ended up being the best, or worst, decision of my life… depending on how you look at it.

As I came around the bend of the deserted two lane highway, something moved out onto the road. And I emphasis the ‘something’. I swerved to the right, instead of the left, where there was no traffic and I could have stopped safely on the asphalt. But the way I went had me skidding off the shoulder and into a ditch. Luckily, the car didn’t flip and I had my seatbelt on so I only had minimal injuries. Actually, the only injuries I sustained were from the airbag.

I pushed the airbag down as I unbuckled the seatbelt before getting out of the car. Closing the door behind me, I leaned against my now undrivable car as I attempted to get my bearings. That was when the something got me. I know, my story should have been set at night with a full moon, but this is reality and it wasn’t.

The something moved so fast—one minute it wasn’t there and the next it was pulling me against its—at least—seven foot body as it bit me. The hairy thing that caused me to drive off the road actually fucking bit me. I screamed in pain and desperately tried to fight it off, but fighting made as much of a difference as trying to move the Sears Tower. When I started to feel dizzy and my limbs got heavy, I gave up my fight.

The strangest part of it all was that I felt myself get hard. This furry monster right out of the movies was biting me and drinking my blood and I was getting aroused?

“I’m going to make you one of us now,” the thing growled when he lifted his head from my neck. It was then I saw he had a muzzle, pointy ears, and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth.

“What are you?” I asked, knowing already what he was but not able to believe it. He smiled at me in a feral way that shook me down to my core, and instead of answering, he cupped my groin and squeezed.

“Oh, you want it all right,” he chuckled, licking his lips. His words came out more like a growl than anything human. I was mesmerized by how long his tongue was, almost like a dog. But he wasn’t a dog, I knew that. He had to be a werewolf, but that wasn’t possible, right?

Before I could say anything else, he moved us behind the car and away from the road. I thought right then he was going to kill me, instead he pushed me down on the ground. I raised myself up on my hands and knees, about to try and get away when I felt him move behind me.

“Just stay right there and I promise you’ll love this,” he said as he started to rip my suit off of me. I jerked with the movements, confusion and fear causing me to freeze up. When his huge, hairy hands—complete with claws—grabbed the cheeks of my ass, I started to shake uncontrollably. “Very, nice,” he growled before leaning over and licking my hole.

“Oh, fuck me,” I moaned at the sensation. His tongue wasn’t human, it was much rougher and sent shocks all throughout my body.

“I’m going to,” he said in between licks. I was so out of my mind at the feeling of his tongue I barely registered what he’d said. When he pushed that rough tongue into my ass, I screamed. The pain and pleasure mixed together from him moving his tongue into me was almost too much to handle. Add the pain in my neck from the bite he gave me, and I couldn’t hold myself up anymore.

My upper body collapsed under the pressure, though I’m sure it looked more like I was offering my ass up to him. He took it that way as I felt a finger push in along with his incredibly long tongue. I’d had my ass played with before, even fucked, but I was more a top than a bottom when it came to sex. So, not only was it the circumstances and his rough tongue driving me into overload, but also the fact that no one had touched my ass like this in over a year.

“I can’t take any more,” I cried out when I felt him shove in a second finger while still licking me. And these weren’t human-sized fingers, oh no. These were the monstrous, hairy, clawed kind of fingers. “Please, it’s too much.”

He ignored me and started moving faster. It wasn’t really like he was taking me against my will, I was just having a sensation overload. I whimpered when he pulled out of me, bemoaning the loss of the feelings he awoke in me. Then he grabbed the left side of my ass away as the tip of his cock brushed my hole. Holy shit! If he was over seven feet tall, how big was his dick?

Seconds later I found out just how large he was when he started pushing it into me. Again I was overwhelmed with the dual pleasure-and-pain sensations. “Your ass is so fucking tight, I love it,” he snarled after he shoved in past the first ring. “This is going to be hard and fast, love.”

I was just about to scream at him, ‘yeah, calling me love?’ Instead, he was good to his word and pulled out of me, only to slam back in harder than I’d ever had a dick pushed into me. He grabbed my hips, claws digging into my skin as he started to pound into me.

“Fuck yeah, take my big cock into that tight ass,” he yelled as he moved even faster. He continued to shout his ramblings as he thrust deep and hard into my ass. “Bet no one’s ever fucked you like this, big boy!”

If I could have gotten enough air into my lungs to talk under his rapid pounding, I would have agreed with him. It wasn’t humanly possible to be fucked the way he was taking me. He answered my thoughts as if he could read my mind.

“Once you’ve had a werewolf, a normal human will never do for you,” he growled as he squeezed my hips tighter. Just when I thought I would pass out from the pain of the bite he gave me, I felt him stiffen behind me. “Here comes what you need, baby.”

Again I was completely confused as to what he meant as he shot his load into me. The force of it would have knocked me off my knees if he hadn’t been holding onto my hips. It was if his cock was exploding in my ass with the goal of his seed ending up in my mouth. I was scared, until some part of his dick latched onto my prostate. Then I was just in heaven.

I screamed out my pleasure as I came without even touching my cock. It was an orgasm like no other. Even though he was attached to me somehow, he still moved his hips back and forth, drawing out my climax until it overwhelmed me and everything went dark.



I woke up a few hours later, alone. Looking around, I saw I was lying naked in my now dried cum, the bite on my shoulder completely healed. What the fuck? I desperately tried to find any evidence of the bite the werewolf gave me. Did I hallucinate the whole thing?

Standing up, I opened the backseat door and grabbed my gym bag. I hadn’t been able to fit the gym into my day, but right now, I was grateful for the clothes since my suit was in shreds all around me. All the other evidence was there to prove what happened, except the bite. My ass was sore, like I had been fucked within an inch of my life, and my car was still not drivable.

After getting dressed, I reached for my cell and called for a tow truck. The wait was going to be an hour, so I sat down in the passenger seat. The minute I sat down I knew it was a mistake. I stood right back up, knowing I was going to be feeling the fuck I got for a while. It was then I saw the note on the seat.

Completely confused, I reached for the envelope and pulled out the paper inside. You could have knocked me over with a feather as I read what was on it.


My dearest Spencer,

You will never see me again, but know that I will be watching you for the next month in case you need my help. Yes, you really were just bitten and fucked by a werewolf. No, you aren’t losing your mind, but you are one of us now. We heal incredibly quickly, hence the bite mark being almost gone or completely gone by the time you wake up.

What I have just given you can be looked at as a gift or a curse. I hope you look at it as a gift, because I meant it as one. You will now be faster, stronger, see better, smell more, to name a few things. I’ve watched you for weeks, going through the motions of life. A job you hate and a lonely, solitary existence. That’s not life, it’s a living hell. The gift I give you now will give you a life worth living. Not only are you a werewolf and shape shifter, but immortal. Short of decapitation or being engulfed by flames, you cannot die.

The first few months you will only change the days surrounding the full moon. After which time you will be able to control it and be able to shift whenever you want. Yes, you will always have to shift on the night of the full moon, but at least with time you will be able to change when you want. Don’t try and fight it until you have more strength and control over it, you will only hurt yourself. And you won’t become a killing monster like in the movies, you will be fully aware of who you are and what you do when in wolf form.

Live your life, embrace your new self, and most importantly, be happy Spencer. That is all I wanted for you when I bit you.

Forever Yours,



PS—If you ever decide to change someone as I did you, there are two things you need to know. One, you have to do it in werewolf form. Two, the bite is not enough, just biting someone can kill them. You have to fuck them and come inside them as I did you. Something about our semen kills the venom in a werewolf’s bite and allows the person to adapt to becoming one of us.


I must have read the note twenty times because the next thing I knew the tow truck was there. Quickly hiding the letter back in the envelope, I went to greet the tow guy and gave him the address of the car repair place my insurance used.

Getting into the passenger seat of the truck, I rubbed my hands over my face, knowing my life had changed drastically. The question now was, what do I do about it?