Second Chance Bite: Wolf Harem #1

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Spencer Fallon never knew werewolves existed until he was attacked by one, making him a werewolf. For years, he lives a lonely life until he sees a gorgeous man limping in front of him one day.

Ryder Jenkins’ life is a disaster. Kicked out of his house at sixteen when he came out to his parents, Ryder caught a ride to New York. Having no ID, birth certificate, and being underage, limited his options. When a guy offers him a place to stay, Ryder thinks his luck has changed… he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Six years later, Ryder’s knight in shining armor shows up in the form of a sexy hot werewolf. Can Ryder trust another stranger promising him a better life? Or is the devil he knows better?

Note: This title was previously published under Joyee Flynn. There are no significant changes.
©2014 Release date: 5/8/2014
Erotic Romance, Shifters, Supernatural Drama, M/M, Gay Romance, Werewolves, Ménage