Love’s Misconception – Preview


I flinched as he slapped my ass hard, wondering why he always did that after sex. Then again he was a total dick.

“Get dressed. We’re about to land,” he informed me. I nodded and managed to get my legs to work, making my way to the bathroom so I didn’t show up to my new camp smelling like sex.

Unfortunately he hadn’t been kidding and we landed while I was still in the bathroom. As I said, total dick. I really hurried after that, worried what else he might pull but then remembered he had to refuel for the flight back. He was already off the plane when I grabbed my bag.

“Have fun with your own kind, queer,” he muttered to me as he stared at his clipboard, not even giving me a look. Yep, that was his way of a goodbye. I didn’t even bother answering, glancing around and figuring where the main building was to head to.

So why have sex with someone who was such an asshole?

For one, I didn’t screw his conversational skills… It was has big cock I liked. And normally he kept his mouth shut during the sex.

Two, I was being reassigned to the gay camp as people now called it, so for all I knew… Well, I didn’t know so I really didn’t want to risk never having sex again, so yeah, I took the dick’s offer and let him bang me on the flight over, ignoring his closeted issues.

Three, I just really liked sex so I very rarely said no.

I slung my massive duffel over my shoulder, almost finding it funny how it was over four feet tall and could stand on its own if it didn’t have all my worldly possessions in one damn bag. That I didn’t find funny. Or that I’d been transferred here to the middle of nowhere.

As I reached what looked to be the main building, which would house the command center, a bigger guy came bursting through the doors, focused on me—and not happy.

“You won’t ever replace him. You got that?” he hissed at me, fangs out.

“Shane, back off,” a deep, calm voice ordered from the doorway. My gaze snapped to his, and the vampire exuded leadership and age. “It is not his fault. Someone was going to take Kevin’s spot. We knew this.”

“It didn’t have to be an outsider,” Shane rasped before turning away. “You should have told me it was going to be an outsider, Alexander.” Then he stormed off, and I didn’t look at him nor at Alexander who I knew was the head of the camp.

I looked longingly towards the airstrip, wondering if the plane from my old camp had taken off yet and if maybe there was a way to convince them I’d been kidding that I was gay so they’d take me back. Was I willing to be in the closet? I sighed, knowing that answer.

“Debating if you should run?” Alexander asked me quietly. I glanced up at him and nodded, never willing to lie.

Then again, that was how I ended up here.

“Don’t. We are a good camp. We lost one of ours in an attack—Kevin. I do not normally get this personal about my warriors or with our new people, but Shane started this. He lost his best friend and someone he loved dearly. He’s grieving.”

“I’m sorry for him,” I muttered, my heart going out to the guy. “It probably doesn’t make it better for him knowing I don’t want to be here.”

“You do not want to be here?” Alexander asked, surprise written all over his face.

“Oh shit,” I hissed, letting my head drop back on my shoulders. “Of course those assholes wouldn’t have told you they transferred me here against my will. Right, because what were they going to tell you officially? They sent me to the Queer Camp because I’m one of you?”

“They call us what?” he roared, and I actually took a step away from him as my head snapped back up, eyes going wide as my heart raced in fear.

“I’m in hell,” I whispered, backing away even farther. They had no idea of their reputation.

Alexander took a few deep breaths, studying me closely and probably taking in the way I was making myself a smaller target. I wasn’t a fool. I was a warrior for like two seconds and Alexander was a legend. I was dead if I pissed him off. Very, very dead.

“No, this is good. We need to know these things. We are secluded from the gossip and cut off here. Come, we will talk in my office before lunch, and I’ll show you around.”

I blinked at him a moment, my new gift telling me more than I wanted to know and I was too upset to close my mouth. “You don’t normally show new warriors around. You just want me to spill everything to you.”

“That and you have not had the best welcome and you have not been a warrior that long,” he agreed with a firm nod. “Plus, my mate, Dimitri, will be at lunch, and he is better with putting people at ease than I am. A buffer, if you will.”

I was all for a buffer… Not so much for telling him everything I knew about what people thought of his camp. That sounded as much fun as pulling out my eyelashes one at a time.

But still, I followed after him, because—well, it wasn’t as if I had many other options. I ducked my head as we walked through the command center to his office, wondering how many had heard the commotion outside or simply wanted to catch a glimpse of the new guy. Either way, part of me couldn’t bear to handle coming to terms with really getting saddled at one of the most remote camps, and knowing the people in that room were all the personal interaction I would have.

Well, them and others at the camp, but still there was a cap on how many adults I could ever interact with face-to-face and that disturbed me greatly, being locked in like that. It actually made me feel quite claustrophobic even though the camp was rather large.

Alexander walked into his office and stood holding the door open, gesturing to one of the chairs in front of his desk. “So why don’t you fill me in on how the son of a councilwoman really ended up away from the West Coast camp where his father and family are from, and what is going on and being said about our camp.”

I sat down and flinched when he closed the door, wondering if it was my coffin instead. What he was asking me to spill wasn’t… It just didn’t happen. People didn’t honestly tell such things to people they didn’t know. I had figured they knew I was being shipped off to the camp in Nowhere, Wyoming, for a reason. I mean, hadn’t all of them?

When I didn’t say anything, Alexander sat down on the edge of his desk on the same side as me and studied me closely. “You are frightened. I can understand that.” He rubbed his chin for a moment and then tried again. “Has your gift appeared?” I flinched, but quickly shook my head. Maybe a little too quickly, but I figured the situation would make it understandable for me to be nervous all around. “Mine is a simple one, a good one for someone in charge. I can tell the character of a person.”

“Good to know who you can trust,” I hedged, already knowing that about him, but not much else besides he was a legend and mated.

“Yes, which is why I know I can trust you, London. I realize you do not know that you can trust me yet, and I understand that will take time. But know we have someone who is Wyrok stationed here, and his gift is to make people talk when they might not want to. So if I truly was not someone you could trust, as head of this base, I am well within my rights to call him in here and have him question you for the information if I know you are keeping something from me.”

As I said, I was in hell. Maybe he wasn’t a bastard for immediately yelling at me or calling in whatever guy to get what I knew out of me, but he wasn’t exactly a sweetheart for intimidating me with the news of what could be done to me at any moment.

I looked away to some stupid motivational poster that was matted and framed on his wall, tacky, generic decorations that showed me what I was probably in for my whole time there… And then I told my new commanding officer what he wanted to know, like a good little soldier, spilling my guts, a total snitch that would end with me being hated by my old camp in Seattle and my new one here when word got out.

It took a while, especially with how Alexander took notes and asked to check names to confirm information, so by the time it was over, I was completely raw, exposed, and my insides hurt. As well as my eyes from holding back the tears at how violated it made me feel to have to walk in and divulge all of that—all that personal information.

“Thank you, I know that was hard and I appreciate—”

“If I could please get my room key and temporary assignment now, sir,” I choked out, wondering if the punishment of being caught going AWOL would really be worse than what I’d be facing from now on after word of this got out.

He was quiet a moment and then moved in front of me, and I heard his heart rate pick up when he finally saw my face. “I promised to feed you after your trip. You need to know where the cafeteria is and it is lunchtime. Dimitri will be waiting. We should go.”

I opened my mouth to argue but he quickly opened the door and walked out as if knowing I would follow even if he ran there now. Which of course I did because what other option did I have?

This is hell. I’ve been assigned to hell for being gay and now I’m a gay snitch. Just fucking shoot me. The first guy I met already hated me. Maybe he’ll toss a grenade into my bunk because I took his dead boyfriend’s place, which wasn’t my fault either. I shook my head, grabbed my bag, and hurried after Alexander, thinking I deserved a bit of hell after being so crass and heartless about what Shane was going through.