Love’s Entanglement : Warrior Camp #9

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The Past Complicates Anything We Let It

Months after the Zakasacs attack the camp, Norris Adley is doing everything he can to get through the day-to-day and back to the program where he will actually learn something. He’d always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and during stressful times that’s where he takes sanctuary—in the camp helicopter. Unfortunately, Philo Sutton, the warrior in charge the chopper, finally catches Norris in the act. Norris, in his socially awkward fashion, runs his mouth and gets himself further in trouble with Philo.

Not sure what’s really been going on at the camp, Philo’s got more than a few questions as to why this post-trans is in his space and messing with his things. Normally a quiet person, Philo decides that helping the group is better than keeping his past private, so Philo shares his family with the residents of the camp and somehow agrees to take on Norris as a student. Can Philo keep his personal, family, and teaching lives separate, or will everything become part of love’s entanglement?

©2015 Release date: 3/12/2015
Vampire, Dark, Military, Gay Romance, Paranormal, Spies