Love’s Distance: Warrior Camp #7

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Absence Can Do Much To A Heart

Camp medic, Sam Gatewood, had feelings for a blond-haired pre-trans, even though he knew better. Inexplicably drawn to Bowie Shade, Sam helped him years ago, in his time of need, but when Bowie attempted to take things further, he told him they should wait until after Bowie’s transition to warrior, that some distance will put the line they almost crossed into perspective.

But the feelings never went away.

Bowie took his hurt heart and devoted his energies to his warrior training, giving himself some distance from thoughts of Sam. Unfortunately, one of his first assignments outside the camp puts him directly in Sam’s path—the only man he has ever wanted. But maybe during a mission isn’t the best time to have the discussion about how they feel… What could possibly go wrong?

Even though absence is said to make the heart grow fonder, it doesn’t for Sam and Bowie. Will they learn to get on the same wavelength and look beyond hurt feelings, or will the distance between them grow past where they can reach for each other?


©2014 Release date: 11/6/14
Vampire, Dark, Military, Gay Romance, Paranormal, Spies