Love’s Denial: Warrior Camp #3

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Love is Difficult… Ruling Can Be Deadly

As a warrior of his race, Yuri Stanalovic has always completed each assignment as expected, regardless of his needs or feelings. So, when tasked with a mission requiring his special gift, Yuri immediately accepts and heads out to France. The Grand Duc Dominic Reynard Courtland Aldrich spent most of his life in the best boarding schools in England preparing to fill the role of heir to the throne. After his parents were murdered as a child, Dominic lived a lonely life, without love. Spending most of his life heeding the council of his parent’s advisors, Dominic began to lose his true self. When Yuri discovers the life of the Grand Duc is in his hands, he wants nothing more than to keep Dominic safe. But can love prevail when it has been denied for a lifetime?

Note: This title was previously published under Joyee Flynn. There are no significant changes.
©2014 Release date: 4/17/2014
Vampire, Dark, Military, Love Triangle, Gay Romance, Paranormal drama, Coming of Age