Love’s Delusion: Warrior Camp #8

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Reality Isn’t Always Standing Before Us

Techie Gilroy Selden doesn’t enjoy going on the supply runs—except for the non-camp food. He’d much rather stay in the safety of the command center, and when his gut screams they shouldn’t be out past dark… He hates that he ends up being right. 

Xana Hiro, a giant among the warriors, takes the steps necessary to ease Gilroy’s turmoil… Even if it adds to his own. But things are never simple when dealing with matters of the heart and delusions. After years of hoping that Gilroy would notice him, Xana attempts to do what he can to help Gilroy get through and process everything that has been thrown at him.

But Xana isn’t the only warrior wanting to comfort and be there for Gilroy and he has no problem reminding Gilroy how badly Xana messed up. Even if Gilroy can see that Xana’s love for him is real and makes the right choice—will he ever be able to look past Xana almost killing him?

©2014 Release date: 11/20/2014
Vampire, Dark, Military, Gay Romance, Paranormal, Spies