Love’s Confinement: Warrior Camp #6

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Love Doesn’t Always Set Someone Free

Ashton’s security, Evan leaves the warrior camp for South Dakota. But Evan isn’t prepared for what he finds on the councilman’s ranch.

Nothing stands out more than a refurbished bomb shelter, but what was meant for protection has been Theodore Ashton’s cell for the past six month. To make things right, Evan calls in his friends and offers his strength to Theo as the vampire works through everything thrown his way.

Embattled on two different fronts, Theo tries desperately to hold on to everything he needs—including Evan—to survive his traumas and undo the considerable damage his father’s done. Will one rival from his past destroy everything Theo has built and take it all away, while an enemy from his not so distant past convinces everyone that Theo isn’t who and what he says he is?

©2014 Release date: 10/23/2014

Vampire, Dark, Military, Gay Romance, Paranormal, Spies