Love’s Abuse: Warrior Camp #4

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People That Love Us Abuse Us The Most

Rune Freeman fears he’ll never be a free man with the past he can’t seem to escape. Allowing others to hurt him is his only source of relief from the demons that haunt him, but it has to be someone who cares about him… And someone who does couldn’t hurt him that way.

Helios Reynell knows Rune is different even before he officially meets him. Helios doesn’t want anyone to know he’s undercover at the camp or that he’s feeling more than he should for the damaged tech geek. With rumors of distrust and traitors, Helios must put an end to what’s happening or a chain of events could start that cannot be undone.

When Rune can’t take any more abuse and breaks down, no one can seem to get through to him. Can Helios heal Rune while attempting to determine what is going on at the camp, or will Helios be what finally pushes Rune’s past his breaking point?

©2014 Release date: 9/25/14