Whirlwind Revolution Preview


“Hadley, the PP was in on the plot,” Director Woodrow informed me. I felt my eyes practically bug out of my head at the news. “I know. I wish my suspicions hadn’t been correct, but they were, and now I’m glad I pressed for the malamutes to leave copies with us. I’ve talked with Director Fabian, and we have a place with their coven since we need to relocate and they have the perfect set-up.”

I had to swallow twice to clear the lump in my throat before I could speak. “What do you need me to do, Director?”

“Fly.” I nodded as he handed me a USB drive. “I’m tasking you with the Prince of the felines. Their elder is also their King and they haven’t ever been led by someone who wasn’t of the royal family. They’ll fall into chaos if something happens to him.”

I didn’t think my eyes could get any wider than at the implication. “Someone’s taking over the PP?”

“They sold us out and were setting us up like slaughter animals instead of doing what they promised for their people. I don’t know the details, but yeah, someone will take the traitors out.”

I realized I truly didn’t feel bad about that. They brought it on themselves. “Good. What about things here? Where do I go after?” Then I had another thought. “Is Chicago okay?”

He filled me in on the abbreviated plan, assuring me someone would pack my belongings and bring them. “Stay with the Prince and escort him along with his court to the new location. Do not divulge where they’re going until we know for sure all of them are on our side. The Prince will be, he hates his father. But the rest? We don’t know enough to take that chance. Once we’re at the stronghold, Director Fabian assures me it’s basically a fortress.

 “And apparently Chicago is going to figure out how to hack missile guidance systems. But if the location is found out, the humans could start intercepting refugees on the way. We need him and his brothers. Director Fabian assured me they’re being detained but with whatever’s going on, they’ll get out first.”

Well thank fuck for that. I’d been hoping for another taste of that sweet little shifter. Plus, I just liked the guy and his brothers. I didn’t want any of them hurt. “I understand, Director. I won’t fail.”

“I know, which is why I’m sending you.” I gave him a solemn nod and hurried to my room so I could undress before shifting.

Hey, I was wearing my favorite jeans and sneakers. I wanted those packed up and brought to my new home. Then I let the change flow over me, grabbed the plastic wrapped USB drive in my talon, and flew out the window.

There were perks to flying over driving. I could fly faster than natural owls being a shifter—twice as fast if I pushed it, capping out at over a hundred twenty miles per hour, so that made my travel time less than if I were driving.

However, that was exhausting.

However, I didn’t have to deal with traffic on any freeway.

However, I couldn’t bring much… Like clothes.

So, as everything in life, there were perks and drawbacks to both sides. It just wasn’t an option to drive with eyes and ears on us. As a snowy owl—yes, snowy no matter who called us snow owls—we could blend in with other animals and were harder to track.


But that didn’t make flying all the way to Louisiana any easier, and with the importance of my mission, I was scared to take many breaks or for too long. I did my best to try and take in the scenery as it raced by, but mostly it was blurry and just depressed me. There was a very good, very dangerous, reason I had to fly so fast. Gods, I was ready to take a three day nap when I recognized the outlying of New Orleans.

Director Woodrow had shown me a map of Prince Folkvar’s compound so I could easily pick out his balcony. Rude? Yes, but now wasn’t the time to jump through the normal hoops and risk the answer being, he’s in a meeting.

When I landed on the ledge of his private terrace, I realized that was exactly what he was in.

“Yes, my Prince!” the gorgeous woman his cock was meeting in exclaimed. “Being with you is always so wondrous. The gifts the gods bestowed upon you are infinite.”

I wanted to roll my eyes at the dialogue. I saw every detail as an owl, though, and realized it was quite the performance on her part. When the Prince went to kiss her quiet, she pushed up her tits as an offering.

“Please, my Prince. I know how you love to feast on them and bring us both pleasure.”

The man growled and attacked them. It wasn’t seeing him take care of breasts that had me shivering—it was the growl.

I studied the Prince from behind, getting lost in the movements of his strong body. The muscles in his marble-hard back moved fluidly and drew attention to his athletic body. Swimmer-like, lean shoulders showed every flex and release of the power under his skin. I caught glimpses of his elegant neck as his longer blond hair with orange lowlights shifted with his exertion.

Not orange with blond highlights. No, that would be too common for a man this gorgeous. He was mostly blond with very natural orange lowlights that made his hair almost seem like fire as the light danced off it.

I moved lower, checking out his trim hips, strong legs, but still lean, sleek thighs. Damn, he had a well-formed body.

I wanted him. I wanted him bad.

Unfortunately it seemed he was very straight. Yeah, his cock was deep in pussy. Screamed straight, didn’t it?

He was such a contrast to his room that, if I hadn’t seen a map of the compound, I wouldn’t ever have guessed it to be his. The colors were bland, no life in them. But the Prince? Passionate, full of color and life. It practically resonated from him along with his power.

His thrusts started becoming erratic, and the woman bellowed out porn-worthy cries as she faked her orgasm. That or there was something wrong with her because I didn’t think that was how women really sounded when they climaxed.

The Prince snarled as he pumped into her a few more times before lowering her legs. “Thank you, Madeline. That was wonderful.”

“Always, my Prince. I pray to the gods that this time I will conceive with their blessing.”

He nodded, but I saw it, that slight tension in his shoulders. Interesting. He pulled out of her and sat back on his feet, reaching for her.

“Oh, you do not have to tend to me, my Prince,” she quickly rambled as if he weren’t trying to kiss her but check on her. Daft woman. Nice try, but only an idiot wouldn’t catch she didn’t want him but only the prestige of bearing his child. “I will leave you to your busy day.”

“Yes, thank you.” He watched her throw on a robe and hurry out the door, sighing when she was gone. “Did you enjoy the show, owl?”

Busted! I jumped down from the ledge, shifting as I did, and picked up the USB drive. “I apologize for interrupting such a private moment, Prince Folkvar, but this is of the upmost importance.”

“You know it’s a death sentence to interrupt The Rite of Lineage,” he hissed quietly as he looked at me over his shoulder. I was struck stupid for a moment, locking gazes with the most magnificent lime green cat-like eyes I’d ever seen that could still

pass as human. “It’s the week of a decade cycle where I bed all willing single felines in the hopes of making heirs. It’s how a king has consorts and children of all lines without influence of outside pressures.”

“No, I didn’t know that, your grace.” I dropped to my knee once I was in the room with him, making sure to close the balcony door so we weren’t overheard. “I beg your forgiveness. The owls were sent out with information of a situation that is detrimental to all the races. My director was very specific that you were one of the highest priorities. I was sent to make sure you, and you alone, received the information and to protect you until we can get you to safety.”

“Well that’s one I didn’t expect when you said it was important. I mean, it’s always important,” he muttered as he rolled out of bed. I watched as he went over to the dresser and cleaned his groin off with what looked like ceremonial towels and water from a basin that had a royal-looking crest. I licked my lips as his cock started to get hard from the attention. “What flock are you from?”

He had a delicate nose, a sexy contrast to his defined chest, washboard abs. Right, pay attention, Hadley. “Dayton, your grace.” He motioned for me to stand as he finished and set the towel down. I did and extended my hand with the USB drive.

“You’ve flown a very long way then,” he surmised as he studied me closely. He gestured to sideboard where there was a full bar and stocked refreshments. I nodded that I would accept the offer—after he took the drive. “All right, you have proof, now what’s the deal? If it’s as important as you say, I don’t want to find out the punch line after filtering through file after file.” He’d taken the USB drive though, and I watched as he walked over to his desk.

He was very much a feline. It was obvious from the way he walked on the balls of his feet. Not that pompous, bouncy way some gay men or women did as if showing off their assets. No, it was

ingrained in him as if always ready for whatever and able to land on his feet no matter what life threw at him.

I honestly wished I could have that talent. I always seemed to land on my ass… Or my head. Or both when my head was up my ass.

I quickly told everything I knew in between chugging two bottles of water. After the first few sips, I saw him reach out for the closest chair and guide himself into it since his legs were shaky.

Yeah, that was kind of how everyone reacted to finding out our way of life was ending and every human government was plotting to exterminate us. Understandable?

Oh yeah.

“And our glorious PP? What are those bastards doing about this?” he inquired after a few minutes of silence when I was done. I watched his slender fingers move over the muscles in his thighs as he tried to rub the sweat off his hands. “My asshole father most of all?”

“They are in on it, your grace,” I mumbled, waiting for the messenger to get killed. So color me confused when he threw back his head and let out an angry bark of laughter.

“Of course those sons of bitches are. They’d trample cubs to save their asses.” He got himself back to his cool composure before meeting my eyes. “My people are in your debt, owl.”

“Hadley, your grace. Hadley Burgess.” Now my hands were sweating.

He nodded and shot me a covert glance from under his hair. “Fitting. Very fitting.” A thrill went through me. Maybe he was bi? “How much do you know about the royal rules of felines, Hadley?”

“To be honest, not much, your grace.” I realized then how bizarre it was that we were still naked for the duration of this conversation. He hadn’t gotten dressed or offered me clothes. I licked my lips at the flashes of ideas that fact gave me.

Odd much? And how much longer did I have to keep calling him your grace every time I talked? Was there a limit? After five times I could be normal?

“Any member of the paranormal community who aids the feline races is allowed to ask the ruling or heir feline any favor or have any request granted to them in line with the amount of aid. Your director would have known this, sending you on a long journey with such extreme news. Thus I would allow you any favor without question.”

I swallowed loudly as my eyes raked over his body as if having a mind of their own. “I see.”

“Do you? Do you really?” He got to his feet and moved closer in that graceful way that made my blood boil. I shrugged. I understood the concept but there was a specific point he was making and that I didn’t. “You could ask for my head on a plate or my first born and I could not deny you, Hadley. So I have to ask myself, why did your director send you?”

“Your grace?” I whispered as he moved around me, stalking me like a predator feline. I finally got a good whiff now that I wasn’t distracted from the sex scent of early. Lynx.


“Did your director send you with a specific request of me? Is that why? Would you ask for something on his behalf and not for yourself?”

That raised my hackles a bit. “Director Woodrow was concerned for the felines and the chaos that would ensue if they lost their leader. That’s all, I assure you. He’s a great, moral leader.”

“I have always known him to be so, but you have to understand the position I’m in and—wait, leader? I’m next in line.” He grabbed my arm and spun me to face him, our bodies barely a breath apart.

“We know the PP to be traitors, Prince Folkvar,” I murmured, trying to swallow my lust and focus. “You will be ruling soon if not already. I’m sorry.”

He searched my eyes, then sighed, his shoulders moving as if accepting a heavy weight. “I’m not, only because my father is a horrid man. I never really wanted to take over but I hated him being in charge. My taking over is better for my people. That doesn’t make it any easier of a burden, and with the days to come, that’s not exactly how I wanted to start my rule.”

“I understand.” I lifted my hand to comfort him and then dropped it. “Directors Woodrow and Fabian have the utmost faith you’re the man for the job though.”

“Thank you. That means a lot from two noble leaders.” He gave me that piercing stare again and then tilted his head. “What will you ask of me then, Hadley? If not on behalf of your director, he chose you for a reason. Are you noble as well? Selfless? Why would he allow you such a gift?”

I shook my head for a moment, not sure, and then flinched. Slowly I met the Prince’s gaze and felt my heart flutter.

Control. I never had control of any situation, always thrown into something of not my making or trampled by others. Director Woodrow was giving me the chance to have complete control of a situation for once.

I licked my dry lips and went with a different answer. “I’m one of our best flyers and he knew I could protect you until we got you to safety. He asked that we not tell you where until we know we can trust all your people and they’re not loyal to your father.”

He stared past me and gave a barely perceivable nod. “I would agree to that mostly because my father has his claws everywhere. They won’t believe that he was complicit in something so foul until they hear it from multiple sources. But we will be taking all of them.”

“Agreed.” I was so lost in his eyes that I didn’t realize he’d asked me something until he had to repeat it.

“So what is the request you will ask of me?”

 “You,” I breathed. His eyes flashed desire and that was all the cue I needed to give him the full court press. I moved my hand to his hip and trailed it around to his back as I circled him, turning the tables so he was the prey. “I want you, your grace.”

“And what would you want me for?” I heard the speed of his heartbeat increase and smiled widely as I leaned down and smelled his neck.

“Have you ever been with a man, your grace?”

“Torrance. I think if you’re talking about forming a sexual relationship, you can use my first name, don’t you?” His voice cracked as his muscles quivered under my touch.

“Yes, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“No, no, I haven’t.” He shivered as my fingers traced the line between his ass cheeks. Gods, I so wanted to see his tight pink hole. Plunder it.

“Ever wanted to? And remember I can tell if you’re lying.”

“I would never lie over something that there is no need to.” He jumped slightly as my other hand moved to trace his hip bone and then leaned into it. Oh, he liked all right. “I’ve looked a few times and wondered, but no, never wanted to make that leap.”

I glanced over his shoulder and couldn’t help but smirk at what I saw. “It seems you do now, that magnificent cock standing proud and leaking from a few simple touches, Torrance.”

“It would seem so.” He cleared his throat and ducked his head, hiding behind his hair.

“Is that why you didn’t dress or offer me clothes? You liked looking at me naked and the way I stare at you?” He nodded and I yanked him against me. “You want me.”

“There has never been a gay leader of the felines, and with the chaos coming, now is not the time to make that change,” he hedged.

“I would never ask you to mate because you owe me a favor,” I growled, pushing him away.

 “Then what are you asking of me?” He spun around and moved his hands to his hips as he shook his head. “Forgive me if I’m handling this badly but this is a new one for me. You just told me the end of days is coming. My father is a traitor. He’s to be killed for his crimes and I’m about to be King.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” I pulled him into my arms and offered the comfort I wanted to give earlier. He accepted it, his arms moving around my waist. “You rob me of all my normal sense.” And for the record, I was very aware of his hard body against mine—and even harder cock.

“Thank you but you did not answer the question. What are you asking of me, Hadley?”

I mulled it over a few minutes, trying to figure out what was the line not to cross. I mean, he was offering me anything I wanted. He sighed and it wasn’t a happy one before moving out of my arms.

“This is not the time to play games and—”

“You are mine and mine alone for anything and everything I want of you while I’m here and until we reach the stronghold,” I blurted before I could truly formulate a plan. I saw the sliver of fear in his eyes and amended that. “Just not publically. I am to be your guard and at your side, taking your orders as one, but the moment we are alone you will obey my every command. You will not bed another either.”

“But the cycle—”

“You really think trying to make an heir now is the best idea?” I fumed, the idea of him fucking all the willing women he could pissed me off beyond words.

“No. No, it’s not,” he conceded with a sigh. He bit the inside of his mouth before answering, as if thinking all options over. “As you wish, Hadley of the Dayton flock. Your request is granted as the royal heir of the felines.”

I would have been excited—except he wasn’t looking at me when he said it. He was staring at his feet and his cock had wilted.

I practically choked on his lack of interest. “No. Forget it. I can’t do this if you’re not remotely into it. I thought there was something here, and with everything going on, there was no way you’d take the chance. I wouldn’t force this on you no matter what your honor requires.” I let out a growl as I spun away and fisted my hair. “I thought maybe Director Woodrow gave me this gift because he saw something.

“He gets glimpses sometimes when he’s shifting, an inkling of what should come next. It’s a gift very old owls can have if they’re true of heart because we really do see everything. For once I thought maybe someone saw I needed not to be in a situation where I’m the abandoned boat getting crashed against the rocks but the captain driving anything for once in my life. I mean my whole life has been Hadley caught in any hurricane people throw me in.

“And then he tasks me with this, knowing I’m one of our strongest owls, ex-human military so I would have the knowledge and strength to protect you, fly to you the fastest. He sees all and knows how alone I’ve been, scared to engage with anyone else who could hurt me, toss me into another situation I had no control over. And then he plops me here where I can have all the control I want with my perfect fantasy of a man.

“Why? By the gods, why, if you weren’t going to be willing? What did he want me to ask for or do here?” My chest was heaving at the end of my rant. It was all so overwhelming with the fate before us, humans knowing us, and our leadership being taken over.


I jumped when a soft touch on my forearm pulled me from my musings. “You’re going to pull out your gorgeous brown hair, Hadley,” Torrance murmured. I let go and saw strands of it fall to the floor. Good call. He moved in front of me and I met his assessing stare. “I never said I was unwilling. It’s simply new to me

and who wouldn’t be worried to give up that type of control to a stranger. But now I see the type of man you are and you won’t abuse the situation—or me.”

“So you don’t begrudgingly agree to my request?” I held my breath as I waited for his answer.

Thick desire filled his eyes as his cock stood proud. He opened his mouth and then closed it before simply shaking his head. “I think your director understood the situation better than you or I could fully comprehend. The end of our way of life is upon us. I’m about to take over rule of my people. If there is ever a time I would need the help of distractions and to give up control when I am taking on so much, it is now.”

And just like that it hit me. He wanted this desperately. He was scared about becoming King and making the right decisions for his people, and if he could let someone else handle his personal pleasure when he would need the stress relief most, he was good with that. Eager at the adventure, even being with a man for the first time.

I licked my lips and bit back a feral smile. “I would want a sample before I officially agree this is my request, Torrance.”

“What do you mean?” he whispered as he stared up at me from under his lashes. His chest was heaving, and I decided it was desire and not fear. His eyes showed no signs there was anything negative going on in his mind.

I pretended to study him, as if unsure this would work, but that was all part of the game. “Can a King really submit to me and take my commands when we’re alone? Maybe you can’t and I’m asking for something you simply aren’t able to give.”

He flinched, tension filling his shoulders. “I always keep my word.”

“Prove it.” I rubbed his shoulders, taking note of the way they instantly relaxed.


 “Get on your knees.” I winked at him and licked my lips. “You’re about to give your first blow job.”