Whirlwind Revolution: Shifting Reality #2

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To Save Many, One Must Be Grounded

The Paranormal Parliament knew the humans were out to get every last paranormal on the planet. How do they even begin to fight a conspiracy like that when their own leaders betrayed them?

A really good backup plan, owls flying all over the world to distribute the proof of the war to come.

Hadley Burgess has survived too much in life, including being beaten by his fellow US Air Force officers he thought his friends. Once again thrown in a situation not of his making, Hadley longs for the one thing he never seems to have in his life… Control. Entrusted with an important mission by his director, he leaves behind his flock to help save the feline Prince.

First in line to the throne, lynx Torrance Folkvar must come to terms with the news that Hadley gave him. Tired of being nothing but in charge and looking at even more responsibilities, he sees Hadley as a reason to try and let go for the first time in his life.

Working with different groups of shifters, will they be able to save thousands from the genocide, or will they all succumb to the changing winds?

Whirlwind Revolution, the new reality of the the paranormal work is dawning. Getting the word out to their fellow paranormals of what has occurred and what they are planning to do to save themselves.


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©2014 Release date: 2/27/2014
Erotic Romance, Shifters, Supernatural Drama, Apocalyptic, M/M, Gay Romance, Mystery, Conspiracy, Military