The Coming Storm: Shifting Reality #1

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Pack The Maps, Snacks, and Guns…

The youngest and one of the smallest of his malamute siblings, Chicago Niska is a computer genius with a knack for getting his virtual fingers into any system he wants. While trying to finagle his way out of one tricky situation he and his family are already in by getting information their leaders want, he stumbles across something that will bring the country, if not the world, to a crashing end.

Now if they can just get what he found to the right people without getting killed in the process.

On the run across the country to the Paranormal Parliament in the hopes of helping all supernatural kind, he and his older brothers don’t have many options for refuge when every law enforcement agency is after them. There’s only one group in the area that has the power and protection they need to shake the heat… And it’s the one place where there seems to be a great deal of history between two of his brothers and the one vouching for them.

But is the price for the help they need more than they’re willing to pay?

Family always comes first to Chicago, so he makes a deal with the devil, and a few vampires on the side, to get the help they need to survive the mission ahead. And after a night of passion and a fantasy come true, Chicago has allies he never dreamed of—one even willing to risk his life, joining their mission to spark a relationship with Chicago. There’s not time for love when you’re trying to save the world though… Is there?

Things never go as planned, and instead of finding the man of his dreams, Chicago realizes he might end up with a broken heart at the end of the journey. It seems silly to worry about that though when millions of lives are at stake if they don’t get the information he found to the right people. Funny how Chicago can’t seem to focus on much else given it’s his first love and his family will probably live with Aurelo’s coven… If they’re still alive by the time they reach their leaders.

This series as a whole is hot, interesting, and enthralling. I love the whole concept of the paranormal community gathering up and fight for each other and not against each other.

Book 1, The Coming Storm, is a wonderful introduction setting up the beginning premise, as the title suggests. But the great thing about this particular book, is that as a book it is complete. You get a really touching story while still setting up the for the other books to come!

I highly recommend this book. Definitely earns 5 Hearts.

Actually the Series itself earns 5 Hearts.


SiK Reviews

Flynn Eire’s first Paranormal/Vampires book in the Shifting Reality Series……The Coming Storm!

I have to mention this beautiful hot cover as I am a visual person and this great cover really attracts and pulls in the reader to The Coming Storm. I liked this first book in Flynn’s new darker series and filled with betrayal and the possible end of the paranormal species. I loved the sex scenes as they were so hot and steamy and written in such a detailed way that I found myself wanting more and more of it. The way the MC was desired sexually by so many men and at times more than one at a time as that is my kind of sexy story. I enjoyed reading from the characters POV as the author kept it moving fast and on point through out the story. It was fun to read this fast paced story of the characters on the run and trying to beat the clock type of book. What I thought was very realistic and some people might have issues with Chicago liking one guy and wanting the sexual attraction from other men but it’s a true depiction of the lifestyle and he is young and coming into his own sexual freedom. This novel The Coming Storm by Flynn Eire is for anyone who likes to read about paranormal, cute guys, betrayal, love, drama, intrigue and the chase to solve the world!


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Erotic Romance, shapeshifter, vampire, M/M, apocalyptic, mystery, journey