Misery Hailing Down: Shifting Reality #4

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Doing The Right Thing Has A Steep Price

Trying to recover from events during the evacuation to the stronghold, Konrad Floriano, Royal Guard trainee and reluctant play toy, is just getting his life back on track. Loyal and dedicated to his King and people, when the unspeakable is desired of him, he sacrifices himself for the good of all.

Aristotle Royal, eldest of the belis, chooses Konrad—the sexy, bright-eyed feline—as the stronghold’s offering for their services. Trapped by tradition, need, and rules, it’s not how he wishes to meet someone so special.

Used to only being wanted for his body, Konrad is shocked when this time it garners him respect and even gives him a chance to grow in his role among the felines, from protector to diplomat.

But when the six Royal brothers find out they were called upon for a different reason than they understood, the stakes raise while fears grip the stronghold.

Betrayal, mystery, and the desire to belong continue to throw obstacle after obstacle in Konrad and Aristotle’s way. Will they be able to find their connection, their place with each other, or will misery continue to hail down?

From the start of this series, Konrad was such a wonderfully tragic character and I was very excited to learn that this was his story! His need to find love after the horrible treatment he received from his family to understandable. He was satisfied when he started a relationship with Olave, a horse shifter, until Olave almost killed him in a crazy act of violence. It was unbelievable how everyone assumed it was his fault, even his own King. The ultimate kick in the gut was when Garnet, his own brother, acted as if he should have been culled at birth. Things began to turn around when Frost Giants arrived at the stronghold choosing Konrad as their sacrifice. The attraction between Konrad and Ar, one of the giants, was a pleasant surprise to Konrad when he was used to only being used by others. Both Ari and Konrad have their own issues that make it difficult for them to believe in their feelings for each other and time could be running out! The struggle between the different paranormal species in the stronghold comes a close second to the one against the humans as they ready themselves for the fight of their lives; if they can overcome petty differences. The war is about to begin and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!


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©2014 Release date: 4/24/2014
Erotic Romance, Shifters, Supernatural Drama, Apocalyptic, M/M, Gay Romance, Norse Mythology