Shifters For Sale Preview


“Your ass is fantastic and so damn tight,” the guy groaned as he pounded into my body. “Thank god you were wearing the gold mask and not the black one.” A gold mask meant that the slave was willing to be with men, the black—woman. And all the people here sampling the slaves to see who they might end up buying were wearing white masks.

“Thank you, sir,” I purred as I rolled my eyes, glad we weren’t in a room with mirrors so he couldn’t see me. “You know just how to use that cock to bring me pleasure.” It wasn’t really true but since he was only about four inches, hard, it was the best lie I could come up with. If I told someone who had a small dick that they filled me so well, they tended to get pissed off, thinking I was making fun of them.

“You whores say that to everyone,” he snickered and dug his fingers in my hips harder. “I bet you shifters don’t even know what the truth is anymore versus the lies you tell humans.”

“Not lying,” I grunted. He was slamming me hard against the desk I was bent over. The man moaned loudly and came in my ass, not caring if I found my orgasm. None of them did.

“That was hot. Thanks, I needed that.” He pulled out of me and I was used to the lame lines when they were done using me so I’d learned long since to control my reactions. I gave him a shy smile, as if honored he would thank me as opposed to not even speaking to me because I was just a thing to most humans.

“Does that mean you’ll be purchasing me tonight?” I asked with a sultry tone as I cleaned up with the Wet Ones that were left in the rooms. The idea of being bound to this guy made my stomach turn, but it was better than dealing with guys like this all the time and many of them at the brothel.

“I wish!” he snorted and tucked himself back into his slacks now that he’d wiped off his soft, tiny cock as well. I, on the other hand, got to stay naked because that was the dress code for the slaves—well, besides the masks and shock collars that could kill us if we tried to shift. Those were always in style of course. Insert sarcasm.

“Do you not have the money?” I hedged. “Our prices are negotiable.”

I realized my mistake when I saw his nostrils flare with rage. “How dare you insult me like that! You’re lucky I don’t take the insult out on your flesh.”

Now I was really glad he wasn’t buying me. I would never survive with someone who let their anger issues control them. He backhanded me, and I instantly tasted blood in my mouth. I moved away and slicked myself up before sticking back in the butt plug we were required to wear for easy access.

“I have boatloads of money. My father brought me here tonight to find a side cat. He says that a man who has a woman on the side is much nicer to his wife. He’d shit bricks if he knew my marriage sucks because I’m into men. Hell, he’d probably kill you for having been with me just in case you could ever tell someone.”

“I don’t know your name or who you are.” I swallowed loudly and moved closer to the door. Great. The psycho guy came from a psycho family. And I was in a room alone with him. Fabulous! “It’s best we rejoin the party then so he doesn’t come looking for you.”

“Right you are. I’ll leave now and you wait a few minutes.” I nodded and he slapped my ass before slipping out the door.

“What a fucktard,” I whispered to an empty room. I took several deep breaths, trying to get my composure back. It was always hard to hear that someone who just fucked me had a father who would have no qualms over killing me. Not that I’d had that one before.

I didn’t wait a few minutes, just until I figured dumb and playing straight was gone so I could get lost in the crowd. It worked because no one was chasing me down or shouting that I’d slept with their son.

Heading over to the table of hors d’oeuvres I popped a few in my mouth and then a few cheese cubes. And then a few more along with some fresh fruit. We didn’t get food like this in the brothel. It was sad that I knew most of the slaves here were more excited about the croissant wrapped weenies than anything else in our pathetic lives. But when people had no choices and spent their time on this earth being used, the little things were all that kept us going.

Glancing around the ballroom, I sighed. How had the world gotten so fucked up? How had humans enslaved us? Most of the time they were too busy thinking with their libidos from what I’d seen. We were stronger, more powerful, faster, healed quickly, and could hear most threats coming a mile away. But it all had gone down before I was even born. I wish I could go around the world and bitch slap every shifter that had been alive then for being stupid and screwing over those of us who were born after.

In the 1970s paranormals were found out. There were different stories on how it happened, but no one seemed to know the truth. At first, the humans were accepting, wanting us to feel that we were still exactly who we were before we told them what we could do… Then it all changed overnight. They had been smart, getting everyone to register like they would have to vote and finding out exactly what everyone was.

Most thought that the governments had known long before we were ever technically found out since they had handled the news so well. So people weren’t scared.

And that was the first mistake.

Then they started rounding all the paranormals up like cattle in the middle of the night. There wasn’t even a war, simply confusion and government facilities after it started. The human governments then decided what to use us for. Cat shifters, being incredibly flexible and with high sex drives were thrown into brothels run by the government to subsidize taxes. It was as efficiently run as if it was the Post Office and simply a business.

Because we weren’t human, we didn’t deserve the same rights as them or a say. The only way to get out of the brothels was to die or to have a private citizen buy us. Hence the lavish masquerade balls that were thrown in the bigger cities every few months.

The guests had to buy a thousand dollar ticket just to be allowed through the doors. But then they got to drink, eat, and fuck as many of us as they liked as they “sampled” the higher quality slaves to see if there were any they wanted to buy. It was a chance for us to have a home though instead of room in the brothel and something every slave dreamed of. One person to satisfy as opposed to anyone who came into the brothels to do to us whatever they wanted.

“I wonder what else that mouth of yours can do?” a deep voice asked me as he ran his hands over my naked back and ass.

“Would you like to find out firsthand, sir?” I offered with a purr.

“I would.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me along until we were in a deserted hallway. “Get on your knees. I love nothing more than a good cocksucker.”

I immediately did as he wanted, opening up for him when he unzipped his slacks. He shoved it past my lips and grabbed my hair before fucking my mouth with zeal. It was almost amusing that he was a three-pump chump and seconds later he was coming down my throat.

The noises he made were comical. He sounded like he was pushing a baby out his ass instead of experiencing a climax. Well, at least that was what women sounded like when they went into labor on TV.

“For a whore, you should be better at drawing out the experience,” he grumbled as he pulled out and zipped back up.

“I apologize, sir.” I made sure my tone reflected it instead of the annoyance I really felt as I even dipped my head. How was it my fault he couldn’t hold his load? “I thought you wanted a quick get off. I was doing my best to find you a quicker release than I’m sure your norm is.”

“Whatever.” He spun on his heel and stormed away, leaving me there kneeling on the hard marble floor, wanting. Just once I wanted someone to give a shit if I got off.

I got to my feet and headed back to the food. The night wasn’t getting any better and obviously no one was going to buy me so I might as well get my fill of the rich foods. I was bold and even snagged a cocktail before finding one of the tables in the corner of the room with desserts and essentially hiding.

“So good,” I moaned as I chewed on a bite-sized cheesecake. Then I grabbed a brownie. Chocolate was rare to get our hands on and I loved it. I whimpered as I ate it, knowing it would be a while before I ever had anything this tasty.

“The way you eat food is almost orgasmic,” a deep voice said from behind me. Hell, he basically rumbled and I felt myself shiver. “I’m hard just from watching you eat and seeing your tight little ass.”

“I’m glad I please you, sir.” I wanted to sigh and bang my head against the wall. Guess I wasn’t going to get the chance to stuff my face after all. I was going to be stuffed soon instead.

“Are you really or are you bemoaning the loss of your sweets?” he chuckled and I practically felt it vibrating in my chest.

I turned to face him, almost gasping at how gorgeous he was. We didn’t get many of those. I mean, why would someone hot have to pay for it? He had shorter, stylish blond hair and the most piercing blue eyes behind his mask. I licked my lips as I eyed over how he filled out that tux. Very nice! He had to be about six-five of complete hotness.

“I never want to displease anyone, sir. But you have to know that slaves don’t get treats like this, so yes, I wanted to get my fill.”

“My slaves do,” he whispered in a husky voice. He stepped closer and took my free hand, raising it to his lips and licking off the remnants of the brownie on my fingers. “I treat my slaves well since they bring me pleasure. I give them the freedom of my estate, the chance to educate themselves, and I even ask if they’re in the mood before being intimate with them.”

“Sounds nice. No one ever cares about me.” I heard the wistful tone in my voice, but I couldn’t help it. What he said was the ultimate dream for any slave. “If you have slaves, then might I ask why you are looking for another one, sir?”

“They seem to have grown disinterested in me after being with me for years.” I was shocked he was being so honest with me. He let me go and stepped away for a moment before pulling over a chair right to the table and sitting down. Then he gestured to his lap. “Won’t you join me?”

“Thank you,” I purred. We weren’t allowed to sit unless someone with a white mask told us we could so I’d been on my feet, knees, or bent over something for hours now. I sat my smaller five-eight frame on his firm lap with a delighted sigh. The height difference wasn’t so bad when I sat down but all I wanted to do was curl against his chest, purr, and eat yummy treats.

What was wrong with me? I never reacted like this to men who wanted to fuck me and use my body, not caring about me as a person.

“May I tend to that while you keep eating?” he asked, gesturing to my cock. I nodded with my mouth hanging open, completely speechless. “How about another brownie?”

“Yes, please,” I whimpered. I snagged one up and took a bite, moaning at how rich it was. Then I gasped as he wrapped his hand around my cock and started leisurely stroking me. I gently rocked my hips as I ate, never having been so spoiled in my life. I reached over and selected another one, holding it up for him. “Would you like some, sir?”

“Yes, yes, I would.” His voice had gone even deeper, not that I thought that had been possible.

He grabbed my head and yanked me down to him, plundering my mouth. I moaned and dropped the brownie before wrapping my arms around his neck and submitting to him. Most didn’t ever kiss slaves, so I’d had only a few experiences and never like this. I guess he liked the taste of brownie on me because he kept kissing me until my lungs burned from needing more air.

The mystery man who kissed like a god, turned me so I straddled his lap as he kept stroking me. “Lean back and put your hands on my knees. I want to see every inch of you as I make you come.”

“Yes, sir,” I moaned loudly, doing what he asked.

“Are you always this vocal?”

“Yes, when I’m really into it. I’m trying to be quiet now because we get in trouble if we cause a scene.”

He clucked his tongue in his cheek and shook his head. “That’s a shame. But if I keep you I want you as loud as can be always.”

“Anything you want, sir,” I whimpered.

“Right answer.” He wiggled the plug in my ass as I bit my lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. “Come for your master.”

My eyes went wide right before my body listened to him. I threw back my head and let go. I felt warm spunk land on my abs as I rode the bliss and thrust into his hand.

“Stunning, simply stunning,” he cooed. When I was spent I sagged a bit, blinking my eyes open again as I focused on him. “You really needed that, didn’t you, baby?”

“Yes, I did,” I panted as I stared at him. I had this strange urge to curl up against him and do as he wanted for the rest of my life. “Will you sample me, sir? Will you keep me?”

“I think I will,” he chuckled, holding out another brownie for me. I opened for him, taking my time to lick the frosting off his fingers. “Behave.”

“Yes, sir.” He was confusing me and my expression must have shown it.

“I know you have to clean up in between people, but I find I don’t want another man on your skin, having touched you, when I take you the first time.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” I blurted then shut my mouth when he frowned, troubled by what I’d admitted.

“You need to clean this up, slave,” growled one of the workers from the brothel as he stormed over to us and pointed to the ground. I looked at him like he was nuts a moment before glancing down. Oh right, I dropped the brownie. I gave my mystery hottie a sad smile and slid off his lap.

“Sorry about that,” I mumbled as I went for a napkin.

“I didn’t say you could use a napkin!” he screeched as if I was grabbing the Queen of England’s ass and not a fucking napkin.

“What would you like me to use then?” I was giving him attitude which was stupid, but I was tired, spent from the orgasm, and scared the guy wouldn’t take me home. I wanted him to keep me.

I grunted as I was slapped across the face. “Don’t be disrespectful. You know you are to refer to your superiors as sir.”

“Fine, sir,” I bit out between clenched teeth. “What would you like me to clean it up with, sir? And why does everyone keep hitting me tonight, sir?”

“Lick it off the floor,” he answered with a smirk. “And everyone’s probably hitting you because you need to learn some manners.”

“And licking a brownie off the marble floor and humiliating him will teach him that?” the mystery man growled behind me. I glanced over my shoulder at him, my eyes going wide. He was pissed! He was pissed off on my behalf. Who was this guy? I figured he had bailed when the drama started.

“Who the fuck are you to chastise me about how I do things with these slaves?”

“Someone who’s a personal friend of the governor and would have great fun telling him exactly what your idea of authority is. Now I suggest you go look up my guest number and then come grovel when you realize the damage you’ve done.” He handed the guy from the brothel his guest card, with his number on it, and dismissed him with a wave.

The guy and I just stood there for a moment in shock before he went back towards where the office was. I just kept staring at tall, gorgeous, and sweet, wondering if he was Batman or something. Then I yelped when he sat back down and tugged on my arm, pulling me onto his lap.

“I’m sorry for that,” he murmured gently as he cupped my cheek. “I know we can’t trade names until I sign the contract for you but I’d like you to tell me about yourself.”

“What would you like to know? I’m an open book to you, sir.” And for once, I really meant that.

“What type of shifter are you?” He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped up the cooling cum on my stomach and his hand.

“Tiger, Bengal tiger.” He raised an eyebrow as he fed me a chocolate-covered strawberry and I knew that look. “I know I’m small for one, but I swear that’s what I am.”

“You really do like chocolate, don’t you, baby?” he chuckled as I moaned and ate what he offered. Then I was moaning for a completely different reason when he palmed my sac. He moved so my legs were spread wider. I was already sitting up straight and not resting on my hands because I had to stretch a bit to reach the food he was feeding me. The tasty chocolate and tantalizing touching was driving me wild and I think he was testing my flexibility.

What a combo! Sex and chocolate? I was in, or ready for Mr. Hotness to put something in me actually.

“I do,” I panted as I met his gaze. “And I love the way you’re taking care of me, sir.”

“What else should I know about you?” He cleared his throat and I felt his hard-on under my ass. I gave him a shy smile, a knowing smile that I hoped told him I was ready when he was.

“I like to read. Someone at the brothel taught me when I was a child before I was employed in an adult way. It’s hard to get my hands on a book, but when I do, it’s like giving me catnip and I’m so excited.” I thought about what else I should tell him, because sometimes the littlest thing, something trivial, turned people off.

“And if I told you I had a two level library in my home full of books what would you say?”

“That I’d give myself to you freely if I could,” I giggled and ate another strawberry. “You’re also the nicest person who’s ever wanted my ass.” His blue eyes darkened and I thought I went too far so I quickly tacked something on to my statement. “Sir. I meant to call you sir. Sorry.”

“I’m not a fan of being called sir or master,” he admitted with a shrug. “I’m just not happy that people are allowed to be treated as you have been simply because they’re different.” I bit my lip to keep quiet and quickly ate what he offered me next. “Out with it. I don’t like secrets.”

Wow, he really was observant. “If you don’t like how we’re treated and the system, then why buy slaves?”

“Because I can afford to give them a better home and life than the brothels do,” he answered, his tone shocked. “No one’s ever asked that of me before.” He seemed lost in thought then, all the while playing with my balls and the plug in my ass.

“I’m sorry I upset you,” I whispered when the minutes dragged on and he didn’t speak yet. “That wasn’t my intention, I swear.”

“I believe you, and I’m not, simply thinking.”

“About?” I asked, being bolder than I normally would.

“I’m wondering if maybe I failed the two puma shifters I bought years ago. We used to be like a family and I thought they loved me. Things have changed, and now I wonder if what I told you was the truth. Maybe I’ve not given them a better life than the brothels.”

“Just about anything is better than the brothels,” I assured him as I rubbed my hands over his massive chest in comfort. “I’m sure it’s not anything you’ve done. Even if you’re good to them, we’re still slaves and that’s depressing. We will never be free men and it wears on some. The suicide rate for cat shifters is higher than any other shifter in captivity because our pasts haunt us.”

“What do you know about this?” he asked gently, his eyes filling with tenderness. He rubbed his hands up my thighs in a gesture of comfort. But it had me slightly distracted because I really, really liked the way his hands felt on me.

“My mother,” I whispered. “She committed suicide after I was taken from her. She hated herself for bringing a child into the life she couldn’t get away from. I was given a note she left for me when I became of age where she begged my forgiveness at not being able to find a way to terminate me. She tried but was unsuccessful. The head of the brothel told me that’s why I was defective and small for a tiger. I don’t know if that’s true or not though.”

“I don’t want my darling pumas to hurt themselves,” he rasped, heartbroken at the possibility. “They won’t tell me what’s wrong though. Will you help me, baby? Will you promise to be honest with me always no matter if you think something will anger me? I assure you I won’t sell you back afterwards. I think you might be what our family needs.”

“I’ll help you,” I immediately agreed. He sighed and smiled at me as he kept groping me. “But you’ll still fuck me, right? I feel a huge cock under my ass and I want it really badly.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll fuck you as much as you want,” he growled and ogled my body like a predator. “Let’s sign your paperwork and get you home.”

“I’d like that.” I felt my cheeks heat up at the admission. The feelings swirling in my stomach were weird. It was like the man before me held so much promise for the future and my life it was almost as if I was about to jump off a cliff. Would I take a chance and jump to get away from the brothels?

Hell. Fucking. Yes.