Cost of Love: SeXlection #3

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What Are Morals Worth Over Love

Powerful attorney Craig Ross doesn’t believe in the enslavement of others, no matter their species of birth. Imagine his surprise when he looks into a pair of caramel eyes and realizes he’s drawn to a slave—someone he can’t have a future with. As far as Craig is concerned, Sage Massey is his ocelot. Regardless of how he was raised, Craig is willing to take the plunge and make a purchase he never wanted.

Sage Massey falls head over tail for Craig while helping out another ocelot. The sparks fly between the two until they are ready to take the next step forward. But roadblocks have a way of creating trouble. While trying to help others—human and shifter—Sage and Craig are forced to confess the secrets they’ve been keeping. Craig has to decide if blemishing his pristine reputation for one shifter is worth what’s coming down. Sage now has to step up and remove the veil that has been hiding who he truly is since his parents’ murder.

Sage and Craig find out that love doesn’t solve everything, and being from two different worlds, when one is a slave, means a high price for them to be together… But what will it cost them?

©2014 Release date: 8/28/2014