Recapturing the Illusion – Preview



“Jonah, tomorrow you’re going to have to come in early and—” my boss, Mr. Asshole, started to demand. Okay, that wasn’t really his name, but he was one.

And then I got to say what I’d been waiting for over six years to say to him, even cutting him off for once as he always did me whenever I opened my mouth. “No, I can’t, Mr. Hanover. Sorry, I start my vacation tomorrow, remember?”

“I didn’t approve any vacation,” he snapped, narrowing his eyes at me. “Who said you could take one?”

“Sir, I have the form you signed two months ago. It’s already been filed with HR.”

He waved me off as he would a fly, not even bothering to acknowledge his mistake. “Then you’ll just have to cancel. We’re at a critical juncture and I can’t afford to be without my assistant.”

If I didn’t have better control over my emotions, I would have rolled my eyes. When was something not critical with him? “Sir, I’ll lose the vacation time if I don’t take it. I can’t cancel it. I’ve already paid for my cruise, and it’s nonrefundable.”

“Then you’ll lose it,” he ground out. “I’ll reimburse you the money, but let this be a lesson to you, Jonah. If you take your career seriously, you can’t go making frivolous plans like this that aren’t refundable. I thought you had a better head on your shoulders than this and were dedicated.”

I bristled at the comment and found the backbone I didn’t think I’d been born with. “I am dedicated. I’m always here for you, Mr. Hanover. In six years I’ve taken one sick day when I was hospitalized for exhaustion. I’ve never had a vacation. The company’s been fined twice because of that. The CEO said I’ll lose my job if I don’t take the vacation this time. You were there for that meeting. Is that what you want? For me to get fired?

“Haven’t I always been a good, loyal employee? I come in early, stay late, and don’t always put down the hours. I never ask for credit or praise or anything extra. I never complain that I don’t get to ditch out early on Fridays like the other paralegals or that you constantly refer to me as your assistant or secretary instead of a certified paralegal. I took this job right out of college, got my certification, and have worked my butt off for you for six years and not one vacation.

“And now you’re asking me to risk my job, chastising me that I booked a nonrefundable cruise like I’m a flake. I deserve a break. You’ve had them. Everyone else in the company’s had them. Am I not worthy or deserving of some time to relax and recharge my batteries, some fun?”

My chest was heaving in the end as I realized I’d shoved all that I needed into my messenger bag and turned off my computer. Apparently I actually did need this vacation. Plus, I’d really been looking forward to it.

“Are you quitting, Jonah?” he asked, his voice cracking before he cleared it.

“No, Mr. Hanover.” I shook my head before meeting his gaze. He studied me curiously for a moment and then I decided to go for the truth. He had to have a heart, right? “I’m just realizing I really do need a break. I love my job, but you know this is a high stress industry. Lots of people burn out in corporate law in the first few years. I’ve made it past that and I want to continue, but I just need a few weeks rest. I want to have some fun and remember why I work so hard.

“Can I please just have that? Haven’t I earned that? I don’t want to get fired because the company got fined again and I need a break. Your temp is all set up for tomorrow and we got one from the good company so they should be more than sufficient for a few weeks.”

“They’ll never be you,” he grumbled and then seemed to catch himself, clearing his throat and smoothing out his tie before easily leaning against the wall of my cubicle. “Fine. You more than deserve a rest of course. It’s not that I don’t believe that. I don’t want you leaving thinking that, Jonah. It’s the opposite. You’re so essential that I’ve come to rely on you and I fear things will fall apart without you.”

I blinked up at him for a few moments, practically imitating a fish before I could find my voice, blurting out the only thought on my mind. “That’s the only nice thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“I can work on that if you promise to come back and not find other employment after you get a taste of what else is out there.” His eyes flashed something but only for a split second. A man who worked in corporate litigation for decades, at the top of his field in New York City no less, knew how to keep his face and reactions blank.

But then his words hit me. He was worried.

“That would be nice,” I admitted with a smile as I got to my feet.

“Why are you leaving now? It’s only five. We have hours left of work.”

“HR told me I was to leave on time tonight and start my vacation or I was in trouble,” I reminded him. “So I’m heading out to start my vacation.” I couldn’t even hold back my excitement then, practically vibrating.

“Where are you going?”

I flinched internally. The cruise itself was underground and secret. You had to get an invite and know someone to even be allowed on it. “The Spanish and Italian coasts.”

“A tan would look very nice on you.” He gave me a heated look and I felt my heart drop into my stomach. Now I needed to get out of there for a whole list of other reasons. “Come back, Jonah. Promise me you will. I’ll be better to you. I think I take things out on you that aren’t your fault. I’m sorry for that.”

“Like what?” I inquired before I could stop myself. Stupid mouth. I didn’t want to open that can of worms. Best to just leave that lid securely on.

“We’ll talk when you return. Come back,” he ordered.

“Of course.” I gave him a fake bright smile, saying goodbye as I slid past him. I had had every intention of returning… Until that conversation. Now I wasn’t so sure. I was completely unnerved by what just happened. He had hit on me, right?

It wasn’t that the man wasn’t attractive. And I didn’t really care that he was almost twenty years older than me or that this was the first sign in six years I’d ever seen or heard of that he was even remotely into men. I knew he was single and always had some big-breasted woman on his arm, but yeah, that could be for appearances. I got that, and while I didn’t want to be with someone in the closet, that wouldn’t have stopped me from getting involved with a man I wanted to be with.

Mr. Hanover was just a grade A asshole. Not only because he’d pretty much treated me like dirt for six years and there was no way I’d go there with him after that… He was a complete douche bag in every other facet of his life as well. I’d witnessed him not even blink an eye as he screwed people over six ways from Sunday in the name of the bottom line and winning a case.

It took the man six years to pay me a damn compliment.

I practically worked for Satan. I thought about all of this as I left, walked to the subway, and caught the right train home.

Did that make me Satan’s helper? Maybe it was time to find a better job then? Or law school? I’d saved enough that with student loans I could do it. Not Harvard, but I could go somewhere respectable. I just didn’t think I could be the person who stood up in court and people would ever actually take me seriously. I liked being the man behind the man.

That caused me to snort, ignoring the looks I got on the train. Actually, I loved being the man under the man. God, when was the last time I’d even gotten laid? It took me a few minutes thinking about it to remember. It had been that long. College.

Yeah, I was way overdue for a vacation. And what a first one I had planned. Simply thinking about it made my work worries slip away. I could think about all of that after I relaxed and got some perspective. All my problems would still be there when I got back. Now was me time.

Fifteen minutes later, when I got off the train and walked to my tiny apartment, I had a bounce in my step. I was pretty much packed and ready to go, even having gotten a nice bottle of wine to unwind tonight before I was “picked up”. That was part of the package deal… I didn’t have to worry about making travel arrangements. It was all taken care of.

Weird right?

I let myself into my place, glancing around and realizing I wouldn’t miss it while I was gone. I mean, who would long for a studio that was about the size of a grocery store Starbucks? It was as cluttered, not as warm feeling—because I was never there long enough to make it that way, and I couldn’t move two feet and not trip over something.

It did smell like coffee though.

The thought made me snicker as I set my travel mug I took to work every day in the sink. Actually, I should have the super look at the drain while I’m gone. It keeps backing up and Drano’s only working for a day now. He might do it if I wasn’t around. The man was such a homophobe that it made me sick and only replied to any calls made by women with large breasts.

But I wasn’t going to focus on anything negative tonight. No way. No how. Not when I was leaving for the trip of my life.

Walking back out of the kitchen—which only took two steps—I noticed I was almost out of coffee. Ooo, I could pick up real Italian coffee from one of the stops on the cruise! Or is that too weird? To go all that way and only get coffee? But I love the taste of it. Then again, it’s not like I have anyone to bring back gifts for besides Derek.

I didn’t have many friends and obviously with my job there wasn’t a free minute to even think about dating, but I had made a buddy down at the courthouse. He was one of the file clerks, and the first time I’d been sent to submit paperwork, I’d been horribly flabbergasted by everything and the enormity of the New York system.

Derek had taken pity on me, walking me through the process and hooking me up on the ins and outs of the system. We’d been besties ever since. And he hated my boss. Derek thought Mr. Hanover should be hung by his nuts and publicly flogged for being such an asshat. The idea had merit of course but that was another topic. Derek had tons of friends, and he always invited me out, though I normally turned him down.

Working all the time and not being very sociable will have that effect on a guy.

A few months ago, he took this vacation he was really secretive about and came back almost a changed man, a better version of him really. And since then, he had been pushing me to go too, but he wouldn’t ever tell me where. It started to annoy me. Until I got pulled into a meeting with HR and informed I had to take a vacation or I’d lose my job.


Three Months Ago


“So what’s the big emergency that I have to get my ass over to your place right after work, with wine and food and miss the club opening I was supposed to hit tonight?” Derek asked with raised brow when I opened the door for him. Then he waggled both at me. “Did you finally get laid and want to dish?”

“Um, no. Not sure that would qualify as an emergency.” I rolled my eyes as he came in, closing the door behind him.

“It would if you sucked and not just cock.”

“Bite me. From what I remember, I’m fabulous in bed.” That deserved a second eye roll. What a glowing review of myself. I’m sure Derek wouldn’t let that go either.

“It’s been long enough to forget the details, baby,” he purred, giving me big, innocent eyes. Bastard.

I ignored that and filled him in on what had happened at work as we made a carpet picnic, digging into the food and wine. Just as I was wrapping up, it was time for a second bottle and I jumped up to get it.

“Would you really take the vacation if I told you?” he asked quietly as he looked around my apartment suspiciously.

I wanted to pull on my hair. Why was this topic such a weird one for him? He always acted like this! “Yes! As long as it’s not Siberia and spanking camp, I’m probably in.”

“Okay, I just have to send a quick text that I’m bringing you in the loop,” he muttered as he quickly pulled out his phone and tapped away.

“Jesus, Derek. You’re not reading me in on a CIA briefing,” I hissed.

He slowly raised his head when he was done, his intense gaze making me flinch. “No, that’s child’s play next to this. Everything we thought was legend and myth is real, Jonah.”


“Are you going to argue with me or do you want to hear this?” he bitched. I snapped my mouth shut so fast I bit my tongue. Then I simply gave a half nod.

My best friend took a slow, shaky breath in and let it out before continuing. “They’re all real. I swear it. Vampires, elves, warlocks, werewolves, shape-shifters. Some of them own a cruise ship, and if you know the right people and are referred by one of the past clients, you can take one of the trips. And they’ll actually let you see into their world, experience it, be a part of it even. It was amazing, Jonah.

“I paid extra and did one of the fantasies. There was this guy, I swear, over eight feet tall. And I was Jack, he was the giant, and we role played different scenarios for days in between stops. Then on the last day of my fantasy part of the cruise, I actually admitted there was something I always wanted to do and they were great. They made it happen.”

I swallowed as I rubbed my sweaty palms against my jeans. My friend had cracked up somehow… And I’d not seen it. What did that say about me as a person? How could I be so selfish? Poor Derek!

“What was the fantasy?”

His cheeks turned bright red, the color going all the way down his neck and up to the tips of his ears. “You’re going to laugh.”

That’s the least of our worries here, dude. “No, I swear it.”

“To be surrounded by tits and pussy,” he muttered.

My mouth dropped open. He was one of the gayest men I’d ever known. Not flamboyant in any way, just, I never would have pictured him to be curious about the other side of the fence. “Did you like it?”

He did a double take and clutched his wine glass even tighter. “You’re not laughing.”

“No, we all have fantasies, Derek. I would never laugh at yours. It’s just out of left field to me. I’m glad you got yours though.”

“I did like it.” He smiled and his shoulders visibly relaxed. “I can’t say I see me going straight or even bi, but yeah, it was a trip. Something I’ll never forget.” He rambled on about everything he experienced, telling me more about the fantasy and the cruise in general.

“Good, good.” While he talked, my mind had been racing about how to handle this whole thing. “So did they give you any special drinks or anything on the cruise?”

He blinked at me a moment before narrowing his eyes. “I wasn’t drugged, Jonah. I was completely sober when my friend told me about them and that was months before I went. This is real.”

“There are people who’ve gone through mind control who don’t know it’s happened, Derek. The could have put that whole memory in your mind and—”

“Un-fucking-real! Can’t you just for once take a chance or step past what you think you know? There’s a whole world out there past your job and that firm!”

“I know that! Don’t you think I know that,” I shouted and then took a deep breath. This could be part of the mind job they did on him. I had to be patient with him. “Prove me wrong then. Get a brain scan or some tests done.”

“No, no, I can’t tell anyone. There are strict rules on that!” He looked panicked at the idea.

“Okay. I get it,” I lied. “I’m still hungry. You want a pizza?”

“That’s it? You’re just accepting it and getting pizza?”

“I trust you.” I shrugged and pulled out my phone. I hit three numbers and went to connect the call before my phone was ripped out of my hands.

“The police!” he shrieked. “You can’t call the police. They’ll lock me in a loony bin and the paranormals will be furious at me for telling you. I trusted you with this secret!”

“You need help, Derek,” I tried to reason with him.

“No, he doesn’t,” a deep voice assured me as he suddenly appeared, leaning against the wall of my apartment not three feet from where I was sitting.

I fainted.

There was no, I think I’m about to faint or the world’s getting fuzzy. I was just out. One moment, man appears. Next, I was waking back up from having fainted. Smooth, right? Yeah, sure, most people would have just taken that one in stride.

“There you are,” the man chuckled, mirth shining in his eyes. “Haven’t had a fainter quite like that in a while.”

“I won’t tell anyone, I swear,” I squeaked, realizing I was in his lap. “Don’t eat me.” That and I didn’t want Derek to get in trouble now that I knew he’d been telling the truth.

His eyes raked over my body, and he smiled—his very long fangs becoming visible. “Eat, no. But you do look quite tasty. I’m here on business but once that’s concluded I’d very much like a sip and a night of passion.” I blanched. I was ready to shit my pants, and he was flirting with me? “You can go, Derek. I’ve got it from here.”

I let out a whimper and glanced at my best friend. While I didn’t want him dying or anything… He dragged me into this mess. “No, don’t leave me.”

“You’re safe with Rohan. I swear it,” Derek assured me as he jumped to his feet and quickly collected his belongings. He paused when he got to the door, glancing back at me. “Say fuck it for once in your life, Jonah. Live a little. Let them give you what you’ve been missing out on. I promise you won’t regret it. What have you got to lose? You’re miserable and lonely. You think I don’t see it, that you hide it, but I do.

“Let them show you what else is out there so maybe you’ll break free of where you’re at which you think is all you deserve. You have so much potential and love to give. Stop letting everyone else tell you who you have to be and find out who you want to be.” And then he darted out the door before I could reply.

“He’s right,” Rohan agreed gently. “Take the leap, Jonah. We’ll catch you and keep things from going too far. That’s what we offer on the cruise. The chance to explore, try new things, and push limits with people who know how to keep you from falling over the edge.”

“How do I know that you’re—”

“What’s your biggest fantasy?”

“What?” I gasped, floored not only that he’d interrupt the important stuff like don’t eat me but also that he’d ask something so personal of someone he didn’t know.

“What is your biggest fantasy, little human?” he repeated as he leaned over and ran his nose along my neck. Then I felt scratching and knew it wasn’t his nails. I froze… And got hard. “So you do have an adventurous side. Good. We love people like that on the cruise. Let me tell you why this is perfect for you. From what I heard, you need to take a vacation because of work rules, right?”

“Yes,” I breathed, trying to ignore that I did like his fangs grazing my skin. How fucked up was that?

“Want to see Europe?” His hand moved to rub my hip until I relaxed again.

“Yes.” I might have admitted almost anything to him given my overcharged and aroused state.

“And you know Derek had the time of his life, came back safely, and wasn’t drugged now.”

“True,” I hedged, distracted by mulling over all of that almost more than being horny. He pulled back enough that I could meet his gaze.

“And let’s be honest. You’re dying to know more about paranormals and what we’re like, how we’re different, how you’ve not known about us all these years.” I nodded. Who wouldn’t be? He smiled, showing off his fangs again and I shivered. “God, you’re making it hard to focus. I want to see all this flawless skin.” His hand ran up my neck, thumb massaging my pulsing vein as it went, as his other paw cupped my ass. “Tell me your deepest fantasy, baby.”

My eyelids fluttered closed as his hands played my body. I didn’t even realize I was fessing up until I was almost done. “To be kidnapped by a bunch of hot, well-endowed men who want nothing but me, to use me in every way, and show me what I’ve been missing. I experience finally what people talk about when they discuss hot sex and passion, the men gang banging me until my hole aches and then even after.

“They’d be desperate for me, bending me over things while stuffing me on each end, others rubbing off on me at the same time, fighting to get at me, even. Then the next ones take me and my legs are in the air as I’m screaming around new cock. Different positions, different men, all intense, and I can’t chicken out because I’m a captive or restrained.”

“We can make that happen, Jonah. We can give you whatever you want,” he groaned in my ear, licking the shell of it. “We’re called Fantasy Promotions after all. Is that what you want, baby? An abduction fantasy with lots of men to bang you in every way possible?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, turning to try and catch his lips. Instead we were up on our feet in a flash.

“Okay, good. You’ll get a safe word but keep in mind if you use it, all play stops and your money will be refunded for the additional package. Tell no one about any of this, and I’ll be in touch soon with dates, pricing, and a confidentiality packet.”

I blinked up at him, unable to keep up with the change in his attitude. “That’s it?”

“I was just trying to get you to ease up on the fright and get into the mood for the cruise.” Rohan gave me a wink and a quick rub of my ass. “You do have one fine ass though. Save me a go round on your dance card once you’re on the ship. We’ll pick up where we left off. Derek did this last minute so I had to leave an appointment in case you freaked. Catch you soon.” He gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and as fast as he had appeared, he was gone.

Maybe I’m losing my fucking mind!


I chuckled as I thought back to that day and the way Rohan had gotten to me like that.

Hell, I was hard and leaking just thinking about it and his promises of what I could get from the cruise! I realized I was sitting on my bed, rubbing the soft Vera Wang comforter I loved. It was one of the nicest items I owned on display and it hugged me every night like—I jumped up, feeling nauseous and practically tore it off my bed.

It had been a gift from my boss last Christmas. Until then I had thought it a weird gift to give an employee, assuming maybe he had overheard me say something about my old one still having been from college.

Now I knew differently. Gross. I stuffed it in a garbage bag, even going so far as to tie the strings closed. That could wait to be donated until after I got back. I shivered, thinking about what I’d done in that comforter—No! Don’t go there! Vacation time and I deserve this goddammit.

I put away my work stuff, changed clothes, and hung up my suit. I threw on some skimpy shorts, loving the way the comfy cotton felt against my body with nothing else underneath, getting into the tropical mood, and opened the bottle of wine. Then, after I poured myself a large glass, I danced over to the iHome on my shelf and turned it on.

Given how small my place was, I had to get creative with any shelves… Like the ones my iHome was on. Nothing could be deeper than a media rack. So my music, movies, and iHome were safe, but my TV had to be mounted—no big. Stereos were out and surround sound.

Then again, might be fun getting revenge on them. I slowly looked up with a smirk. Sure enough they were going at it again. And not in the good way. Six years of listening to them scream at each other and throw things and I had an evil streak where they were concerned.

So sue me.

I could afford to rent a pad with more space now, having worked long enough to achieve some seniority and raises. But why? I was never there. Moving was a pain.

And it was New York City. Hello, rent controlled. I did wince though. That didn’t mean I ever told anyone my place was so tiny I had to put my laundry supplies under the bathroom sink.

Or that you have about fifteen air fresheners around at any given time because of the residual ethnic food smells. Then again, that wasn’t so bad. I did have the most pleasant smelling place in the state. Plus, I’d made a game out of finding rare ones and it was pretty entertaining.

I need a new definition of entertaining. Mine is lame. I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath. This was about my upcoming vacation. Not my apartment and that I wouldn’t miss it while I was gone. A few sips of wine and dreaming about simply feeling the ocean breeze on my face, not to mention other things I’d be feeling on my face… I easily fell right back into the spirit of my vacation.

“Nope, nope, nope,” I sang as I flipped through the listed songs. Then I found the one that totally made my mood. “Yup!”

I tapped the display for Fall Out Boy’s “Alone Together” and walked over to the laundry basket to throw the last few things into my suitcase.

“Yeah!” I called out when the lead singer told me to sing it from the top of my lungs, wiggling my ass in the air to the beat while I was bent over. I took a few gulps of wine as I stood back up and pivoted around the room, trying to really let go of my day. Maybe my pathetic life. “I don’t know where I’m going but I don’t think I’m coming home.

I tossed back the rest of my wine before pouring myself some more with a hip shake… As if that was needed to refill a glass.

“Fitting.” Then I glanced at the mirror and saw how fabulous my ass looked in the boy shorts. “And soon you’ll be fitted with lots of cock. I’m sorry you’ve been so neglected.” I heard something that sounded like a groan and spun around, freaked out to the point I almost dropped my wine. “Is someone there? Hello?”

My eyes darted around my studio apartment, not having much space to cover. I didn’t see anything but I got the distinct feeling I wasn’t alone. I stood very still until the end of the song and by then I decided I was just jumpy after my unnerving conversation with Mr. Hanover.

Next I opted for “I Heard Your Voice In a Dream” from the TV show Smash. “Because Glee is for kids in high school and Smash is the one adults watch.” I smiled, voicing the same point I’d used in my argument with Derek when he’d said Glee was way better. Just thinking about Smash made me shiver.

Most people probably would have been thinking about the guy singing. Yeah, he had an amazing voice, even as I hit the song to repeat, it would have made sense to assume it was him I wanted. It wasn’t though because that guy was a douche… It was Jack Davenport. That guy was just yummy. And a pirate/Captain/Commodore/Brit. Sure, he was a total dog on Smash, but he admitted it! Just thinking about him had me rubbing my cock as I sat on my bed.

“Maybe I should take the edge off before I get my fantasy? When was the last time I even jacked off?” I realized my pun and burst out into giggles. Wow. It seemed it had been a while since I’d had a drink too because a glass and a half of wine and I was practically in the bag!

The answer to both was a while, but since I’d already covered the drinking, I quickly set down my wine, lost the shorts, and even went bold, opting for the small butt plug I had. By the time the song repeated, I had myself open enough that I was fucking myself with it, tugging on my cock like I was going to die if I didn’t come… And it was going to happen soon.

But then I heard a crash to the floor. I jumped to my feet, tripping over them as I reached for anything that could be used as a weapon.

“Don’t be afraid,” a deep voice instructed in my ear as he covered my mouth. Yeah, because that’s the first thing anyone feels when they’re denied the ability to scream! “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m with your cruise.”

I stopped struggling then and practically slumped against his body, the possibility of the intruder being one of them never even having crossed my mind. He must have realized I believed him because he released me. I turned to face him slowly and just about swallowed my tongue.

The man was six-five of yummy. Broad, god-like, rugged shoulders, built chest, and thick arms, from what I could see even with a shirt on. Muscular neck, and even a wide stance because he was basically standing on massive tree trunks. Dayumn. His hair was black, silky/chic, classic taper with a part on the right side that flipped in the front. Striking features all around, even down to the statuesque jaw that had stubble on it.

“Hi, I’m naked,” I squeaked, covering myself.

His hunter green eyes shined as he shot me a smirk, accenting how smooth his lips looked. “I’ve been watching you since you got home and will be seeing you naked for two weeks, feeling every inch of you, touching you intimately as we become carnally acquainted but you’re covering your groin now?”

“When you put it like that it sounds silly.” That didn’t mean I moved my hands because I agreed. I’d lost my hard-on when he’d startled me and I didn’t want him to see it was back because he was hot. That and— “Wait, why were you watching me?”

“Caught that, did you?” His lips twitched as if trying not to smile at me as he rubbed his chin. “Standard procedure with a new client. We watch them the day before to make sure they’re not really undercover with human authorities or some blogger trying to get the story of a lifetime or such. We can cloak ourselves so it’s easy.”

“Oh god, how embarrassing.” I turned about ten shades of red probably and focused on anything other than the intense stare of his deep green eyes. Then it hit me and my gaze darted back to his. “You groaned earlier. When I was talking about getting fucked. Why?”

He didn’t answer me, instead opening his mouth and letting me see his fangs, slowly running his tongue over one and then the other. “How about a sample of what you’ll be getting on the cruise as your way to take the edge off before the full fantasy now that you know that I’m here? Better than you taking care of it yourself and me going back to hiding.”

“Has anyone caught you before?” He kind of sucked at staying invisible in my opinion. It only took me half an hour to bust him after all.

“No. But then again I’ve never encountered a situation like this either. Plus, your apartment is tiny. I tripped trying to move again so you didn’t bump into me.”

I thought he was lying but I couldn’t tell. I mean, who hid on the bed? If things were different I might have focused more on that but I was distracted by his offer. “What are we talking about exactly?”

“I can see what Rohan meant. You’re one of those who thinks and talks yourself out of anything fun, don’t you,” he drawled.

“What does that mean?” I bitched as I folded my arms over my chest, forgetting about my nakedness for the moment. “I don’t even know your name and you’re here in my studio watching me after not even having been invited, not answering my questions really. I think asking for specifics about what you’re wanting from me is fair before even considering this.”

Faster than I could take my next breath after my rant, I was pinned against the wall, his knee between my legs as his one hand trapped my wrists over my head with his fangs at my neck ready to pierce my flesh.

“Do you want to sample what your fantasy will be like before it gets to the gang bang stage? I’m offering you the chance of trying it with one before jumping in with several men. Yes or no. It’s a simple fucking question.”

I shivered, wanting what he offered and so much more. “Yes.” I closed my eyes and prayed it was the right decision.