Wrenching Traditions: Hounds of Hell #13

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Everything Can’t Be Fixed With Tools

Designing a complex revolving gate system is something a mechanical savant like Garnet Reynard thinks up in his sleep… Being able to explain it in a way people could actually understand without his nerves getting the better of a geek like him is the challenging part. At least he’s got outlets for those times, like riding his tricked-out ATV at breakneck speeds.

Which is how he happened upon some dirty hound sex going on in the woods and is caught peeping. Clayton Arnold is all too happy to find the sexy stranger who can’t seem to get his mouth to work. When they meet up again and Clayton hears Garnet’s voice, things get complicated and exciting fast and there’s not a very good way to let Garnet in on the change in their status.

Right, because keeping the secret of being mates has ever worked out well. But when a life-threatening accident happens, will they take the chance to fix what’s wrong or will it wrench them farther away from the love they both want?

©2015 Release date: 6/11/2015
romance, hellhounds, shapeshifter, angel, gay, demon, paranormal