Unraveling Certainty: Hounds of Hell #14

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Attraction at Times Battles with Convictions

Listening to saved souls read Shakespeare isn’t exactly how Hellhounds have found their mates up until now. However, Canice Macfayden would stay in shifted form, sniffing everyone intimately, if it helped find his mate. When the recording works, he’s not allowed to race off and meet his mate because of the new rules. Fine, great, it’s easy to be patient after waiting over three hundred years.

Torihiki Graham can’t believe the hound who needs a hearing aid is such a pushy jerk that he won’t wait for introductions until the workday is over. After explaining there’s been a mistake—on Canice’s part—because he’s straight, Torihiki just wants to put the whole mess behind him and deny anything they ever did.

It’s no wonder Canice can’t let go when Torihiki says one thing and acts completely different, though the games being played are getting to be too much for him. But when the angels discover something about Torihiki that practically cripples him with fear, will Canice step up and be a mate no matter where they stand?

©2015 Release date: 6/25/2015
Erotic Romance, Shifters, hell hounds, angels, Gay Romance, demons, paranormal