Shrinking Illusions: Hounds of Hell #12

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Some Decisions Change More Than History

Some decisions change more than history, and for one archangel, Chamuel, he lives with the heartache of that choice. Sent to Earth to find out information, he encounters a gorgeous man who distracts him from his task and ends up being his normal grouchy, egotistical self.

Anastasius Yale fought to stay at the estate where his brother was rescued to. Not related by blood, their bond is just as strong, especially after losing their parents. So when a narcissistic archangel shows up demanding answers and throwing salt in old wounds, he has no problem telling the guy off and hopes never to see him again.

Then again even a psychologist needs a guardian angel to heal a wounded heart.

Actions have consequences though, and when rules aren’t explained first, a night of passion ends with an unknowing pledge and tough choices ahead. Can Anastasius look past the archangel and simply see a man he might be able to give his heart to or will he let his old resentments banish Chamuel to a life without him?

©2015 Release date: 5/28/2015
romance, hellhounds, shapeshifter, angel, gay, demon, paranormal