Securing Forgiveness: Hounds of Hell #8

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Two Centuries Isn’t Enough Time To Forget

Petro Markova, youngest of the Markova Hellhounds, had spent years ensuring the estate was safe for everyone, from firewalls to actual security systems. Unfortunately, keeping his own heart and soul secure was something he wasn’t able to do. When the source of his heartbreak returns, Petro knows he can’t live in fear at the compound and he sure as hell can’t trust his mate.

Malfinn Lundberg seems to always greet Petro with his fist and has turned into a man that not only his brothers can’t recognize, but the angels who have known him for centuries. He has to be going feral, right? No one can come up with any other explanation for his erratic behavior, though the reason for his fixation with the youngest Markova sets the entire estate in an uproar.

But figuring out how to cure Mal is only half the battle. Who would blame Petro for being unable to get past his fear and go anywhere near Mal again… Let alone forgive him.

©2015 Release date: 1/22/15