Purifying Fate: Hounds of Hell #11

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Life Can’t Be Scrubbed of Heartache

Boris Markova, the eldest of his litter, follows his mate around the estate, unknowing how to approach him. Finally making contact after weeks of stalking, Boris endures accusations of fleas before being vacuumed like a cheap rug because he sheds. But Boris can’t be mad—he likes how his mate blurts things out whether they be good or bad.

Qbert Durriken is known throughout the estate as the germophobe cleaner. He doesn’t care, but that’s why he’s shocked when a hound starts following him around… And ends up knowing his name. Appreciating what it might mean, Qbert hopes they’re mates, and he plunges in, wanting to be happy. Boris overlooks the OCD compulsions, wanting a life with the sexy man—even if he washes his sheets the moment after they make them dirty.

Unfortunately, as Qbert focuses on purifying their budding relationship, trying to believe in fate, he drives a wedge between them. But can he see what he’s done before he loses Boris or will he stay blinded to what they both need to make their mating work?

©2015 Release date: 5/14/2015
Romance, Hellhounds, Shapeshifter, Angel, Gay, Demon, Paranormal