Fighting Insanity: Hounds of Hell #3

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Life Is Crazy, Fighting Hell is Insane

Tierney Macfayden, newly appointed hound of Heaven, is prepared to do whatever he can never to work for Hell again and to live with the pain it caused him. Tasked with finding all the betrayed souls, these hounds have a new purpose in life. But after saving the first hundred souls, they needed to create a home for those they helped.

Kicking and screaming, Kellan Short refuses to believe the story a kidnapper tells him about saving his soul. He’s an atheist for crying out loud! Seeing Tierney, and truly wanting someone for the first time in his life, Kellan can’t believe it. His stepmother’s manipulations warped him into trusting no one, and he denies that Tierney is real.

Tierney wants to be there for his mate, but how do you help someone that believes you are a figment of their imagination or a drug-induced hallucination?

By continuing to be there for him.

Will they ever truly be together, or will they forever be fighting insanity?

I love how Kellan is so quirky in the beginning. Makes you wonder why he acted the way he did in the beginning (see Excerpt below).

Like the other Hounds who found their mates, Tierney is tired of being alone at first. At least he works for Heaven now, saving souls instead of condemning them. Once he hears Kellan’s voice, he is thrilled he has found his mate.

Tierney has the patience of a Saint! Helping Kellan come to terms with his situation. Even taking Kellan to the doctor to prove he doesn’t have a brain tumor and that all of this is real.

I think one of my favorite characters is Ariel. I was touched when she tell the doctor about his son. Then again with the woman with the cattle farm. Kellan touches her heart and mine with his gift. I actually shed a few tears!

Once Kellan is convinced of his new reality, finding out Tierney is his mate was a piece of cake. He might actually have a real life now. That is, if the demon’s don’t get him first.

I really loved this story. They just keep getting better and better! 5 Heart Review!


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©2014 Released 6/5/2014
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