Defeating Fear: Hounds of Hell #4

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There’s Always Something To Fear…

For three years, Feodor Markova has helped the other Heaven hounds and angels wherever it is needed. Not liking to be in charge, or very good with others, he does all the solo tasks necessary. The only bright moment is when he gets to look at one of the saved souls, a teacher. Pining away for someone he can’t have, he doesn’t realize in all these years that his mate is there with him.

Right under his nose.

Joel Sweet loves being an English teacher—it’s who he is. Never mind the fact that he lusts after one of the hounds and has been for a while. What should have been a happy beginning to a happily ever after, isn’t. Joel has too many insecurities to vocalize what needs to be said.

Feodor only wants what the others have. The love of his one true mate. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way he hopes. Both men are too afraid to speak up, and a chasm forms between them. Letting their individual fears win.

Can they bridge the distance that’s between them or will the new upheaval in their lives, the demons, family and friends keep them from defeating fear?

Joel finally has freedom. After years feeling imprisoned by his parents, he is now free to do what he wants to do and wherever he wants to. Ok, he still has to stay in the compound, but it is still more freedom than what he had. Feodor has been with many men in his years, but he cannot wait to find his soul mate. One lunch and everything changes, Feodor finds his soul mate and Joel finds himself in a new prison.

My heart really went out to Joel. I totally understood where he was coming from. Feodor is very awkward when it comes with dealing with people. He only knows that he has to protect his mate and love him the only way how. My heart broke for Joel when he had a hard choice to make. I am glad Feodor was forced to see what he was doing and was so happy he wanted nothing more than to do anything to keep Joel.

Throughout the story, we see Joel grow. At first he is timid, then throughout his ordeal with his mate, he finds this inner courage he didn’t even know he had. When things counted, he didn’t hide, he stepped up and made people listen.

Feodor learns to relax and let others help keep his mate safe. He thought he loved his mate before, but know he is in complete and udder awe of him. Feodor shows how much he has grown when he opens himself and his heart to Joel’s family.

This is a really good story. It tells you that if you open your heart, communicate your feelings, and have courage, you can get through anything. Four Hearts!


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Erotic Romance, Shifters, hell hounds, angels, Gay Romance, demons, paranormal