Changing Paths: Hounds of Hell #10

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People Set the Bar on Self-Worth

Landan Almeric is forgotten by everyone at the estate besides his grandmother, forced to languish in the pits of landscaping hell. Though originally left with mess to make order of, Landan actually enjoys turning the shed into his private workshop and building what’s needed… That’s the part he’s good at after all. It’s the damn mowing he hates.

Taylor Sethos joined the blessed knives project, but has too many other responsibilities to be the Malfinn Lundberg’s blacksmith apprentice. Besides, the guy already has someone in mind. Taylor just has to go pick him up for the interview—while keeping his hands to himself because Landan is tempting enough to break the “no touching the virgins” rule for.

After one hot night, Taylor’s morality blows everything they might have had and crushes Landan. But fate is too cruel to let that be the end of it. Will the paths their changing lives are moving towards pull them further apart or can they come back together with the help of interfering friends?

©2015 Release date: 4/30/2015
Erotic Romance, Shifters, hell hounds, angels, Gay Romance, demons, paranormal