Calculating Interactions: Hounds of Hell #6

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Complicated Pasts Plus Unknown Futures Equal Unstable Outcomes

After years of being confined to the school and the surrounding grounds, Sandro Thompson tries to make little joys like hooking up extra chocolate and booze for his friends when deliveries come in. A math savant and head of the department, he doesn’t always interact well with people, but the souls like him—they’re more than people… They’re his brothers.

Dagfinn Lundberg, retired Hellhound, does everything he can to fight the good fight, the battle he believes the angels should be in, which also leads him to keep to himself. When recently acquired visions drive him into action, he never expects to encounter his mate. Weighed down with baggage, trust issues, and rusty communication skills, it’s no wonder Dag isn’t welcomed with open arms by anyone.

But someone who speaks in math and variables paired up with a man who doesn’t talk to anyone much isn’t the best match. Can Sandro use that genius head of his to calculate their interactions better or will Dag have to take a leap of faith and simply tell Sandro how he feels?


©2014 Release date: 12/4/2014
romance, hellhounds, shapeshifter, angel, gay, demon, paranormal