Building Evolution: Hounds of Hell #9

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Even Plans From Heaven Hit Snags

The smallest and youngest of the Lundberg litter, Oddfinn, finally joined his brothers at the compound, with the Lundberg treasures in tow. Though he’s the runt, he’s fought against the demons in his own way and somehow collected a small family of fighters that he taught all he knows. A socially inept genius, he is unsure of how to go about inserting himself into the established community and making the changes needed in order to save everyone… Including his mate.

Seth Mitchell has spent his years behind the security of the gates, never really sure what the big plan is for the saved souls. When the youngest Lundberg arrives, he’s immediately taken with the offbeat Oddfinn. Seth can see the hound’s generous, caring heart, even when others just seem to think he acts, well, odd.

With outside forces trying to break into the compound and change the world as they all know it, will Oddfinn and Seth be able to save everyone while making each other a priority enough to see if they can be together?

©2015 Release date: 2/19/2015
romance, hellhounds, shapeshifter, angel, gay, demon, paranormal