Absorbing Tutelage: Hounds of Hell #7

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Sometimes the Student Is the Lesson

Everett Townsend hasn’t asked much from the other saved souls running the schools, or connected with most people there either… It might have something to do with his parents having sold his soul to Hell. Fed up with feeling like cannon fodder in a war he’s at the core of, Everett needs to take back some of the control that he seems to never have had in his life.

Geirfinn Lundberg follows his visions right to where his younger brother just ended up. But as glad as he is to catch up with Dag, it’s the man with the two different gray eyes that he can’t get off his mind—and promptly puts his foot in his mouth when they meet. Needless to say, Everett wants nothing to do with an ass like that, but he wants the training Geir offers.

And apparently he’s going to need it because the visions aren’t over.

Can he get past what Geir’s done to put distance between them and finally open his heart or will what’s to come be their undoing?

©2014 Release date: 1/1/2015
romance, hellhounds, shapeshifter, angel, gay, demon, paranormal