Venice: The Enchanter Book 2

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Pray Festivaali Never Hits Close to Home

Only a selfish git would interrupt Dorian Devil’s salacious evening plans. Unfortunately, this is one call the Enchanter cannot let go to voicemail. He rushes to Venice, Italy, to save Rolf Kildare, only to find the nightmares have just begun. Saving the injured wolf from poisoned bullets is one thing, but saving all of the city’s paranormals is another.

Hunters are gathering in Venice to party at Festivaali, ridding the ancient city of every paranormal inhabitant, and Dorian can’t let the genocide go unanswered, especially after he learns a powerful magic is involved. Unfortunately leaders are fighting each other… And Dorian… And everyone, because they’re afraid, instead of listening to the Enchanter with the magic and means to stop the genocide.

The bloody fools will get them all killed.

Calling on old allies and new acquaintances, Dorian races the countdown to save all those he can. But will it be enough or will the streets of Venice no longer be packed with tourists and instead be littered with dead bodies once the hunt begins?

©2015 Release date: 3/26/2015
Vampire, English, Paranormal, Gay, Wizard, Romance, Mystery