Prague: The Enchanter Book 3

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Saving One Can Keep Hundreds Safe

With the Venice pack still in his life and the blasted wolves treating Dorian like their errand boy, he doesn’t handle the disrespect well… Especially after his three estranged brothers drop a major bombshell on him. They need help with a mess of their deceased father’s making and now that the real devil is gone, there’s a chance Dorian could have the family he’s always wanted.

That is if the sexual tension with Mikas, his pseudo-therapist and very straight wolf who occasionally makes out with him, doesn’t kill him first. Hell, the dance they’re in to see who takes the fearful leap first past their boundaries is both exciting and exhausting. Dorian’s favorite type of activity.

In the midst of all this, Dorian is severely injured while aiding the elves. As he recovers, he finds out that the family is in more trouble than he thought.

Can Dorian straighten out his love life, attend to the elf threat, and save what’s left of his family before things blow up beyond even his power?

©2016 Release date: 2016