Denver Preview


I woke with a start as I always did before I received the call—one of the confounding calls that would inevitably throw my life into utter chaos for the next week or more. As much as I hoped I was wrong, I never was and I sighed when my cell chirped signaling an unknown number.

“Yes?” I grumbled, my normal greeting.

“Hi, yes, I’d like to—um, place an order?” a voice whispered on the other end.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Young paranormals these days, I swore they were going to be the death of me. “Are you asking to place an order or are you unsure if you need an order?”

“Oh, no, I need help. Big time. I need an order. The information I got about all of this wasn’t clear what kind of order I would need to place,” he rattled. “Please help me, sir.”

It was his obvious respect that won me over and got him a rare showing of patience. The cocky ones could drown in their own messes for all I cared. “Okay, I’ll walk you through this then. Have you ordered before? This is a one-time service.”

“No, sir. First time.”

“Good. If you’re lying to me…” I warned, trailing off and letting him fill in the pieces. I found that was a much more effective scare tactic than actually telling them what I’d do to them myself.

“No, sir, I wouldn’t ever lie to you. I need help. I will do whatever you tell me to. Please, just don’t let them kill me.” I heard the desperation in his tone and I kinda felt bad for him. I had a feeling this was the typical, all too common score I’d been seeing over the last couple hundred years.

“Are you a pick up or delivery order?”

There was a pause. “I don’t know what that means.”

Now I had to choose my words carefully because people were always listening. Even if he called my encrypted cell, his line probably wasn’t secured. “Are you able to move about freely to meet me so we can discuss your order or do I need to come to you and escort you out of a situation?”

“I’m thinking the second if I want to make sure I’m still alive tomorrow,” he rasped. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what was going on until it had blown up and—”

“Keep your head,” I snapped, giving him the next best thing to a slap across the face before he went into complete hysterics. “Take a picture of yourself with your cell as you are in this moment and send it to this number. I will be there soon. Make sure it’s clear or I’ll end up standing in front of the wrong person and that will cost you valuable time.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“We’ll see if you thank me after you find out what goes into your order,” I grumbled before hanging up. Everyone always assumed it was no big deal to detach themselves from their lives as if calling me was like WITSEC.

It wasn’t. There was magic involved, of course, but some of it was an art, and with the technology of the current century there was no way to get all the traces gone. There was always some cell phone or street camera or video surveillance that would have a hint of the person. Not to mention if there were a lot of printed photos of them.

Social media alone had become the very blight of my profession.

My phone beeped as I packed a travel bag, my other work bag with my potions and necessities for the job always ready to go. I pulled up the image and focused on him, getting first the feeling of a long distance between us before moving to the huge map I kept on my apartment wall. It took a bit more but then I knew it was Denver. Once I was in the same city, I could track him easily, but considering I was in London, narrowing it down to a city that fast, that far away was already impressive.

I knew it was. I didn’t need people to tell me so.

With a little bit of chanting under my breath, my bags already in hand, I appeared moments later outside The Ritz-Carlton in Denver. I smiled at the gentleman who held the door open for me, eyeing him over appreciatively and letting him see me do it. Then I made my way up to the front desk, focusing on their computers and messing with their systems for what I needed.

“Good evening, checking in?” the young woman asked me.

“Yes, Dorian Devil. My office confirmed my trip last week with the manager, Mr. Schuler. I assume my normal requests are ready and prepared for the Ritz suite?”

Her face went pale as she blinked at me. “Mr. Devil, I’m so sorry, there seems to be some mistake. The Ritz suite is already occupied. I don’t have you on today’s schedule.”

“My dear, I don’t get on a plane and travel from London without double checking my lodging plans,” I assured her, clucking my tongue. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out the confirmation I magically forged. “I have to say, I am disappointed. This is not the first time this has happened to me and one does expect more from The Ritz after all.”

“Of course, sir. Let me pull this up and I promise we will make this right,” she blubbered, looking completely flustered. I almost felt bad for that, but I saw it as adding some excitement to her life. Besides, I made it the big man’s fault, not anyone who could get fired or in trouble. She typed a few keys and then was looking at my reservation from the way she let out a harsh breath. “Let me get Mr. Schuler on the phone and find out what the mix-up was.”

“I can always call the Four Seasons and see if they can accommodate me,” I hedged, playing the game. “They’re always so happy to have me and never forget when I’m coming into town.”

“No, no, please don’t do that Mr. Devil,” she begged, looking slightly panicked. “Won’t you please have a drink at the bar, on the house, while we work this out? I promise The Ritz-Carlton values your business just as much as the Four Seasons. It’s not an excuse but we recently had a systems upgrade and we’re working out some bugs. I’m sure Mr. Schuler will make it so you’re very glad you didn’t change your lodging plans.”

“He is good at making up for things,” I agreed. I glanced at my watch and sighed. “I have a meeting though, my dear. I wanted to drop my bags in my room easy enough and settle in later. I must really be off.”

“Mr. Devil, you know I will lock your bags in the vault while you’re at your meeting and we sort this out. I’ll even have our driver take you wherever you need to go.”

“That’s not necessary. It’s close, but I will take you up on the bags.” I smiled at her as I handed them over. “No peeking though. I value my privacy.” They were enchanted anyways, so if anyone looked, they would immediately forget what was inside of them.

Her face turned bright red as if being busted that she would be curious. “Of course not, Mr. Devil. I wouldn’t dream of it. Enjoy your meeting and this will be resolved by the time you return.”

I glanced at her name tag and gave her a wink. “Thank you so much, Janet. I know this isn’t your fault. You give your boss a stern talking to on my behalf. He really dropped the ball on this one. If you hadn’t been so sweet, I wouldn’t have chosen to stay and I plan on telling corporate that unless he makes this right.” I reached out and raised her hand to my lips, biting back a smirk when her blush deepened.

Humans were so easy sometimes.

When I walked out of the exit, I saw the handsome doorman again and slowed my pace, leaning into him. “Once they figure out what suite I’m in, you should come by after work.”

“I’m straight, but thank you, sir,” he murmured.

“Darling, that’s what they all say, and they all go right back to saying after I show them the night of their lives,” I purred, using my magic so his dick went hard. “You can be straight and try something different because one person intrigues you. All I’m offering is a drink and to see if you’re interested in trying something new.”

I let my gaze rake over his firm, slender body, focusing mostly on his flat stomach and tight ass I could see from his profile. Then I met his light blue eyes and licked my lips. His mouth parted slightly as his breathing came out labored.

“A drink sounds good,” he finally conceded. “I just need to change and shower in the locker room, grab something to eat and—”

“Nonsense. I have all of that in my room. Bring your clothes and you can use my suite. I haven’t eaten either. You can tell me what’s good and tasty, that I’ll want in my mouth.” I made sure my eyes were not focused somewhere appropriate when I said that.

“I’m off at eight.”

“Lovely. I’ll see you in an hour then.” I gave him a sly smile before letting my fingers graze his, adoring the way he shivered. Straight guys were my favorite to play with.

Okay, fine, the curious straight ones who just needed a little push. Call it the devil in me or whatever, but it flat did it for me to lure a straight guy to my bed and show him what he’d been missing and would never have again because there wasn’t a human out there that could fuck like me.

No, I never said I was nice. Even remotely.

Once I was around the corner from the hotel, I pulled up the photo again and focused on my assignment. Seconds later I was in some shithole apartment, waiting for the stereotypical rats and cockroaches to come out and say hi.

“Dear lord, why are you hiding here?” I grumbled, pissed that the stink of the place wouldn’t come off my suit even with dry cleaning.

My assignment’s eyes were huge as he spun around so fast he fell on his ass. He scrambled away until he hit a grimy wall. “Are you him? I mean, is it you? Are you the Enchanter? How did you find me?”

“It is as if I can do magic,” I drawled, pulling out my handkerchief and holding it up to my nose. “You said you needed a rescue before we start wiping your life. I’m here. Are you hiding in this squalor or is this your abode, god forbid?”

“Condemned building,” he muttered, glancing around. “I’ve been hiding here for a day or two only. It’s not my place though my place isn’t that much better.”

“Okay, then let’s begin and get you to your place so you can pack some things.”

He jumped to his feet, a little unsteady, and I guessed that was from lack of food—and blood because he was most certainly a vampire. “No! No, we can’t go there. I barely escaped. That’s how I knew they were onto me. They stormed in when I was there and I—”

“It’s okay now,” I whispered, patting his shoulder. “What’s your name?”

“Seth Kohler, sir. Thank you for coming.”

“No problem. Do what I say, exactly what I say, and I’ll get you through this. I’m Dorian.” He nodded, relaxing a bit. “Now, give me your address. They won’t see us. We’re going to get you some things. Then you’re coming back to my hotel to rest up, refuel, and tomorrow we’ll get started detaching you from your life and getting the hunters off your ass.”

“Thank you, Mr. Dorian,” he whispered, practically collapsing with relief. Then he reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet, and handed me his license with his address on it. I studied it a second and nodded before we popped into his apartment…

Full of people.

Seth’s dark green eyes filled with fear as he glanced between me and the exit. I grabbed his arm and shook my head, leading him into the bedroom. Then I yanked his smaller frame closer and pressed my lips to his ear. “They cannot see us, only hear us. Quietly take what you need utmost, we will be back, but know most of this you’re leaving behind.”

He nodded, and I moved away, heading back into the tiny, tiny living/kitchen/nook… Thing.

“How long do we think until this bloodsucker comes back? They always come back,” the one guy muttered, tossing a card onto the table.

“Not always,” another bitched, shaking his head. I smiled, knowing that voice and face well.

Agent Paul Lake of the federal government bureaucracy that hunted paranormals quietly in the Americas. It was all very hush-hush, not even other branches knew the name of their organization most times, it seemed from what I’d gathered.

Humans overall, as in the general public, didn’t know about us. It was secret government groups that wanted us for testing or radicals that believed we should be slaughtered as abominations… Sometimes taking trophies because that made it completely moral then.

“I think someone’s helping some of them escape,” Agent Lake continued.

“Like a fed?” The first guy raised an eyebrow, totally not believing it.

“No, a paranormal, one we’ve not come across yet or something. We’ve had half our cases go great and half go horribly wrong—missing evidence, changing perp descriptions, and whatnot. That’s too bizarre not to be some outside kind of interference.”

“Come on, Paul, you’re talking crazy,” another guy snickered. “They’re bloodsuckers and dogs, not badass spies or something.”

Oh good, they were still stupid and cocky. That always worked in our favor. They bickered on about possibilities and that they might not know everything out in the world as they thought they did while I focused on their memories and started altering them. Seth had dark green eyes so I made the guy they were looking for in their heads have blue. Seth was slender, I made Seth heavy to them. He had chocolate brown hair so I gave his new image blond hair.

Now they wouldn’t see Seth if he walked right in front of them.

By the time I was done, the real Seth stepped out of the bedroom and nodded that he was ready. I focused on the parking garage around the corner from The Ritz that I’d been using to appear and disappear from because of the camera blind spot and we showed up there.

With only me visible.

“Why am I still unseen?” he asked me when I told him that.

“Because you’re dirty, carrying bags like you’re on the run, and you’ll raise too many flags,” I muttered as I hurried him along. “I have a cover to maintain as well. So you’re going to accept my protection, my hospitality, clean that stench off of you, eat up, and think about leaving behind your life now that you’re safe.”

He moved his hand to my arm and stopped me. “Wait—what? I’m safe now? For sure?”

“As long as you do as I say and stick by me, yes, you’re safe now, Seth.” I patted his hand a few times and then hurried him along.

“You said to think about it now that I’m safe. What’s the difference?” he muttered.

“We’ll talk upstairs,” I hissed, knowing we were dangerously close to others hearing. I smiled at my date as he held open the door for us. “See you in a half hour, my dear.”

“Yes, sir,” he agreed, blushing brightly. Oh, he was going to be so much fun.

“Wow, he made a date on the way to rescuing me. Not like I was cowering for my life or anything,” Seth bitched under his breath once we were in the lobby. It actually made me smile. I liked spunky.

As I stepped towards the check-in desk, a man I’d never seen before rushed over. “Mr. Devil, how good to see you again.”

“You as well, Mr. Schuler.” In truth, I hadn’t been to Denver in at least fifty years. I had simply manipulated their systems to say I was a wonderful customer to get what I needed.

Namely a comped stay so my credit card wasn’t tied to Denver when I was up to no good in town helping another paranormal.

“I’m so, so sorry, Mr. Devil. I don’t know how this could have happened or the mix-up. If you would bear with us, we have a lovely Deluxe Suite ready to your specifications tonight, and I’m sure we can get you into at least one of our Luxury Suites tomorrow night and for the rest of your stay.”

“You’re sure you can?” I drawled, raising an eyebrow. “I really think I should lodge with the Four Seasons this trip, Mr. Schuler.”

“No, please, Mr. Devil. I’m confident I can. The rooms are for the bridal party getting married here this weekend and they’re out for the evening so I wasn’t able to contact them just yet.”

I didn’t have to act all that shocked at what he was saying. “Mr. Schuler, are you seriously suggesting that a bride-to-be should be kicked out her room because of your mistake in double booking so that I still might stay here? That is a deplorable solution.” I saw Janet smirking a few feet away. “Dear Janet—who is the reason I’ve stayed so far—how would you rectify this situation if you were in charge?”

“I’m not in charge though, sir,” she muttered, glancing at Mr. Schuler with wide eyes.

“Answer Mr. Devil, Janet,” Schuler agreed, looking at about wit’s end.

“I would comp the Deluxe Suite for your entire stay, which includes the club lounge access, meals, spa, all of it, and ask you to please overlook our mistake, understanding it would never happen again, and thank you for your understanding that with the wedding this weekend that displacing the bridal party would only add to the confusion and risk more chaos The Ritz Carlton standards don’t allow, and if you let us, at the end of your stay, you’ll once again be glad you didn’t stay at the Four Seasons,” she rambled all in one breath.

I gave her a deep nod before closing the distance between us and taking her hand, raising it to my lips. “My dear, you have a bright future ahead of you. That is an excellent way to handle the situation. You have the makings of a vice president or CEO. Everyone makes mistakes. People at my companies do and as long as they don’t make the same mistake twice, they are never fired for it if they rectify the situation in a way that leaves our customers happier after the error than before so it is nothing but a blip on the radar.”

“In the long run it’s worth the money comped for one stay to ensure you’ll come back with how often you visit us,” she murmured, smiling at me.

“Indeed. The Ritz is my preferred lodgings when I travel.”

“Of course, of course we can do that, Mr. Devil,” Schuler agreed as his jaw clicked a bit. “I simply didn’t want to put you in too different a suite than normal.”

I gave him a look that clearly stated he should just keep his mouth shut and stop digging himself a deeper hole. He was smart enough to pay attention, and a few minutes later, I was in the elevator with Seth—who still only I could see—heading up to my room.

“You’re good, you’re really good,” he mumbled. “Why get the room comped? I’d think a talented guy like you was rolling in money.”

“I am, but I’m always careful not to have a credit card trail or flight record of being where I really am when helping rescue someone like yourself.”

“How do you learn this kind of stuff? I mean, there’s no Paranormal Survival for Dummies, I checked. Reading spy books wasn’t much help since I didn’t have the cash to buy all the cool gadgets.” He was starting to get hysterical so I squeezed his shoulder as the elevator doors opened. Seth understood the gesture and walked off the elevator in silence.

Once we were in the room, my bags on the bed, his on the floor, I focused on him and set him free of his enchantment. “That will help you see yourself for showering and whatnot. We can talk later. I know this is a lot, but tonight, know everything is going to be okay, and breathe.” I glanced at the clock and cleared my throat. “And hurry. My entertainment for the evening is to arrive shortly. I’ll have food sent up so there’s more than enough for you to feast on while you’re watching a movie quietly out here.”

“Sounds fun, thanks,” he grumbled.

“I’m sorry, would you rather head back to the squalor I found you in?” I challenged. Seth winced and shook his head before tucking his ratty duffle bag into the closet. I picked up the room’s phone to call downstairs but froze when he let out a litany of curse words. “Care to explain?”

“I didn’t grab any clothes. You said important stuff so I thought passport, cash, pictures someone could find, anything identifying or that had sentimental value.” He looked so forlorn and lost, kneeling over the bag, I once again took pity on him.

“That’s exactly what I wanted you to grab, Seth. Use one of the hotel robes. They’re better than clothes and we can get you something tomorrow.” I think I got through to him some after that and he finally went off to shower and was out of my hair for a moment. I called downstairs and was connected with Janet. “My dear, I wonder if you could have an assortment of everything from the club lounge brought to my room? I’m starved, wanting something fun, and bold, and I’m going to be entertaining soon so I’ll need lots.”

“Those are mostly treats, Mr. Devil. I can do much better than that. I’ll have room service send up something very fun and bold, perfect for any date.”

“You are a peach,” I chuckled. Then I unpacked my shirts, hung them up along with my jackets… Normal settling into a hotel routine.

Except when I walked into the bathroom to set down my toiletries kit and saw Seth showering because of the foggy shower door. But that was enough to see a lot.

That was why I normally got a suite with double bathrooms. It was bad enough he was going to be sleeping on the couch, much less using my shower. I walked out of there shaking my head, hoping he at least enjoyed it and the relaxing shower jets kept his panic at bay. I wasn’t a patient man so there was only so much freaking out I was equipped to deal with.

I was already stopping my whole life to help, so, yeah, that was the limit of my involvement mostly. I didn’t do the whole shoulder to cry on part. They could find friends for that.

The knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts and I hoped it was room service and not the sweet doorman because one wouldn’t ask about the man in my shower… The other would and I didn’t have an answer for him.

Luckily it was food and lots of it. I had the four carts wheeled in by the two women and tipped them generously. As if right on cue, the water shut off and Seth stepped out of the bathroom a moment later, his eyes wide as he took in the spread.

“You go balls out when you want to unwind,” he murmured, attacking a plate of appetizers.

“Charming,” I drawled as I popped open one of the bottles of bubbly. There was another knock on the door, and I focused on Seth, charming him back invisible. “I’ll let you know when it’s time to feed on him.”

“You’re letting me feed off your date?”

“Yes, well, you’re starving for blood from the looks of your general disposition and I’d like to keep mine in the middle of the night. So him or me,” I hissed. I wanted to say that was the only reason I had a date right after coming for him… But that would be lying, and he’d have to know that. I tried to keep from the lies I could get busted on.

Instead I opened the door and drank in the sexy doorman who was already rosy-cheeked and looking ready to bolt. “Hi, Mr. Devil.”

“Dorian, please,” I chuckled, stepping back for him to come in. He did, keeping his small bag with his change of clothes between us.

God I loved the shy ones.

“I’ve not spent much time up in the fancier suites,” he muttered, looking around. “Not that I could afford to stay here overnight or anything in even the regular rooms.”

“Well, now you can say you’ve been to a party here,” I offered as I picked up two glasses from the cart and poured us bubbly. “So, not to be rude, but the doormen don’t actually wear name tags.”

He glanced at me then, looking ready to melt into the floor. “Oh shit, I’m an idiot. Right. Sorry. Duh. I’m Kyle. Kyle Diaz.”

“Hello, Kyle Diaz,” I purred, handing him a flute. “It’s so very nice to meet you.”

“You as well, Dorian,” he rasped before tossing the whole thing back.

“Aren’t you eager?”


“Well don’t get drunk. I wouldn’t want to be accused of taking advantage of you.” I took his glass from him and set my still full one down as well. “Or do you want me to, Kyle?”

“There’s just something about you,” he whispered as I moved my hands to his hips. “You confuse me.”

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s get that silly confusion out of the way, shall we?” I teased, smirking at him as I pulled him closer. “I’m going to kiss you and you tell me if you like it. If you don’t, we’ll drink, eat, and have fun as friends. If you do, then you’re mine tonight and you promise to explore what I offer and give yourself to me.”

He stared at me a moment, worrying his lower lip. “What if you like things I don’t?”

“If you ever don’t like something, it immediately stops,” I assured him as I let my fingers dip under his pants. “I’m saying you simply try what I offer.”

“Okay. One kiss. I’m secure enough to kiss a man and try that,” he mumbled as he leaned in.

Hello, my little lamb. I moved my hands around to his back, kept one on his lower area, before one slowly climbed up to his neck. At the same time, I slanted my mouth over his, leaning in tantalizingly slow to build up the enticement. By the time our lips touched, his breath was hard and labored.


I dived in, sliding my tongue past his lips and sampling him as if he was air and I was the fire needing it to keep burning. It worked because his hands moved to my waist and he moaned against my mouth.

“Yes?” I murmured when we needed air, kissing up his neck.

“God yes, Dorian. I’ve never been so fucking turned on by a kiss,” he whimpered, angling his neck for me. “Do to me whatever you want. I agree to all of it.”

“Music to my ears. You said something about needing a shower?” He nodded and I walked him back towards the bathroom, removing our clothes as we went. Once we were in there, I drank my fill of his firm, lithe body, knowing just how it would feel under my six-four, much more muscular frame.

“You’re huge,” Kyle panted, staring down at my cock. Then his head snapped up and his eyes went wide. “You can’t want to—you know—have gay sex, right? I mean, I’ve never done that. You’ll kill me and—”

I kissed him quiet and reached for the shampoo, pouring some on his hair. Then I spun him around and pressed him chest first to the tiles. “You promised to try everything I wanted. No, I’m not going to shove my cock into your sweet ass, darling. I’d never be so cruel.”

He moaned as my right hand kept working the shampoo on his scalp. “What are you going to do then?”

I showed him, slowly pushing a slicked up finger from my left hand into his hole. He clenched, but after a few moments of relaxing him with kisses and bites to his shoulders, he let me move forward. I immediately focused on his prostate and not so shockingly, Kyle changed his mind about anything being up his ass.

“What about you?” he asked when he was spent and mostly washed.

“We’re going to eat a bit and then I’m going to show you the fun of giving head,” I informed him. Again, his eyes filled with fear, but I raised an eyebrow and he nodded.

“I might need another drink or three before we work to that,” he muttered as he quickly finished showering.

“It’s easier than being finger fucked in the ass to most people but you loved that,” I reminded him with a smirk.

“I did, I really did,” he moaned, shivering. Then he gave me a shy smile. “If I promise to really try and do good sucking your cock, will you do that again to me?”

“Darling, I’ll do it again while we eat if you want,” I chuckled, opening the shower door. “I’ll finger fuck you as often as you want because it gets you stretched out quicker for sex.”

“Oh, so we’re really doing that.” He bobbed his head as he shut off the water, stepping out after me. I pinned him against the glass and rubbed my cock against his ass.

“You only had my finger in you. Imagine what my dick will feel like. Don’t you want that? Don’t you want my fat, long cock pressing against that sweet gland of yours?”

He nodded, shivering and just about melting against me. Since Kyle was progressing nicely and hadn’t said no to anything, I figured I’d be extra nice, setting him up with a glass of champagne while straddling my lap and two of my fingers buried in his ass.

I tried to ignore the fact Seth was sitting right there, but apparently he wasn’t leaving for the show.

Guess newer vampires didn’t come with manners.