Denver: The Enchanter #1

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9-1-1 Doesn’t Solve Every Problem

What daft wanker stepped in it now? That’s the first thing that goes through Dorian Devil’s mind when his phone rings, and he puts his own life on hold to fix someone else’s screw-ups.

One call, that’s all anyone ever gets from this enchanter, and Dorian neither makes exceptions nor believes in enabling people not to protect themselves. In order to repair the situation, he must erase the client’s existence from everything. Friends, family, employment… Lovers. Heaven forbid any part of their life is complicated—Dorian doesn’t do complications.

Fledgling vampire, Seth Kohler, on the run in Denver, makes his one call to Dorian, unsure of what will happen to him once he raises the paranormal 9-1-1. Turning everything over to Dorian, Seth has to trust in the powers of the Enchanter. Seth, not knowing who or what is hunting him, latches on to Dorian as his personal life support. Will Dorian be able to erase Seth’s existence from Denver or will someone keep on Seth’s trail before Dorian can safely get him to his new life?

©2014 Release date: 12/18/2014