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Ambush – Preview


I sat on the floor, propped up against one of the vast book shelves with a huge pillow, reading. Nothing new. Probably an activity that would be frowned upon if the other faculty members ever caught wind of it, but until then, I’d stayed undiscovered of my odd habit. Sure, the library had comfy chairs and sofas, but there was simply something about curling up on the floor against one of the structures, knowing the shelves of books and worlds waiting for me to read them were within reach.

Early October might not have been prime fireplace season, but the library tended to be cold and drafty, and luckily, cool was good for the books—especially given how hot it could get in the summer—and needed to preserve the rare ones. But drafty meant humidity problems and with the rain we’d received of late, the fire would help eat that up in the air as long as the massive ceiling fans circulated the air properly.

Plus, it was always nicer to curl up with a book when the fire was going, even if it was a distance away for the safety of the books. When I had taken over this library, I had demanded better precautions be put into place regarding fire suppression, gauges throughout the library, and other updates I found necessary. Headmaster Browning probably thought I was a bit dramatic with my proposals, but he gave them to me, knowing we housed some of the rarest books in the world.

A huge collection, one of a kind even, since they were all about different supernatural and preternatural species. Needless to say, those weren’t available to the general public.

At the moment, I was reading one of those in particular. Specifically, records and accounts of shifters having their animals locked or lost within them. Hearing about what Horus Farrell had gone through, now that it was over and he was completely healed by one of the students—that we all thought he was involved with—I was a bit miffed he’d never come to me. I was the keeper of the knowledge on campus after all.

If only people would talk to each other instead of always about secrets. So much more would be accomplished, good done, and less pain in the world even.

I was so engrossed in the book that I didn’t hear anyone or anything else. That was my pattern when I read, but then something hit my feet hard, and I dropped the book, my heart sputtering as my head shot up.

Only to see a large form falling towards me.

“Aah!” I hated the octave my voice took, but if it ever came up, I would blame it on the echo of the library and not that I squealed as a child when I’d been scared. That was my story and I would stick to it. The much larger body that fell on me grunted, and apparently they were not all with it since they hadn’t caught themselves and I completely broke their fall.

Luckily for them when they’d kicked my feet, they’d done it with enough force to turn me away from the bookshelf or they could have ended up breaking their head open on that.

I reached to push them off and instead somehow my hands landed on something tasty. “Nice ass,” I complimented, biting back a groan. Not the time to remind me how long it had been since having sex. I gave it a squeeze and then moved my hands to the person’s chest, heaving them off of me. The shock of who it was almost made my arms give out. “You’re shitting me. I didn’t think you knew where the library was.”

“I’m in the library?” Diego Thorwald muttered, slightly slurring. “I wanted food.”

“You’re in the wrong building, idiot,” I growled, trying to shove him off of me. God, he was heavy, completely dead weight at the moment. “You’re drunk. I should report this, Diego.”

He only blinked down at me. “Are you a teacher?”

“You’re a senior. How can you not know all the faculty yet?” I snapped, hating how insignificant most students found me until they needed something. “Professor Aeneas. I run the library and the seminars. I also teach the ancient languages and texts courses.”

“Right, the everything else was full already classes,” he snorted as he glanced around, having no clue how much what he’d said hurt me.

Because it hurt horribly. To know that was how the students saw my classes, the ones so near and dear to me, was like a knife in the gut. “Get off of me, you drunk.”

“Not drunk,” he muttered, staring back down at me again. “Haven’t drank anything in a while.” I received my second shock of the night when fat tears filled his eyes. “My feeder died.”

“None of the humans we keep here have passed,” I hedged, studying him closely.

He shook his head harder than needed, in the way a little boy would. “No, my feeder. My feeder from home. My feeder since I was born. Carl. Carl’s gone.” He swallowed down a sob and hugged me tightly, easily pushing away my arms, which had been holding him up. I didn’t know if it was more comical he was sobbing over a man named Carl, saying it as Juliet would call out to Romeo… Or that I was comforting the pompous dickhead Diego Thorwald as he cried—over a human.

“It’s alright. You’re alright.” I rubbed his back, unsure of what else to do. From all accounts, Diego treated humans, the feeders, like dirt, calling them cows for anyone to hear.

“No, he’s dead. I killed him.” I flinched at what he said, but he kept sobbing. “My bite killed him. Drinking from him all these years killed him. He should have lived so much longer, but instead he died at thirty-seven! I should die with him. The punishment I have now isn’t enough.”

Okay, now I was alarmed. I wasn’t equipped to deal with a potentially suicidal student. “Hey, hey, hey, Diego, that’s enough,” I worried as I shook him. He didn’t seem to hear me, though, and I couldn’t push him off of me. I had very little room to maneuver, which gave me next to no options and I feared he had drifted into shock.

So I turned my head and kissed him. What else was there to do to snap him out of it? I grabbed his ass and kissed him, thinking lust or getting the blood flowing in a vampire who hadn’t been feeding might be the best idea to return his sanity.

Of course, I hadn’t thought about the possible side effects.

“You smell good,” he hissed, one of his fangs grazing my lip. “I haven’t been able to drink in days. No matter how hard I try, it won’t stay down.”

“Did you tell anyone?” I whispered, finally in fear for my safety and not only worried about a student. “Why didn’t you ask for help?”

He snorted as he buried his nose in my neck. “And appear weak to the vultures always circling? Right, because if anyone found out I was in love with my feeder since forever, that wouldn’t be a huge target on me.”

“Oh, Diego,” I whispered, understanding the situation so much better now.

“Can I have some? I think I’m hungry now,” he murmured, sounding like a little kid again. “Please? I know when we don’t feed for too long, we can do other things, but I can’t.”

I knew what he meant. Drinking from someone was a very sexual act. When vampires were out of it, the line between needing sustenance and needing blurred to the point they often violated the people they fed from without meaning to. It really was beyond their control from what I’d heard and read in accounts from vampires having been mortally wounded. Still, something about what he said irked me.

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“I’m impotent. I’ve never gotten hard for anyone but my feeder,” he told me quietly, kissing my neck. “Well, Jericho once because he looks like Carl and when Carl started getting really weak, I didn’t want to eat anymore. I jumped Jericho because I was hungry and he looked like Carl in my daze. It was all a big misunderstanding, though Jericho doesn’t want me any more than Carl did.” He squeezed me again and sobbed. “He hated vampires, me most of all. I couldn’t blame him, though. I hate me for hurting him too.”

Oh god, he’s laced with issues wrapped up in neglect if his family never saw this happening. “But you’re known for banging your whole crest. You pick every sex kitten and bottom you can for your harem.”

“I’ve never touched a one of them,” he whispered. “I pick them so no one else uses them, abuses them. They’re my penance for the way horrible life Carl had to endure so I could survive.”

I hadn’t ever seen a human right after they’d been fed off of, but I’d heard enough from the people in charge of the feeders on campus and what I’d read. The bite was not only addictive to weaker bodies like humans, but also the fangs released an anti-pain chemical so the bite and blood loss didn’t hurt. Of course, it gave an opiate-like high, which ended up with the humans being horny as hell too and fucking like rabbits after the bite.

That worked for the vampires because it led to the next generation of feeders, and since the life span of a feeder rarely reached forty, the constant stress on the body from blood loss and fang chemicals too much for frail humans, they needed more born sooner. In a way, it was a cruel, horrible system, but a cycle that couldn’t seem to be broken and started before all of us were ever around.

I knew for the feeders at the school, they were all Asian. The founder of the school traveled there and purchased many extra children born that families couldn’t afford. This was a long time ago and something people didn’t speak of, or more likely, flat out lied about that they sent their daughters or second born sons to live with relatives or work in another land. Instead, a bunch were bought for the school. Other families had done the same because no one cared what happened to those children back then.

Yes, it was disgusting, but there were rules. None of them could be touched besides biting. Not even if they begged for it because the bites made them want it and they didn’t have clear heads to truly decide for themselves. They weren’t ever allowed to be struck. They had to be well fed and I’d never seen any feeders be mistreated. When the next generation was born, they were raised by their own mothers and then swapped with other families’ feeders when they were of age to be fed on… Because the sex would start then.

And so would inbreeding if generation after generation only had a limited gene pool to copulate and reproduce from. I’d seen the feeder dorm and it was nice. They had every game, movie, and book available to them. The reason I’d seen it was I offered to make the book deliveries to help out. There was always lots of food and all they could eat. They never had to worry about bills or clothes or… Much of anything.

They also didn’t live very long. But what was the alternative? Let them go? And do what? Explain how an unregistered, several generations later of someone who’d been sold as a blood slave was now coming back into society? It was unfortunate that they were born of other feeders, but well, that was life.

“So can I—I don’t know your first name,” he grumbled, his fangs scratching my neck.

“Lokan. It’s Lokan, but you shouldn’t be calling me that,” I mumbled, unsure of what to do. The reality didn’t play out as in TV or the movies.

Vampires couldn’t slap a bag of blood onto their fangs and drink that way. Something about once the blood was out of the body a breakdown happened, which to humans didn’t matter for their medical needs… But to a vampire, it was the difference of drinking caffeinated soda when dehydrated. The caffeine took out hydration to process, so really, in the end, a person was more dehydrated and needed water.

“Lokan, Lokan, Lokan, Lokan,” he purred, kissing a different spot on my neck each time. “Just a bite? I finally want blood. You smell so fucking good. Why is that? I can barely stomach the feeders here. I always just want Carl.”

I felt my stomach sink. I knew the answer. I was a fairy. A brownie, to be more specific. “My blood is special, that’s why. You have to be careful with it, Diego. I’ve never let anyone bite me before, but I’ll let you if you swear not to hurt me.” To be honest, I was really worried about him hurting someone else if he didn’t feed. And it was late, so it wasn’t as if people were around to help and that would probably end with me getting bitten anyways.

He lifted his head and stared down at me. “You’re scared. I can smell it. I’ve never taken too much or not controlled it.” Then he gave the cutest smirk that made me see Diego in a whole different way. “I can make you feel better about this.” He grabbed either side of my shirt and yanked—buttons flying everywhere as he ruined it. I whimpered as he pulled out a blade from his pocket, flipped it open, and cut my chest. But then he put it in my hand. “See, no bite where I’m locked on you and now you have a weapon in case I go too far.”

“Smart,” I commended. “Painful but smart.”

He simply shrugged and leaned down, pressing his lips to my chest. I knew he intended to save me from his fangs and the chemicals released, but most paranormals had a natural defense to that sort of thing. Unfortunately, cutting into feeders as Diego had me wasn’t exactly a feasible option since it would most likely end with accidentally killing them as well.

His eyes widened and he looked at me as he sucked harder, then lapped at the cut when it closed. “Special blood indeed. You taste better than Carl and I never thought I’d say that, especially not right after putting him in the ground.” His eyes filled with tears and hunger at the same time. “I want more and I want to forget.”


I had a better idea of what he meant when he wasn’t only on top of me but suddenly between my legs. He ground his hips against me, groaning loudly as he buried his face in my neck. Then he froze and he popped up. “I’m hard. I’m hard!

“Yay? Good for you and time to get down with someone in your crest?” I tried, doubting that was going to be the answer.

“Fuck that, I’m not wasting this chance,” he snarled and began to tear clothes off my body. “I’m twenty-two, a fucking college senior, leader of a crest, and a mother fucking virgin. I can’t even jack off like a normal person unless it’s after I feed from Carl. I want sex and I’m having it now.” When I was naked and he had already folded me up so he could lick my ass in the way of lube, he realized something rather important. The one word came out in a whisper with so much need in it, I shivered. “Please?”

“Please what? Let you fuck me since your face is in my ass already? You don’t even know me, Diego, or—”

“It can just be a dream tomorrow, then,” he mumbled, his cheeks flushing. “You’re hard too and your hole’s twitching as I stare at it. It’s not like you don’t want me, Lokan. Please don’t deny me when I want you and I’m not sure I’ll ever get hard again. I hurt. I’m thirsty. Let me?”

Diego managed pathetic and seductive at the same time somehow. Against my better judgment, I found myself nodding. Next thing I knew, his tongue lapped at my ass with vigor, and his fang nicked it. We both flinched and then his eyes changed to a deep red as he watched me bleed from a place I never had before. Granted, it wasn’t much, but not much in a place like that tended to be more than a person ever wanted to bleed.

I shivered and that seemed to incite his desire more because his fangs poked out from behind his lip. Did they grow or have different lengths when turned on? Yikes! He buried his face in my ass to the point I didn’t know how he was breathing and ate me out thoroughly, sucking and licking whatever blood came from that small cut while stretching me out.

“God, I’m full. I don’t think I’ve ever been full before,” he panted, lowering me down as he met my eyes. “What are you?” I knew what that question really meant. Why don’t we—vampires—feed on you guys all the time?

“Diego, you can’t tell anyone, okay? This has to stay between us,” I hedged, noting that he was undoing his belt as he listened. When his fly went down, he bobbed his head. “Don’t take this as an open meal plan. I could easily stop you if I wanted.”

He raised an eyebrow as he lowered the front of his jeans and boxers, not calling me out precisely but more letting me know he might challenge the statement. Fine, two could play that. I pushed up and reached out to grab his hard cock, smiling evilly.

Then I sent shocks through my fingertips, enough that it felt as if he stuck it in an electrical socket. Surprisingly enough, his eyes went wide and he instantly orgasmed, his whole body spasming from the force of it. Huh. Interesting. I had never tried that before with a cock, so I really hadn’t foreseen that outcome.

“So you can send shocks out,” he panted when he was done, my ass and groin covered with his spunk. “Give really great climaxes. Not much self-defense or—”

“That was set to ultra, ultra-low, Diego,” I drawled, even rolling my eyes. “Do you think the powers we get, as we all seem to get something to help us, would be to give orgasms with shocks?” His eyes had that dazed look again and I reminded myself that it wasn’t his best day. Besides grieving, a lot seemed to come loose and pile on him at once. “I’ve never used it for that before. Last time I did, I blew out someone’s eyes to defend myself.”

He swallowed loudly and bobbed his head. “Yeah, I get it, Lokan. You can defend yourself. Wasn’t going to test that or tell anyone that maybe an eighth of a pint filled me up when it’s you. Just meant your ass is up in the air, my tongue was just in it, and I would think anyone was fairly vulnerable right then.”

“Well, when you put it like that, it makes it sound like I was being slightly defensive and you weren’t being cocky,” I replied easily, letting him know everything was fine. Because I’d picked up on the tension. Hell, the muscles in his shoulders were so tight they looked ready to snap.

The next issue happened when he looked down at his spent cock. “I came.”

“You did.” And then it hit me. “You did.” Shit. Sure enough, his eyes filled with tears as he lowered me down so my butt was sitting on his knees. I was such a sap for getting this involved in a mess that wasn’t mine, but I couldn’t remember ever seeing someone so exposed before and it pulled at my heart strings. “Hey, so I only gave you a quick kiss before and you haven’t given me one. Doesn’t seem fair when you’ve been so intimate with my ass. I thought rich boys had better manners than that?”

He gave me a weak smile and leaned over me, my legs spreading wide to fit his large body. I bit the inside of my mouth hard enough to make it bleed and accepted his kiss when he lowered his head. He figured out what I’d been up to, letting me know he liked it by growling.

And the game was back on because moments later, he lifted my leg over his hip and pushed his cock into me. Luckily, he’d shot enough cum onto my hole that it was useful as lube right then since we didn’t have actual slick. I would have preferred the slick because while he might have been impotent due to emotional reasons, Diego wasn’t small by any means.

My ass was still fairly tight after the licking since I hadn’t had sex in so long.

Yet another shock came when he pushed about halfway in and stopped, lifting his head to check my expression for any signs of pain. “Okay? Too much? You feel really good to me, soft inside, but I don’t know if that’s normal or I did a good job opening you up and—”

“You did,” I praised, rubbing my hands up and down his chest. “It’s never hard, but yeah, it’s muscle walls in there, so soft means loosened, but I’m not fully stretched. It’s been a while. Thank you for asking, but I’m fine. Go slow and I’m fine.”

“Slow and deep, I can do that.” He pressed his lips down to mine in a very adorable way that made me melt again.

Until what he said sank in. Wait, who said deep? When did I say deep? You don’t really go for deep impact when you’re screwing dry.

Sure enough, he pushed forward and kept pushing, not working his dick in and out, but more leaning on the shovel in the hard dirt until it breaks through. I pulled my mouth from his and tried to relax, taking in some deep breaths as I dug my fingers into his back. “Too much?”

“A bit. Work me open some more.”

“I can’t hurt you. I can’t hurt anyone else,” he rasped, shaking against me.

Then it hit me. “Ah, ah! You don’t have to. I don’t have lube, but I burn. I burn if the sun even looks at me when it’s hot. There’s aloe in the checkout desk. Top drawer, far left. Go get that and it will help.”

He pulled out of me and stood but didn’t turn away. “You won’t leave, right? You’ll still be here when I get back?”

Again, totally cute. Especially for someone I thought was a complete dick. “Yeah, I’ll be here.”

Unfortunately, Diego leaving gave me a moment to debate how stupid sleeping with a student was. Fortunately for him, he ran faster than I could talk myself out of it, so when he knelt between my legs again, hard and shaking with need, my body responded. “Rub more on my hole and inside, then generously slather up your gigantic fucking dick.”

“It’s seriously big?” He glanced down and then back to my face. “I mean, I knew I wasn’t small, but are you just pumping me up?”

The look on my face should clearly have told him the answer, but he simply blinked at me. “Are you fishing?”

“No.” He cleared his throat and did as I had said. “I don’t play sports, so no joint showers. I have my own crest and a private shower. I got a few peeks in high school gym class, but right, we were all kids then.”

Like you’re not a kid now? Oh so not the thing to think of right then. “Yeah, you’re huge, Diego. Probably the largest I’ve ever had in me and touched.” He smiled and moved it to my hole. “Which means you have to be careful with it. You can tear someone up if you lose control.”

“I won’t hurt anyone else ever again. I can’t,” he rasped and fear shot through me. That sounded as if he was going to give up feeding. No, maybe taking a new feeder?

His dick entering me distracted me, but I really hoped I remembered to go back to that topic. It was rather important after all.

“Yeah, fuck, shit, oh gawd, this is so much better,” he hissed as he worked his hips. “This is what I’ve been missing? No wonder everyone does it like rabbits every chance they get.” Then he froze and leaned in closer, studying me with those still deep red eyes I found surprisingly seductive instead of frightening. “Or is it you? I bet it’s you. I don’t think I’d feel this with Doyle’s Kisten. Maybe Jericho, but his man, no way. Why? Does it always feel better after someone hasn’t been screwed in a while?”

“Not something you should ask the person you’re screwing,” I bit out. His face filled with understanding and he blushed. Diego slowly moved in closer, giving me more than enough time to deny him if I wanted to.

I didn’t. I accepted his lips and that it pushed him the rest of the way in me. I gasped at the feeling and his tongue searching my mouth for that cut or simply exploring. As I dug my nails in his back, he didn’t wait for me to adjust, either not knowing to or figuring out that the last start would have done the trick, and worked his hips.

“I’m sorry. You just feel so magnificent. I’m blown away by it. All this time hidden in the library has been a gem I’ve missed.”

“Try studying,” I moaned as I raised my hips to get more.

“Don’t need to.” His reply was off handed, not the least bit of arrogance in it. Made me curious as to his meaning and thought process behind it.

Later. After sex, I might think of that sort of thing. I only wanted to focus on the sex at the moment. It was so good with him. Scary good, if I was honest.

Do all virgins fuck like this? No, I thought it’s that they’re awkward and can hurt their partners. Maybe it’s virgins who wait so long and have a basket of issues along with massive cocks that go slow, deep, and hit every glorious nerve just right. Seriously, has sex ever been this good? God, I can’t think like that about a student or virgin students. I’ll turn into that kind of teacher.

The idea of having a harem of young, trainable lovers that screwed, or allowed to be penetrated too, set me off… Ensuring me a spot in hell, no doubt.

“Coming!” I gasped as my body shook and exploded. Lights didn’t simply flash behind my eyes as happened with a good orgasm, nor spots in my vision. This was something completely different. Every nerve shattered, bordering on painful, though overwhelmingly pleasurable.

I realized why when it was over and I saw Diego’s head lift, a drop of blood fall off his fang and land on my skin. He’d bitten me again. That was my reaction to being bitten when I tumbled over the edge. He simply stared at me, hesitation written all over his face. It took me a few tries to speak, but finally, I was able to make lips, tongue, and voice box work at the same time.

“Are you seriously a virgin? I know guys who’ve been having sex for a millennium or more that can’t fuck like that.”

His cheeks flushed almost as red as his eyes and his dick swelled in me, causing me to moan. “Does that mean we can keep going? I really wanted to, but I didn’t know if it would hurt you or if you were extra sensitive now?”

“Yeah, we’re going to keep going,” I purred, flipping us over so I was riding him and ripping his shirt open. “You started this and I’ve been having a dry spell that’s maddening, so you’re going to keep going until I can’t take anymore tonight or you pass out.”

“Are all you guys like this?” he hedged, blinking up at me with wide eyes.

I didn’t know if he meant men, gay men, teachers, fairies, or specifically brownies like me, but I answered for all of the possibilities. “Yes.” Then I worked my hips faster than I had in so long, high off the last orgasm and chasing my next one.

Diego Thorwald wanted to lose his virginity? Well, he’d come to the right person apparently because he would get his first taste of sex in a way he’d never forget.