Ambush: Colosseum University: Thorwald Crest #1

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Watch Out From All Sides

If a system is flawed, is it better to fight against it or work within it to cut out the evil that corrupts so much else? To do just that, Diego Thorwald has spent years fooling everyone into thinking he’s a heartless, spoiled vampire who cares for few, much less humans who are food to him. Then again, that was all part of the plan.

The first person to learn the truth is the last person who should help Diego in his time of grief, given Professor Aeneas is a man with a complicated past, wrapped in regrets and issues, standing on a mountain of his own secrets. Life is rarely simple, though, and walking away from someone hurting has never been his style.

Both men are only used to people lying to and cheating them to get what they want. Is there a way for them to see each other as allies when surrounded by foes without turning on each other as well? Or will they admit they’re more to each other than tasty blood and animalistic sex?

©2016 Release date: 7/1/2016