Gambit: Colosseum University: McCready Crest #2

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Gambits Might Gain Members… Or Heavy Losses

Colosseum University—in this arena, paranormals of different species battle to climb a caste system the rest of the world doesn’t even know about.

Freshmen learn the process of crest formation at the selection proceedings before the school year even starts. But what about when a trade needs to be made? A member hates their crest so much they’d give their soul to get away… Or if they fell in love?

Unlike other crests, Doyle McCready’s doesn’t judge or label people for what they are, simply their potential and drive. In a world where the sins of the parents literally follow the children, that means something.

And for someone like Jericho Grimes, being in Doyle’s crest is the safest place for him. As an outcast, Jericho fights every day to prove himself—while pretending not to watch someone he hasn’t kept his eyes off for three years. When he gets an in with the one he wants, the smartest man in the crest won’t risk everything to have an affair with a teacher. Will he?

©2015 Release date: 7/23/2015
fae, shapeshifter, dark, new adult, paranormal, second Chance, gay