Capture Preview


“Your stalker’s back, Dexter,” one of the guys from the team muttered the middle of June. I glanced him at the entrance to the weight room looking around, nervous as could be… Until he saw me on the weight bench and then the tension left his shoulders. Weird.

“He’s not a stalker. He’s just the new freshman in my crest.” I went back to bench-pressing and glanced at my buddy. “He’s track and field. That’s why he’s always around. Besides, he was my pick so I’m sure he’s just checking in or something.”

“Right, but you’re Doyle’s crest so isn’t Doyle handling that?”

“Yeah, but technically he’s mine.” I realized how that sounded and almost dropped the weights, hurrying to set the bar in the resting slot instead. “You know what I mean.”

“He could be mine. He’s a sexy thing,” he purred, and I swallowed a growl especially when I saw a few other guys from the team nodding in agreement.

Hell, I didn’t disagree, but I also had a lot on my plate and getting involved with some freshman would just complicate things. So no matter his pretty auburn eyes, or floppy hair I thought fit him, or even the tight ass that his running shorts molded to, the smart thing was to not go there.

But he always seemed to be where I was. Fine, soccer practice was at the field, and the track was there too. Made sense. It also wasn’t a leap that he’d hit the workout and weight rooms the same times I did to pace himself and not get injured from overdoing it. I even convinced myself that was why he followed me, to learn stuff like that from me.

One of my other friends on the team blew that wide open by saying then the freshman would follow someone from track and field. Yeah, yeah, so it was lame, especially considering he always seemed to be hanging around the cafeteria at the same time.

And again, seeing him around our dorm floor was clearly expected as we were in the same crest. But the library where I liked to sneak away to, especially in the summer when it was empty and I had all those books to myself? That wasn’t a coincidence.

By August, I was annoyed. Mostly with my dick, but also the guy who was getting it hard all the time, and I wanted to stop it now that all the freshman were back and soon we’d be in classes. I couldn’t have a distraction like him, and he needed to focus on learning the school, crest, and his place in all of this. So my answer was to give him a bit of helpful bullying to make my point. Not even so much hazing, but nothing worked better than getting people to walk into the right conclusion themselves.

Which was why after I left the library a few hours after dinner one night, I didn’t go back to the dorm, instead into a different building for classes. Sure enough, my stalker followed at his normal, respectable distance. After turning down one hallway, I knew there was another one just a bit aways so I busted ass and got there, ducking in so he didn’t see me and thought he lost me.

Sure enough, minutes later he came jogging by, his head darting all around, searching for me. I grabbed his arm and yanked him into the darkened corridor with me, pressing him up against the wall. His eyes were so wide, but he saw it was me and didn’t even fight me holding him.

“Why are you always following me like—like a puppy?” I demanded, swallowing a snort at my unintentional pun when his scent hit me. I’d never been this close to him before, and we were always around other strong smells, food, older books, sports sweat that covered his species. His chest started rising and falling faster, and I felt my wolf riding me. We were above him in the food chain, this dog we had trapped as prey. “Doggy, doggy, where’s your bone? Why are you trifling with a big, bad wolf?”

“I-I,” he stuttered, his breathing picking up as he squirmed like he couldn’t stand the tension. It was distracting so I grabbed his wrists and pinned them over his head.

“Answer me,” I demanded. His eyes glazed a bit and his lips formed a soft smile while he stopped moving around. Odd. It was like dealing with a young dog who got too wild without someone to train them and give them guidance. The thought made me chuckle. “What, do you want to be my dog or something? An obedient pet?”

He whimpered as he about vibrated at my words, his eyes full of one word clear as if he shouted it. Yes! My dick went rock hard so fast it almost hurt. Shit. This hadn’t been the goal. It was a bit of bullying to end this and push him away so we could both focus on what we needed to. I shook off my lust and let him go, stepping back and smirking at him.

“All right, let me see what you’d bring to the table,” I purred, leaning my back on the wall opposite him and crossing my arms over my chest. “Get naked.”

What? We’re in a hallway where anyone can see us.” He didn’t look so happy anymore. This was going to be over in seconds. Good, because my sense was losing the battle with what my cock wanted.

“You heard me. It’s summer. This building is actually closed and only used during the school year for classes.” I narrowed my eyes at him and frowned. “You’re already failing. I would only accept an obedient pet who—”

I didn’t even get to finish as his shirt was yanked overhead. He swallowed loudly and then pulled down his shorts and whatever he’d been wearing underneath, standing in front of me with nothing but his socks and sneakers on. He was gorgeous. Maybe four inches shorter than my six-one, leaner for sure, and everything about him was tight, firm, and perfectly defined. Oh shit, I wanted to touch, to lick, and fuck that body.

“Turn around and show me what else you’re offering me like a good doggy,” I instructed, hoping he didn’t catch how rough and gravelly my voice was. He didn’t hesitate this time, which made my dick twitch. The guy gave me his back, bent over, and pulled his ass cheeks apart so his hole was front and center. Next thing I knew I wasn’t leaning against the wall anymore, but reaching out to touch. The second my fingers trailed over his crack, he started vibrating again which apparently I found sexy.

Didn’t know that about myself until then.

“Just so we’re clear, you’ve been following me because you want to be my dog and have me do things to you like fuck you here anytime I want?” I rubbed his hole, and he moaned.

“Yes, I want to be yours.”

“Hmmm, interesting proposal,” I teased as I teased him physically. “And what else do you bring me as an offer?”

“I-I don’t understand the question,” he mumbled as he glanced at me over his shoulder.

I met his gaze and gave him my signature wolfish smile. “You’re willing to be obedient. What else? Do you have a lot of experience so I’m guaranteed pleasure?”

He went pale so fast I thought he might fall over. “No, I’m a virgin. No one’s ever touched me before like this. No one’s ever even seen this part of me. I’m completely untrained.”

“Really?” He started shaking from thinking that he’d failed the test, but honestly, the idea of me getting to train him got me hot. I mean, there would be no retraining or breaking of bad habits which was actually awesome. I decided to give him a break which was funny since I had cornered him to bully him and end this situation and now I was adding fuel on the fire. “So you bring your virginity and are offering it to me. Your completely untouched body as mine to do with as I want, correct?”

“Yes.” He nodded so fast I thought he might get dizzy and fall over. Then a smile formed on his lips, and he stood up, turning around to face me in a flash. “I did all the chores at my house when I was younger. We lived by the grade school I went to so I was there and I did all the laundry and cleaning and cooking and I can pick up stuff from the cafeteria for you and run errands for school that you need and—”

“Settle down,” I demanded, realizing how that actually was a dog command, but still he did, instantly going back to mellow instead of hyper. “Good, very good.” He licked his lips, and I knew what else I wanted to check. “Just a bit more to test before I decide if I’ll give you a trial run.” I leaned in and took his lower lip between both of mine, nibbling on it before giving him a full kiss. He moaned and melted against me, moving his hands to my chest and his semi-hard, nervous cock went fully hard and leaning against me from only that.

Responsive, perfect.

I pulled away and held his chin as I fondled his ass, unable to resist when he was in that state. “Now I know you haven’t any experience so I don’t want you to worry about that. I’ll teach you. I just want to see how hard you try because that’s the important thing here, that you’ll always try your best to please me in every way.”

“Of course I will,” he panted, his eyes shining with hope I’d accept him. “What do you want me to do?”

I moved his hands to my shorts and pulled the front of them down. “Show me what else that mouth can do. I want to feel that tongue.” He didn’t even hesitate dropping to his knees which I think was about as hot as watching him get naked. Then something hit me. “What was your name again? Rich? Rick?”

Hurt filled his expression, and damn, he actually had the perfect puppy dog eyes down. “Risa. Risa Frasier.”

“Isn’t Risa a girl’s name?”

“They thought I was going to be a girl, and when I wasn’t, they didn’t care enough to be bothered with picking a new name,” he whispered, hanging his head. God, I felt for him, having crappy parents myself and all.

But it was odd that they’d wanted a girl so much when ours was a more male dominant society and a man would take over the family crest with their own flair, whereas most females were absorbed into whatever crest they married into.

“Well now I know it’s a unisex name in my book because I saw the very nice cock you have, Risa,” I offered, my chest easing when he smiled up at me. Oh fuck, his puppy dog eyes affected me, and I hadn’t even caught that. Damn, I was in trouble.

He didn’t push it, though, or seem to think more was needed to be said because he leaned forward and licked my dick, making sure to get some precum and ending that conversation in a very effective way. I watched as he rolled the taste on his tongue, wetting his lips too as if trying a new flavor of ice cream. Then his cheeks flushed so red that I swore they lit up the darker hallway.

“You don’t like it?” I hedged, knowing that would be an unfortunate problem. He shook his head, but wouldn’t look at me, then tried to lick some more. I intercepted his chin and leaned over so we were nose to nose. “Understand this, I will only want a pet who is honest with me and tells me everything I feel I need to know and ask. I don’t like games, other than sports, or things being kept from me.”

“I’m sorry. I was embarrassed. I didn’t mean to play a game.” He came in closer and kissed me. “I love the taste of you and I was thinking it was a better treat than that donut I tried from the ones Aaryn picked up for the crest meeting the other day.”

I gave him a grin. “Well, well, aren’t you full of surprises. Okay, pup, have your treat now, and if you do it good, I’ll give you a bunch of cream filling without the carbs of the donut.” I let him go and stood back up, already addicted to the way he vibrated when he was excited. He lapped at me as he braced his hands on my thighs, and was kind of all over the place with too much spazzing. So I helped him out by holding it for him with one hand, while moving my other hand to his hair and guiding him somewhat.

His tongue was so soft, so wet, like nothing I’d ever felt before. Apparently I’d really been missing out by not having a dog shifter blow me.

“Open your mouth and suck now because I’m getting close and I want you to swallow this,” I instructed, almost blowing when his lips wrapped around me as I finished the sentence. He didn’t move though so I showed him what to do and then let him try. He only stared up at me and whimpered. “Oh shit, you want me to fuck your mouth?” I made it a question to check, but really I knew the answer and started pumping my hips.

He made happy noises and sucked harder so I knew it had been the right call. I climaxed not long after, enthralled with watching his reaction to the whole experience and swallowing me down. It was definitely the best oral sex I’d ever had—and I’d gotten a lot at away games being a college athlete—which floored me since it was his first time.

The second I was spent, not even recovered yet, I had him off my dick, up on his feet, and pinned to the wall again, both his wrists caught in my one hand while I teased his cock with my other. I ran my nose along his neck and inhaled. “That was fun, Risa. Very nicely done. You have no idea how much I want to fuck you.”

“Okay, you can. I want you to,” he panted, squirming to come closer, even trying to wrap a leg around me. “Please, I want you, Dexter. I want to be yours.”

“I need to talk to someone first about all of this and make sure I can have what I would need so this could work for me.” His face was very neutral, but those expressive eyes didn’t go full puppy, though somewhat pouty. “You need to understand what you’re asking though. I’m a timber wolf, dear, sweet, innocent Risa. I come from a long line of Alphas. I might not have wanted to be a crest leader because I couldn’t do my own thing with sports and I hate politics, but I am Alpha down to my bones.”

“I know.” He shivered and smiled at me. “I thought I would hate that, never want to be around someone like that, until you picked me that day and I met you. All I’ve wanted since is to be yours and it’s gotten stronger, along with my shepherd’s desire to protect you, from that day on.”

“Fair enough, but as I said, I would require complete obedience. You would have to trust me and tell me everything so I can do what’s best for you and make the decisions necessary. You would be my dog, my pet, but I would be a good master and treat you well—unless you were ever disloyal to me, kept misbehaving, or pulled stupid shit and then I might just rip out your throat. Wolves are incredibly territorial, controlling, and demanding of all the species, Alphas worst of all.”

He blushed. “German shepherds are loyal, easily trained, very active, obedient, strong and muscularly defined, intelligent, protective, territorial, and do best when owned by a strong master who is consistent with them so they have firm boundaries and reward system.”

I searched his eyes a moment and then went with the truth since now was the time to get a lot out on the table. “I know we’re like our animals, and I am for sure, but I didn’t realize that dog shifters were that much like theirs in they carry the traits so closely.”

“Like wolves, we have people who are pack leaders, and those who aren’t. The ones who are tend to be pretty rare with our kind, but most of us are more submissive. You have to think of the fact wolves are wild animals, we’re not. Sure we were all wild once, but it’s a big difference that an animal can manage to survive in the wild but does better in a house with humans, versus a wolf who would eat the humans.” He shrugged. “My counselor in school kept trying to play my master just so I’d focus and get my grades up but I bit him.”

“Why? And why are your grades bad?”

He blushed again. “I’m not getting enough of a workout and discipline in the right way. It’s hard to focus, but my test scores are always in the top two percent. I bit him because he wasn’t the right master for me. A fake or bad master is worse than no master or pack leader at all.” He frowned then and went soft in my hand. “You won’t agree to this because my grades will get better for the crest, will you?”

“No, I’ll agree to a trial of this because I want you under me whenever I order you to,” I purred moving my hand to his ass and teasing his hole. “But that might be the leverage I need to get what we want.”

“Okay, then tell whoever. I trust you. I can show you my test scores. My IQ is one eighty-two. They just have to break the test up for me to be able to focus long enough to take it.” As he talked, he tried to push his ass on my finger, begging to move things along. It was hot. So hot I barely heard what he said.

When it registered, I knew Doyle would agree.

I picked up his clothes and threw him over my shoulder, bracing him with his shorts in my hand so anyone we came across didn’t get a good look at what I’d be ploughing as soon as I could. He didn’t say a word or argue, not even question me, instead vibrating on my shoulder with need.

Soooo sexy.

Within minutes, we were at my room and he was landing on my bed. When he stopped bouncing, and I liked how he landed, I waited until he looked at me. “Don’t move. Not an inch. I want to see this greeting me when I come back.” I turned to leave, excited to talk to Doyle.

“Dexter?” he whispered quietly as my hand landed on the knob. I heard fear in his tone even as I smelled it in the room. I glanced over my shoulder and saw him staring at his lap.

“Are you scared? I know your first time is scary.”

“I’m not scared to have sex with you. I want it.” He glanced at me then and I saw that he was assessing me as if figuring out whether I wanted to know what was going on. I nodded, hoping that helped. “Does complete obedience mean I can’t ask for something? But you said you need to know things and I think this would count, but I don’t want to sound like I’m whining.”

I licked my lips and moved back to him, taking note of the way he watched how I reached out and played with his perky nipple.

“You’re not really my dog, Risa, or my pet. I don’t want you to stay in shifted form all the time or anything. Part of this is a game, a sexual game, so keep that in mind, okay? If there’s ever anything you don’t like, you tell me immediately. That’s what I meant about needing to know everything. During the trial, err on the side of telling me too much because we need to get used to each other. Especially since you’re starting college and this shouldn’t get in the way of that.”

“I knew you’d be the perfect master,” he breathed as his dick twitched and leaked on his stomach. “I try not to sit back on my hands like this because it’s bad for my wrists if done for very long and it can affect my performance for pole vaulting. Can I lean on a pillow or just lie on the bed?”

I moved past him and grabbed a pillow, sliding it behind him and then kissing him deeply. “Good, very good, Risa. You should always speak up about something like that. If we’re doing something that could affect your sports, which we need the points for the crest, you need to tell me. I would never have thought of something like that, so I’m very happy you were open and honest with me about your needs.”

He started vibrating again, no longer worried or unhappy. “I’m glad I pleased you, Dexter.”

“Oh, you did, my special dog.” I spread his knees a bit wider as I stood back up and smiled. “Just like that and don’t move. I want this sight to greet me when I come back victorious.” He blushed again and it took me everything I had to not undress and slam my cock into his tight body right then.

He looked so fucking tempting after all.

So much for bullying him and ending this attachment he has to me, you idiot. I told that part of my brain to shut up, I deserved some fun, and hurried to Doyle’s room. After giving three quick knocks and a hard one to signal it was a crest member, I walked right in as he preferred so he wasn’t always answering the door.

Only to find Kisten sucking his cock. I watched as the door closed behind me.

I wonder if it’s as good as the one I just got? Cat tongues are rough so does that translate over as dog tongues are soft so Risa’s is like that? Wouldn’t that make it like sandpaper on his cock or

“I’m not a fan of people staring at Kisten so long and with that look when he’s naked, Dexter,” Doyle growled, moving his hand possessively to Kisten’s head. “He’s spoken for.”

“Yeah, no, don’t want him, sorry, was wondering if his tongue felt like sandpaper on your dick given how sensitive it is there.”

Doyle chuckled as his expression changed. Kisten pulled off his man’s dick and smiled at me. “I’m surprised you’d ask, Dexter Oleander. You normally have more tact and reservation than asking about another man’s lover from what I’ve seen.” I could see the mirth in Kisten’s eyes. He really was coming out of his shell now that he found his place in life and away from his fucked up family situation.

He was always going to be an introvert, and there was nothing wrong with that, but he was losing the wounded edge to him. I liked that.

I shrugged. “Doyle asked.”

“What’s your answer, my love?” Kisten purred, obviously testing Doyle as he leaned out and used his tongue on the head of Doyle’s cock with a long slow lick.

“That nothing has ever felt more amazing than your tongue and mouth and ass, baby.” He glanced at me. “It’s not as rough as a cat tongue. More like bumps on a back massager, not loofah scrubber. There’s ridges.” He winked at Kisten. “You wanna lick his hand and show him?”

“Sure.” Kisten rolled to his feet and I shook my head.

“No, thanks, I have someone waiting for me and going back smelling like another man just licked me is cold.” At my words, Kisten leaned towards me and sniffed, then smiled widely as he raced over and hugged me.

“Care to explain it to me?” Doyle drawled.

“I need a favor. I want Risa to be mine, like my crest. He was my pick, and I know technically that’s true, and we’ll still be under yours, I’m not asking for a separation, I would never want that, but when you chose him, we just said he was in the crest.”

He studied me carefully. “And you don’t want that anymore?”

I sighed, scratching my head and trying to figure out a way to explain this. Kisten sniffed me a bit more and smiled. “Alpha. I’ve never been this close to you after you’ve been wound up. You’re an Alpha.”

“Excuse me?” Doyle snarled, getting to his feet and fixing his pants before storming over and grabbing Kisten’s arm. “And why are your eyes changing? What the fuck, Kisten?”

“It’s not his fault,” I hurried, realizing how fast this was sliding backwards. “Look, Doyle, you know I don’t want to take over the crest or something crazy. This is biology. It goes back to the time when we all kept to ourselves and grouped off by species. Elves had royalty, right?”

“Yes,” he hedged, glancing between us. “Shifters didn’t if I remember my history. You guys fought for dominance or something barbaric.”

“You don’t need to be rude about it,” Kisten snapped, pulling away. I kinda felt the same. “We’re half animal. Only the strong will survive is very true in the wild, so the strongest led and had to beat out the old leader. But it was also built into their scent so the rest of us, who would follow, would want to follow them.”

“So his scent is drugging you?” Doyle reasoned, glancing between us.

“No,” I snorted and then cleared my throat. “Right, sorry, I forget you can’t smell these things. We can tell emotions a lot of times in the pheromones people give off. Or in general we just smell more than other paranormals or humans. My scent gives off a reading of strength.”

Doyle still looked at us both like we were off our rockers.

Kisten tried again, sniffing the air. “He smells what I would think safety to smell if you could see it as a physical thing. You can’t, but just as you know what an orange looks like and its smell, that’s how we smell other stuff, and some of it we have to learn, some we just know. I know in my gut that he’s an Alpha. I’m picking up strength, power, and a cocktail that just tells me.”

“I come from a long line of them in my lineage. It’s not really important anymore since the crest system, but I’m the first in my family that hasn’t led his own crest in a long time. It didn’t go over well, but I didn’t want to.”

Kisten blinked at me with a tight frown. “You intentionally didn’t let yourself be top athlete until after the selection proceedings, right?”

“I didn’t know that,” Doyle murmured.

I nodded. “I didn’t want to lead.”

“But you smell like one?” We both nodded again and Doyle sighed. “Okay, so why haven’t we been picking more of these Alphas?”

“Because you don’t want everyone fighting for who’s on top and eating you for your position,” I explained. “I would have stopped you and explained all of this if you’d ever been about to pick one. Most like me are crest leaders if they’re shifters.”

“So it’s a bad thing to have one? Like you guys have to lead?”

“No, we’re not saying that,” Kisten sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “All we’re saying is you don’t go looking for them as an asset to follow under you because that can be problematic. Having one as a second or Dexter since he doesn’t want to lead is smart.”

Doyle seemed almost there so I went to the next logical step in my mind. “Kisten, if something happened, like zombie apocalypse, and you couldn’t find Doyle, who would you go to first from the crest to tell you the plan and how we locate Doyle?”

“You,” he answered immediately, much to Doyle’s shock from the way his eyes bugged out. We both shrugged.

“Not Jericho who’s part giant?”

“Nope,” Kisten chuckled, shaking his head. “Or Tucker who is kind of your second and always has the plan, but Dexter. They have great attributes, but an Alpha is kind of the whole package, like you. I know he would get everyone together, get us to you, and be the most agile in any situation, even the zombie apocalypse.”

“Okay then,” Doyle chuckled, shaking his head. “Now that we know why Kisten likes to smell you, what’s with the change in you wanting a crest under my umbrella? We always said we didn’t want that messed up shit.”

“Of course you can do it!” Kisten blurted as he patted my arm with both hands, as if playing the drums or just that excited. “Go, go do it now.”

“Hey, you are not behaving well today,” Doyle snarled, snatching Kisten around the waist, and yanked him back against his chest. “Since when do you speak for me on these kinds of things?”

But to my shock he ignored our crest leader and his lover. “In that cabinet right over there we just got some new supplies so take whatever you need and we’ll see you when you resurface.” He yelped as Doyle slapped his ass.

“Don’t give away our new toys! What’s gotten into you?”

Kisten ducked under Doyle’s arm and danced away. “As an Alpha, he can’t have another man’s crest around his lover’s neck. It would be bad. Let Risa wear it off his belt or something so he can wear whatever Dexter wants around his neck. That’s all this is.”

Doyle glanced at me to check and I nodded. “Basically.”

“You should have just said that. Yeah, I don’t care about that. He just has to have it on his person so there’s never any upset or someone tries to pull shit. I don’t want to be an official umbrella crest with others under it though. That’s when people start trying to take someone’s head for top position.”

“Agreed. I just want my collar on him, not yours.”

Doyle nodded and Kisten smiled. “And you can take what you want.”


“Yes, my love?” he purred, dancing out of reach again. “Let him take some toys. We can get more. I’ve got something else planned for you to make up for my bad behavior.”

“What?” Doyle muttered, halting his pursuits of his man.

“That blue outfit you said you wanted me to wear. I was saving it for a special occasion, but I think a reward for trusting me to handle this situation regarding shifter stuff is worth it, don’t you?”

“You are getting so good at the crest and political game it’s scary.” Doyle moved his hands to his hips, shaking his head as he smiled. “Yes, fine, you will always be consulted on shifter-related issues in the crest.” Kisten smiled, but I knew Doyle too well, he wasn’t done yet. “But, I want that blue outfit in play today, plus I pick three of the five you said were too embarrassing and get them for unlimited weekend usage.”

Kisten narrowed his eyes but then smiled in a very catlike way. “Fine, but I get a nice dinner off campus at least every other time beforehand. Now that you’re mine, I want some actual dates like we’re a couple, not just the same as me being your bed buddy but exclusive.”

“Fine, but get back to what you were doing when he interrupted us first because sparring with you gets me hard.”

“With pleasure,” Kisten purred, dropping to his knees.

And this would be my cue to leave. I went over to the cabinet and found it bursting with goodies… All brand new of course, because the only thing worse than having to snag someone’s sex toys because you didn’t have any to use with your new partner was having to snag their used ones.

The thought alone made me shiver. Gross.

I filled up my arms with everything I’d need and lots I just wanted, knowing I was almost out of lube anyways, and left them to their fun. At least with Kisten’s help the conversation had gone better than I planned. I’d need to ask him what that cost me later because he was definitely owed a favor for getting Doyle to agree like that. I hadn’t even needed to pull out that Risa was a secret genius.