Capture: Colosseum University: McCready Crest #3

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Captured Obedience Sometimes Bites During the Game

Colosseum University—in this arena, paranormals of different species battle to climb a caste system the rest of the world doesn’t even know about.

In a modern society, what better way to prove who is at the top, and to battle in some ways as the gladiators of old, than in collegiate athletics? It’s certainly a perfect outlet for the more aggressive impulses some of the students, especially the more animalistic ones, have… But not all their urges since there’s a limit to what network TV will air.

Even if the pack structure which shifters once lived by no longer exists, the leader and Alpha bloodlines didn’t simply vanish. It’s a fine line for Dexter Oleander between having the scent of strength that others are drawn to—that can be an advantage to a crest leader—and being so powerful that your presence is seen as a threat for leadership of a crest.

He’s been able to keep it under wraps for so long, but with a new freshman stalking him, will his dominant side take over and cause problems he can’t fix?

©2015 Release date: 8/6/2015
alpha male, shifter, soccer, new adult, paranormal, werewolf, gay